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Bible as guestbook

Has anyone done this? I love the idea of having a large bible open on the table and having guests highlight their favorite scriptures about love and family and then even writing a little note about it. All of our guests are devout Christian so would have a favorite scripture.  What do you think? 

Re: Bible as guestbook

  • I was raised Catholic and I could be TOTALLY off base but this seems a bit sacrilegious IMO.  Using a bible for your own self-serving purposes just doesn't seem right.  KWIM?  It's like when I was little and I used to want to wear my grandmother's rosary beads as a necklace - she explained to me that it was wrong to do that b/c they did not exist to make me look nice, they were there for prayer and meditation.  

    I'm not a religious person, nor do I claim to be a religious scholar, but this just seems wrong to me.  
  • @Knottie05481694 We did this. I don't think it's sacrilegious to write in a Bible; I think it's actually a good thing to underline/highlight passages that speak to you and write down thoughts as you read. This is really just an extension of that, asking others to write their thoughts to share. We didn't ask people to find a verse about love, but to share a meaningful verse with us. We provided Bible highlighters and Bible pens, and warned people ahead of time in case they wanted time to figure out what to share. The toughest part was finding a Bible with big enough margins that people could write a note in it!  The surprising thing was how few people actually ended up writing in it since half of the guests were from our church. It was also surprising some of the people who DID choose to write in it.
  • @00kim00 Agreed! We write and highlight in our study bibles, helps many stay on track and remember important information. Our bible is obviously very special but it was written for us to read and meditate and really dive in to, not just sit and look pretty. I have two different guest book ideas so I'll see which one I go with. 
  • I couldn't justify using a Bible in that way. It seemed disrespectful to me, personally. However, there will be a Bible on the guestbook table so the guests can write their favorite verses in our autograph-book-style guestbook if they'd like.
  • I think it's fine. But then we mark up our study Bible's with our fav. scriptures and notes etc. If your guests are pointing out an important scripture or something I don't think that's wrong. 
  • I actually never heard of this! I had to google the idea to see what it looks like. I'm not sure how I feel about it as I agree with both sides. I'm okay with the idea of someone highlighting their favourite bible verse but having various people sign their names in the bible is what I am weary about.
  • I've seen it and think its awesome! But yes, some people may be offended that you did that or be uncomfortable. I would still add it to your guestbook table even if you decide to do something else and just put a little sign inviting everyone to highlight their favorite verse or one they'd like to rec' for you to read with the option of adding commentary :) 

    I'd ask a few people who are coming, what they think, maybe family? to get some feedback for how receptive your group will be :) 

    Not everyone is familiar with a study bible or the practice of writing/highlighing one. 

    You could also get a "family bible" for your wedding- these often have special pages for births and wedding  and that would be a cool one to have people contribute their fav passages to :) 
  • Ooo also - post its if you think people wont want to actually write in it. Get some pretty post its with a nice pattern they can leave you a not and mark their fav passage with :) 
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