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We just got engaged and while I am down for something small and cheap my fiance really wants to do the whole big deal.

We have started to look at venues and I'm having definite sticker shock. I'm getting some different ideas from reading through some of the boards here but one thing we had talked about was renting a large house, preferably on a lake, and getting married there.  

I'm not sure how possible this is as it looks like we will have around 200.  

Has anyone done this?  Any ideas, I've done some searches and haven't been able to find anything.

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    I've called on literally 22 places.  We are also a 200 guest count.  Below are the least cost rental rates we've found; all of these are places that need outside caterers, but the cost pp we're coming up with is still less than the banquet halls we found (best bet there for us was Fort Shelby was $65.00/pp).

    Rust Belt Market - $1,600
    Great Lakes Culinary Center - $500
    Crofoot Ballroom - $4,000
    Royal Oak Farmers Marker - $2,500
    30 North - $2,500
    MOCAD - $4,000

    I know the Packard Proving grounds are another unique, relatively inexpensive choice as are The Detroit Historical Museum and the Casino at Belle Isle but we didn't want to copy some of our guests venues! There are a few more in there but we tried to stay central to the I-75 corridor because we have family as far West as Brighton, North as Roscommon and East as Roseville:).  

    ETA - sorry these aren't houses - I got a work call and apparently stopped reading LOL.
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    Thank you!  They might not be houses but that's very helpful!

    There's a lot of math to figure out what's cheaper since some of the packages cost a lot but also include a lot (open bar, cleanup, tables/chairs, linens etc)

    I'm already overwhelmed! But it sounds like you're in kind of the same boat.  Maybe we can keep in touch on here for any other tips/advice you come across.
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    Absolutely!  We've been engaged for only 3 weeks and I'm completely overwhelmed.  I know the planning gets easier, but I'm still freaking out over the whole "bride, people are going to stare at me" aspect. LOL

    Plus, my best friend is an event planner for a catering company, so she gives me lots of tips I never mind sharing:).
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    Our venue is completely opposite of what your looking for but in my initial search I was very overwhelmed and feeling like we were never going to find a venue to accommodate 200 people at an affordable price. Like I said its opposite of what you mentioned you were looking for, but we decided on the Diamond center Novi Showplace. We are having both the ceremony and reception there, they have a beautiful outdoor space. There is also a hotel attached, which they provide you with a complimentary honeymoon suite. The menu starts at $46 pp and goes up to $100 Or somewhere in that ballpark, open bar included. It's worth checking out at the very least! I hope you find something, good luck.
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    Not sure how far you are looking at outside of Detroit but we decided on Lake Nepessing Boat Club in Lapeer. We actually live in Lapeer but our families are from Chesterfield. We are doing a 200 person wedding on an 8k budget. The venue is $600, linens $450, food $2200 (10.95pp), Alcohol $1200. If you need any recomendations of placed out here let me know. :)
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    Wow!  THANK YOU!

    KimmiandKoley can we private message on this thing?  I'm finding the knot to not be so intuitive!
    and Belkis THANK YOU!  I will definitely look into the spot you booked.  We are setting up appointments to look at places and I just worry he is going to get his heart set on something that is outrageously expensive!  Meanwhile I'm already getting into +1 arguments with family.. who won't be giving us any money.  

    I really appreciate all of the help!
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