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Stuck with Venues.

Firstly Thank you for all/any suggestions. They are all appreciated. 

We just got engaged and started looking for Venues. I've been knee deep in all this information and have found myself very overwhelmed. We don't have a set type or date in mind but we are hoping for late winter/early spring. I'm thinking anywhere between February-April of next year. We don't have lists finalized but our estimated numbers are about 150. 

I am interested in two possible scenarios and was hoping maybe someone would have some insight about where/they may or may not exist. 

Scenario 1) An semi-inexpensive at most $15K all inclusive package (maybe for 100-150) people. Includes food options, drinking, flowers, photography, music, venue, etc. Off seasons is perfectly accessible. I'm willing to consider 20K but that is my max. 

Scenario 2) A venue that isn't all inclusive but has a very cheap/inexpensive rental price and will allow me to bring in my own caterer. I LOVE catering at Russian weddings - even the simplest banquet for $55-$75 a head provides a lot more food then a standard wedding does otherwise. (We haven't found the caterers we want yet but we are still looking).  The rest of the vendors they recommend, or provide, or don't object to us doing what we want. 

We don't have a set exact location. 
LI, (Nassau/Suffolk)
Upstate/Westchester County

All suggestions are appreciated. 
Thank you,

Re: Stuck with Venues.

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    When we were looking, we looked at a lot around Long Island, Westchester, Bronx, but these were the top three we came down to, and really liked. 

    These include food, drinks, venue of course, linens, napkins, etc. but not flowers, photography, video, music all that is separate. 

    As far as I know, and please anyone can correct me if I am wrong, I don't know of a venue around here (NYC) that includes flowers, music, video, photography, etc.. as an all inclusive.

    For the second scenario, I don't have much knowledge on that :( 
    Hope you find a venue soon!

    Oh & congratulations on your engagement!!! xoxo
  • Thank you! I will look into those places. 
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    @YelizavetaYR - I almost booked my wedding at Eastwinds on Long Island. They had an all-inclusive deal that was going to cost me about 15k for 100 guests in the Spring, so mayb eif you can do out of peak season you could get an even better deal? They are definitely worth a visit.
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