Rehearsal Dinner Near Lisle/Naperville


I am trying to find a restaurant/bar for our rehearsal dinner.  We are getting married at Seven Bridges Golf Club and our hotel is in Lisle/Naperville.

We are having between 40-50 at RD people and would like to spend under $30/person (including alcohol)

I tried Lou Malnati's but they are not available for my date.

I would love any other suggestions! We are trying to keep it casual (pizza, pasta, apptz, etc....)

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Near Lisle/Naperville

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    Would Lombard be too far?  Buca Di Beppo has a private room for use.  There is a Maggiano's in Naperville.  Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I am not as familiar with those suburbs.  Try looking on Open Table and specify that you are looking for a restaurant that can accommodate larger parties.
  • Lou's isn't where you go for pizza anyway (sorry, just don't like that place at all!).  There is a place close to 7 Bridges (in the strip mall with all the restaurants like Buffalo WIld Wings, Tilted Kilt, etc) called Suparossa.  I do believe they have a private room, but it's going to be a bit pricier than Lou's. If you do a pizza/salad/buffet only option you may get it at $30/per person not so sure about the alcohol though (can you do Lou's for $30/pp with alcohol?).  I like it there. Can't vouch for the pizza, I have always ordered an Italian dish when I've gone.

  • Is there a Portillos nearby? We are having 75 people for our RD at the Portillos near our venue (far north burbs). They typically have private areas that can be cordoned off and a great catering menu! They even serve alcohol, but I will admit it's not too impressive-airplane size bottles of Gallo wine and draft MGD and Miller Lite.
  • Sorry if this is coming too late, but what is the date of your RD? Clara's would be an incredible option, if you're looking for something close to Seven Bridges. They can fit groups of your size in their side rooms, their minimum is only $750, and their food is incredible. I've been eating there for about 20 years! We are looking at Clara's as one of our top 2 options for RD spots as well. Hope that helps and I hope it's not too late!
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