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My wedding is 3 months from now

I'm planning my wedding all by myself with some help from my fiance. Any advice on how to keep a good head on my shoulders? What are the most important things to do and remember in the next 3 months? I have a list to check off of things to but I wanted to ask other brides some advice. 

Re: My wedding is 3 months from now

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Prioritize your list and decide which things are no big deal if they simply don't get done. Make time for yourself and to relax/have fun. Try not to put off anything until the last minute. Always allot for unexpected time sucks or things that will take longer than you expected. For example, to unexpected things the day and night of the rehearsal, we didn't end up finishing everything we needed to do until around midnight, and we had anticipated being done with everything around 8. Don't try to cram too much in, especially at the last minute, like luncheons, get-togethers, etc. 

    We intended to get together with friends for breakfast the day before. Because they were running late, breakfast turned into a very late lunch because we also had to pick up my aunt from the airport. Construction in the area made traffic a nightmare, so the rehearsal started and ran late, we had no time beforehand to do some last minute simple things that needed doing, so we had to do them after dinner, which was running very late as it was. I regretted that we had done the lunch because if we had skipped that, everything would have been done much earlier in the evening. 
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  • mrscomposermrscomposer Mani-snow-ba member
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    Make the mother of all lists.  Break it down by ceremony, reception, attire, etc.  And put an asterisk by the things you absolutely need to have in order to be married and throw a party.  Officiant?  License?  Food?  Chairs?  Yes.  Flowers?  Nice to have, but if they don't happen, they don't happen.

    It's also a good idea to break it down in order of what needs to happen when.  For us, we could get our license anywhere from a month to three days before the wedding.  We went and got it the first day we could, so that we could just put it my wedding folder and not have to worry about it again.  Get as much done as possible as soon as possible, so that you can ride the rest of the time out without worrying. 

    Our engagement was just a hair over four months, it was just J and I, and we DIY'd a lot of stuff.  We had a blast doing it - but it was because I'm organized to the point of being anal.

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  • Budget and guest list first...  If you can't afford it now, you can't afford to go into debt for it later.  Next, prioritize and delegate, your vendors are professionals, treat them like it, let them do their jobs!  "Cake - yours is yummy, here's budget, here's what we need it to feed, here are our details/invite/colors, here's where/when we need it delivered..." (switch this with florist)...  Then branch off from there...  It's your choice to make the process as simple or complex as you like.  DIY projects don't always equal cost savings.  If you already own a flower shop, DIY flowers is one thing, it's another when you've got to purchase all of the misc. supplies, then budget your time, etc. for a DIY project of any level. OTOH, there are some things that you just don't need to pay markups on, use the coupons from the craft stores for things like an aisle runner should you decide to have one, invitations, etc. 

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  • Take 2 hours (at LEAST) a week to do nothing but pamper yourself. Relax, read a book, do a spa day at home, whatever floats your boat. But find some way every single week to de-stress so you can enjoy the rest of the process. 

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  • CMGragainCMGragain member
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    Keep your wedding simple.  Read a copy of Miss Manner's Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding.  (We don't agree about her take on R.s.v.p. cards, but generally her advice is good.)  Don't get swamped with DIY projects and details that aren't really necessary.  Smaller wedding parties mean less drama.
    The other posters have given you excellent advice.  I planned my own wedding in two months, and it was just fine.  Have a lovely wedding day!

    PS.  Click your heels together three times and repeat, "There is no such thing as a perfect wedding...there is no such thing as a perfect wedding..."
  • I forgot I posted this. The wedding was post-poned to be in 2016. But I don't know if will happen at all to be honest. Thanks everyone. 
  • I planned my wedding the same well as well...well, mostly by myself haha. "Simply" following the checklist that this website provides was a HUGE help! Who knew there were so many things on a wedding to-do list. Do yourself a favor, go through right now and check off the ones that you don't really care about/won't be upset if you don't get to them. Just focus on getting your vendors secured, the wedding party clothes all in order, and make sure you have someone to oversee your event for the day of. (My venue rental came with a "Wedding Planner" who was nowhere to be seen on the actual day, so my photographer stepped up and kicked ass). Someone who is not IN the wedding should be keeping you on a schedule to make sure you keep your event flowing smoothly and don't run out of time to do the things you want to do - bouquet toss, cake cutting, whatever events you have planned. It is very easy to lose track of time on the big day. As long as you have a *positive* support system to help things run smoothly on the day of, things will run just perfectly! Oh - and don't forget to buy your wedding night lingerie (I almost forgot mine - whoops). Relax. Enjoy. Good luck!
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