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Quick zit fixes?

4 days out and yesterday I woke up with a huge zit right in the middle of my cheek. I tried Neosporin which is my usual go-to treatment, but that didn't help.  The last time I tried the toothpaste trick it ended really badly. I tried a super hot washcloth and that helped deflate it a little but did not kill the whole thing obviously. I've been avoiding wearing makeup on it and have been washing my face and exfoliating regularly for a couple of weeks now.  Any suggestions that might take this sucker out in the next few days?? 

Re: Quick zit fixes?

  • Neutrogena spot treatment usually dries mine up. It works best if I can manage to go without make-up and without touching my face for a day or two.
  • If you're willing to drop $150, you could get a cortisone shot. It will get rid of it in 24 hours.
  • Good old fashioned Hydrogen Peroxide (the stronger version they sell on the shelf)...  Especially if you got it to drain with the hot compresses...

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  • I have used an alcohol wipe on them before...again only in an emergency because I don't like drying out my face with them.  Don't pick at it if you can avoid it because scabs can be harder to cover with make-up than the actual zit, and touching your face will just spread the bacteria and clog your pores more.  I have also used Proactive's face mask and that has lessened some of them as well.  In general though, I use epiduo for my every day acne care and that has been helping prevent them from popping up.  Good luck and best wishes for your wedding!

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    Benzoiyl peroxide is the active ingredient in most zit creams. (Yes, I still get zits.  I have one right now!)
  • Thank you everyone!! I tried a few things but in the end the hydrogen peroxide seemed to take care of it. By the morning of it was all but gone :) 
  • I tried hydrogen peroxide and it worked on my breakout! Thanks for the tip, @MesmrEwe

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  • I'm assuming I'm too late on this but figured I'd share it for others wondering. HYDROCOLLOID PATCHES, sometimes they're under the name blister bandages, stick a piece over your pimple overnight and it sucks all the nastyness out, it's amazing. 
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