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Has anyone had any experience with http://www.paperlanternstore.com/ ?
They have some decently priced things so before I spent a bunch of money I just wondered if anyone had comments. 

Re: paperlanternstore.com

  • We ordered some paper fans from them for our ceremony. I hadn't heard of them before, so I was a little nervous, but everything seemed to go just fine -- we got them fairly quickly (sorry, I don't remember exactly how long it took, but I remember it was a few days sooner than expected) and everything was in good condition and as-described when it arrived. We were very happy with the fans, as were our guests! 
  • I got all of my paper lanterns from Amazon. They were great quality and they were reasonably priced as well. I think I paid $10 for 10 large lanterns and then $10 for 12 small lanterns.
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