Popcorn Favors - How long will they last?

We would like to do small bags of popcorn for favors. There is a local place in my hometown that has been around forever, and they have really good prices. By bagging them ourselves, it's very cheap. 

We would be picking up the popcorn from the store on the day it was made. If we bagged it 2 days before the wedding, do you think it would still be good as long as the bags are sealed well? 

Re: Popcorn Favors - How long will they last?

  • What I'd probably do is test this out now. Go buy a bag for yourself and your FH on a Wednesday/Thursday, bag a couple portions in whatever bags you plan to use, and then have a movie night together on Friday/Saturday. 

    That way you can have a fun date and test this out. I don't know that there's any way for anyone here to know whether it will be fresh. It totally depends on the type, the processing, what (if any) preservatives they use, what bags you plan to use.....etc.

  • Assuming the popcorn will stay fresh, are you going to have the time two days before your wedding to put together the bags for all your guests? This is a project that you and your FI can't expect the bridal party to help you with (that is, you can ask but you will have to accept any refusals graciously).
  • Agree with PPs.

    1.  Are you sure you're going to have the time?
    2.  When we have visitors in my office and they will be working with me all week, I'll often buy a big bag of popcorn from our local place (made fresh).  It's great day one and two.  It's good, but not great day three and four, marginal day five.  This is making sure that it's really sealed up tight though with no extra air.

    Buy a bag, test it out, see if you enjoy the results.  I'd probably go with something a little less prone to going stale so quickly or pay a little more to have the business make small individual bags that can just be picked up the night before or morning of.
  • IMO - Buy the bag the afternoon before or the morning of and just serve it up for guests to make their own bag instead of doing it for them.  I'd buy a big tub type container (Home Depot sells them) with a scooper.  Fresh is best with popcorn...
  • We did this. DH packaged 200 of them in less than 2 hours. Depending on the popcorn it can last a long time. I've been eating of a bag of vanilla butternut for 10 days now and it still tastes fresh. They make it to ship, so it is good for awhile. What does your popcorn shop day about how long it will stay fresh?
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