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Trash the dress? how to clean dress

Anyone out there do a trash the dress. What i mean is did you actually go into the ocean, and if so were you able to dry clean it. Did your dress get ruined?  We are doing ours this sunday and i'm not sure what to do. Also if you are from boston, ma area if you could tell me where you took your dress to be cleaned. Thanks =)
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Re: Trash the dress? how to clean dress

  • The dry cleaner should definitely be able to clean it.  The ocean isn't going to ruin a dress.
  • yeah, my photographer did one with a bride fully in the ocean and she said that once it dried, she shook all the sand off and it wasn't that bad. 

    I need to find a place to have mine cleaned in Boston too!
  • I didn't do a TTD shoot. I just got my gown cleaned and preserved right after the wedding.

    I would try re-posting this on your local Boston board for places that do wedding gown cleaning.
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  • i got in the ocean with my dress on and took it to the cleaner when we got home from our honeymoon and it was fine. The only way the ocean will hurt your dress is if it is silk. Otherwise after you get in the ocean set the dress out to dry, than sake the sand out of it, bag it up and take it to the dry cleaner asap when you can get a chance.
  • I'm still looking for a good place to clean my dress.  I just want it cleaned and put in a bag or box. I don't need it preserved, just a place in boston are not necessariily in boston. Anyone have any places they can recommend. I'm having a hard time and have not found many places with good reviews.  Thanks
    I'm so lucky to have found my soul mate and Best Friend..
  • I'm using WedClean

    A lot of the girls on the Maryland board gave them good reviews.

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