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When can I send out Save The Dates?

Our wedding is in August 2016 and I have found the perfect Save the Dates as well as matching invitations from Vista Print. I know that it's way to early to send out invites but what about the Save the Dates? I am planning on ordering the invitations at the same time because of the sale and just keeping them for next year. We are only having 15 guests so this is not alot of money anyway for the Save The Dates and invitations from Vista Print. All the guests will have to travel to us so I was thinking to give extra time for saving ect. 
Thanks in advance :)

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Re: When can I send out Save The Dates?

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Next month will be fine. 
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  • You can send the up to a year in advanced. So like Addie said, next month is totally fine.

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  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    9-12 months out.

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  • You can send them as far as a year out, but unless your wedding is OOT or a DW, I would send them closer to 7-9 months out.

    Just so you know, VistaPrint has sales all. the. time. And you can google coupon codes as well. A lot can change in a year (like colors, theme, guest list, budget), so just something to consider.

  • Our wedding is OOT for all of our guests but 2. Thanks for the info on the sales, I was also thinking to wait until we get our engagement pictures done. We have pictures from a few years ago that I used in the initial design. I am thinking now that new pictures would be nice and our photographer includes engagement sessions with each wedding package. 

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  • Since most of the guests are traveling, I'm on board with everyone else that a year in advance is nice. It gives guests time to save up money and put in for time off from work if needed.
  • I also recommend getting some samples from Vista Print. I think they are totally fine quality, and worth the price, but I wasn't floored by the quality either. You may want to get some samples and see them in person, along with a few from minted and a few of the other sites. 

    My Save the Date magnets from the Vista Print were slightly off-center and had some rough edging. For the amount I paid--I think like $.80 a magnet? It was ridiculously cheap thanks to a 50% off sale--I didn't even bother to complain. They did their job, and were adorable, even if a little less than perfect. I now have like 75 extra though due to their weird quantity requirements, but oh well. 
  • I sent mine about a year in advance because we too have a lot of OOT guests and I wanted to give them plenty of heads up for travel. Keep in mind with ordering your invitations though things change so ordering them this far out seems a little too soon. I ordered ours a couple months ago because of a sale and I wish I had waited. We aren't sending them out until the end of August. The things I'd change are minor and the guests will have all of the details they need but the wording could have been better if I wasn't so rushed to get them ready for the sale when like vista print the site I ordered them from has frequent sales.
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  • Thanks Ladies, I am going to wait and send them out in late August or September, after the engagement photo session. It's good to know the time frames so we can make decisions, but I will wait to order the invitations until next year for sure.

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