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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

The good, the bad, and the ugly -Aug. 20 wedding recap!

Let's start with the good:
-It was a beautiful wedding.  I made a lot of the details and it truly fit what I had in mind as a dream wedding.

- I LOVED my dress.  It was so comfy!  Everyone gasped as I  walked down the asle .  My groom said "WOW" out loud! so cute!

-The food was excellent!

-We had a photo booth and it was a hit!  Everyone loved it!  We got some really cute shots of us and everyone!

-I married my best friend and that is what truly matters!

the bad - the stuff I can't stop thinking about and regretting some of it.
-Our cake was hideous!  It tasted good, but it was not astheticaly pleasing.  I had something very specific I wanted the baker to do, had drawn sketches and shown her a photo I wanted her to follow.  And she didn't.  I realy don't know what she did.  It looked like a kid's birthday cake with too much stuff.  She added things that weren't supposed to be there.  I feel sad about my cake.

-I hated my hair.  It wasn't bad or anything; but it was not what I wanted.  The lady at the salon- we had a trial run and I wanted my hair down.  She acted confused like she didn't know how to make hair down look beautiful.  So at the trial I asked her to do it down and then up.  Down all she did was tight ringlets (which I asked her not to).  Anyways, I didn't have the time or the money to find someone else.  I felt like she did what she wanted, not what I wanted. On the plus side everyone really liked my hair and said I looked like Audrey Hepburn.

-There were so many mistakes in the program; one of my bridesmaids printed them for us (which was a big help) but one of the ring bearers was left out and our thank you was left out and several other things.  

-Wedding week- The movers came two days late, so I couldn't start on my last minute details until things were moved out, b/c I didn't want to get things mixed up.  No one seemed willing to help me; my mom thought of every excuse in the book to not come and just help assemble things.  I've helped lots of brides in the past with planning and putting things together, but they were no where to be found when I needed help.  The night before I was scrambling to finish and only got 4 hours sleep.  I should have started earlier but I was also packing a house to move and I had no idea it would take me as long as it did.

-The pictures- everything was rushed.  I had a list of shots I wanted but it got lost in one of the bins of things we took over to the chapel.  I never did find it.  It was so hot that no one wanted to take shots outside for longer than 5 min.  So I didn't get many of the shots I wanted in the gardens.

The reception- It was pretty good.  Everyone started leaving before the send off, b/c many had a long drive home, but that didn't bother me much.

My bouquet- I forgot it walking down the asle.  I had it in a specific spot so I wouldn't forget it, and someone moved it.  So my dad was talking with me as we were making our way to the chapel from the dressing room and I just wasn't thinking.  The wedding cordinator met us at the doors and she didn't think of it either.  I remembered them as I reached the alter.....but people said later they didn't even notice until I said something b/c I was so pretty and people were watching me not thinking of flowers.

People- I gave specific jobs to my family.  But everyone was milling in and out before the ceremony and things were being passed to and fro- that's how my flowers got moved, and the photographer list got lost.  People were trying to be helpful and I appreciate that, but it also caused a lot of confusion when they didn't stick to what they were asked to do.

The ugly- nothing  Everyone was well-behaved and no drama, which I am thankful for.
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