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Honeymoon Registry?

My fiancee and I are going to DisneyWorld for our honeymoon. We already have a house and have pretty much everything we need. A couple of people are asking if they can give us money for our honeymoon, I would feel weird taking cash from them so I was wondering how I would go about having them donate money towards my honeymoon (other than taking cash from them). I've tried calling Disney and I always get stuck waiting for 1+ hours. Any advice?

Re: Honeymoon Registry?

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    Please refer to the etiquette board as this is more of an etiquette question. There are tons of threads on the subject. 

    For the record, the correct etiquette would be when they ask let them know you have everything you need, and are currently saving for a trip to Disney. Honeyfunds and GoFundMe pages are against etiquette. 
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