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A relative bought me some very expensive champagne flutes (about $75 a piece) for a shower gift.  I want to get them etched with our wedding date and monogram.    Is Things Remembered a good place to have this done?    I would hate for something to happen to a $75 champagne flute that was gifted to me.  I would feel awful.   The speciality shop where she purchased the glasses offers etching done by an outside company, but it's like $30 per glass.  

What's your experience with Things Remembered? 

Re: Things Remembered Etching

  • They do a fine job engraving but I don't think they're liable for anything that isn't their product.

    Do you really want to have beautiful flutes that are going to be forever marked?
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    If you really want them etched, I would pay the price at the shop they came from. That way you know it will be done properly or they will replace them.

    Personally I would not etch them. You'll know they were from your wedding with anything written on them. Then you could pass them down possibly in the future.
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  • To add: we used one specific set of flutes for our wedding reception and we only have one pair of them in the house.   When we look at them, we just know that they're our wedding flutes and they're special enough without needing to have them etched.

    I feel like etching them makes them feel like the glasses I get at vineyards that are much cheaper when the ones we have are not.    I didn't need to have anything sewn into my wedding dress so that I knew it was my wedding dress so I think I'm also not seeing the point of having to make anything that can be used in the future marked as a wedding item. 
  • I agree with PP that if you are going to etch them you should take them back to the shop where they were from. It'd be really sad to ruin something so nice. It's expensive but you get what you pay for. 

    Also I kind of see both sides to etching or not. Of course I'm not going to forget what our wedding flutes so in that case etching seems silly. However my FI's parents are letting us use their cake serving set. It is engraved with their wedding date and when his sister got married they got it engraved with hers too. They said they'll engrave it with ours for our wedding. So I can see the sentimental value to engraving/etching.
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