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2 night minimum on hotel stay?

We are going to look at venues this weekend. Most of the venues are an inn or resort of some sort about 30- 45 minutes from Asheville, NC. Everyone will be traveling. Some only an hour, some 5 hours, most by plane. I know that at least one of the venues we are going to look at, and I suspect more, requires a 2 night minimum. We are looking at peak season so I understand but as a guest what would your feelings be about this? Would you rather stay at a hotel in town and then drive to the ceremony/reception or stay on site with a 2 night minimum? Should I not even consider a place with a minimum? Please share your experiences booking events at hotels/inns/resorts?

Re: 2 night minimum on hotel stay?

  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I would offer multiple choices for your guests.  If you can create a room block at one of the inns that requires a minimum stay then do that.  Then create a room block at a hotel that does not require a minimum stay.  Or just create one room block and note the minimum stay requirement but then list 2-3 other choices nearby that do not have a minimum stay.

    As for whether I would want to stay somewhere with a minimum night stay would really depend on if I was travelling into town the day before and then leaving the day after the wedding.  If I was only an hour away I would most likely not stay at all.

  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    We got married in a resort town.  Pretty much every hotel and B&B had a 2 night minimum.  A few even had 3 nights.   We still blocked rooms at 2 places that had minimum.    Both blocks were filled and we had to add more rooms to each block.    

      It helped that we had golf outing on Friday, so a bunch of people were in town a few nights before anyway.  Some of the guests found places that only had a 1 night.  

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Thanks ladies. I was a little concerned that the 2 night minimum would be rude somehow. It is par for the area, even trying to get a room for this weekend, a lot of them require 2 nights. I know a lot of people dont like DW and I just want to make it an easy, enjoyable experience.
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I would say since most will be travelling by plane they will need a minimum of 2 nights anyways, so making room blocks at places with a 2 night minimum wouldn't really matter you know?  And for those that don't like it, then they can do their own research and find something more suitable to their needs.

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