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First Look vs Aisle Unveiling?


Re: First Look vs Aisle Unveiling?

  • Lol my mom and dad were just watching some wedding show and they mentioned the "first look" and my dad was like "what is that?".  So my mom explained and my dad was like "but did M (me) and D (DH) do that?"  
    My mom says, "They got ready together so no."
    Dad, "But then they had a first look."
    Mom, "ummm sure, when D zipped up M's dress and she turned around, I guess that was the first look."
    Dad, "Yes, of course it is.  What the hell else is a 'first look'?"
    Mom, "People make  big deal out of getting ready separately and then having this magical moment before the ceremony to see each other."
    Dad, "That's silly.  What the hell is the point of that?"

    Lol, yeah that's my dad.  So yeah, we stayed the night before in our hotel room together.  We woke up, helped each other get ready, then went out to take pictures with the WP.  And that was it.  

    I didn't want this big "moment" with everyone watching and the photographer waiting to take pictures.  I definetely wasn't waiting until the ceremony.  Waiting until the ceremony seems antiquated to me- a throw back to a day in age when people didn't know their soon-to-be spouses and wouldn't see them until they were to be married.  

    We lived together before the wedding.  I couldn't imagine waiting until the ceremony and honestly, I didn't understand why we couldn't get ready together like any other day.
    Thank you!  Good to know I'm not completely off my rocker.
  • adk19 said:
    Are "First Look" and "Aisle Unveiling" my only options?  What if I just want to get ready just like any other day and ask FH to zip me up?  Does it have to be this big todo?  Discuss.
    I definitely think you can get ready together and not make a big deal about it, sure!  
    DH and I spent the night together prior to the wedding, had breakfast together, got showered in the same hotel room, etc. But, he left to go get a fancy shave and trim and I went to go get my hair done, so from that point forward we didn't see each other until our first look. 
    I'll say I'm a sucker for that "bridal moment." I love first look photos and wanted one for sure. Plus, leaving the house with damp hair and no makeup and jeans and coming back as a polished, elegant, fancy creature of great beauty is more fun to me than him witnessing the usual getting ready process like any other regular morning. 

  • For mine, I originally wanted to do "first look" but he wanted to see me at the aisle. Kinda worked both ways since it was an open area/tent, he saw me walk out of the building. It was kinda fun trying to do stuff knowing we were hiding from each other {especially when I had to pee ...}

    There's a commercial for a brand that he got his suit from that I love "When everyone's looking at her, she's looking at you" and I totally get it.

    We ended up getting a cute picture of us checking each other out at the end of the aisle haha so it could work in both favours!
  • We are not doing a first look, but this was something that we were both really set on from day 1. We both wanted our first looks at each other that day to be at the ceremony. We will be doing all other pictures (wedding party, family, etc.) before hand and doing out pictures and large family groups after the ceremony. Both of the weddings I assisted photographing in this summer did first looks, and they were cute and so relaxed and not rushed. But thats just not our thing :) 
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