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Bridesmaid dresses for Fall?

It's a ways out, but I'm starting to think about what kind of dresses I would like my BMs to wear for an October wedding. In Chicago, the weather is pretty unpredictable. We aren't kidding when we say we can get all four seasons in one day- it has snowed before 8am, shot up to 75, then went back down to 50's for the evening. Anyway, mid-October in Chicago has also been known to get pretty hot on occasion. Since I can't rely on that, do I go with a long dress for them or the short dress I'm leaning towards? I realize they will also have a say in this, but I don't want varying dress lengths. What are you other October brides doing?

Re: Bridesmaid dresses for Fall?

  • I understand your dilemma; being in Baltimore presents the exact same issues. They always say "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it'll change." Ultimately, I haven't decided which one I will go with myself, but I'm leaning more towards a long dress because of other details in the wedding (time, style). I agree with not wanting to have varying lengths, but maybe you could think about strapless or sleeveless dresses and have a shawl that they could wear if it gets cold. 

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  • Are you having an outdoor wedding?

    My wedding is going to be indoors but I plan on getting some outdoors pics before the ceremony.  I'm not planning my dresses around the weather just because of the pictures being outside.  If you're having an outdoor ceremony though I agree with Erica that if you can always have your bridesmaids wear a shawl.  I would go with the style of dress you like best and that your bridesmaids like best (if they can all agree lol), which seems to be short dresses.
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  • The venue is indoor/outdoor. They host the ceremony outdoors, weather permitting, and the reception is in a loft distillery with firehouse doors that they open up (again, weather permitting) to allow guests to flow in and out. There's a fire pit and outdoor gardens that guests have access to. So since it will be cooler at night, I'm considering shawls anyway but not sure about dress length. Long dresses seem so formal to me but short dresses might give someone hypothermia!
  • have you thought about tea length? they can go from just below the knee to mid calf.

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  • I haven't, but I like the idea! Thanks!
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