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Decided to do videography last minute, and it was the best wedding-planning decision we made!

I was the girl who historically never believed a videographer was necessary - or even worth the money - for a wedding.  We had two friends who swore that you cannot possibly get married without a videographer, and that it was one of the most important vendors to budget for.  I opted instead for a wonderful photographer, and just never made room in my wedding budget for videography, and didn't get why on earth it was so important to others.

And then it happened.  I stumbled across www.amazingweddingmovies.com two weeks before my wedding, and fell in love with two of the videos.  I felt that the pricing was very reasonable, and we had a family member come forward and offer to help with more of our budget than we originally planned.  I figured it couldn't hurt to call and ask if they happen to be available, right?  It just so happened they had a cancellation the same weekend as my wedding!  It actually turned out to be an incredible experience. Our videographer was willing to work with us on music, editing, filming a week after our wedding to add-in a few extras, etc.  And it's cool to see other people's wedding videos, but I was completely beside myself when we received ours!  We've recently received our pictures, which I absolutely love as well, and we haven't even seen our final edits on the pics.  Overall though, I think I've turned into that girl who now swears that videography is such an amazing time capsule.  I feel like it tells our personal story and captures the wedding day in ways that photography cannot.  Our videographer was willing to provide stills from video as well, which I think a lot of videographers do now for conveniene.   

I'm sharing my video, in case it helps future brides decide whether or not to hire a videographer.  It's an added cost to a seemingly endless list of costs, but it was oh-so-worth-it for us :)


Re: Decided to do videography last minute, and it was the best wedding-planning decision we made!

  • You have two of these exact same posts but on different boards.  Just a heads up!

  • Appreciate the heads up! Will try to delete one.
  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    @erich&;jamie you cannot delete a post. Only mods can do that and deleting a dup post is not something we do.


  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    If we do videography, it too would be last minute after we see what our budget looks like.  I LOVE your video. Wish that company was local!  Thanks for the advise.  

  • ashmo1ashmo1 member
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    Thank you for sharing!
    (I used this as the final persuasion for my fiance to agree to getting video!) :)
  • I'm so happy this post helped with your decision! For what it's worth, we only hired him two weeks before the wedding. :)

    I just found out our videographer is submitting one of his videos for Colorado's 2016 Icon Award! He has several amazing videos, so it may or may not be ours submitted, but he won in 2015, so I hope his selected video wins again this year!
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