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Wacky Wednesday


Re: Wacky Wednesday

  • labro said:
    @speakeasy14 Us Middle children are easily forgotten. That's why we must do outlandish things to get have a Middle Child's day lol.

    This has made my day. Thank you!


  • @AlPacina - Nope, I was outside grilling and our grill is by a bunch of overgrown plants (yet another home reno project we need to tackle).

    @labro - Promise you pictures soon...I just posted about another bathroom remodel question to ya'll and would love your input.  
  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    @speakeasy14 - I can't see the second picture at work, but OMG, that poor baby! I laughed loudly in a very quiet office.

    @southernpeach89 - Omigod! Those memes make me laugh at the same time as making me want to cry...... What a sad sad state we're in.....

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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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  • I love all of this.  Keep it coming!!!
  • Lol BF's mom just wrote about middle child day on his facebook wall... guess who's a middle child also? ;)
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  • I should add - that was an actual reaction to my brother pulling my hair.  We never take nice pictures, that was the family Christmas card 5 years ago. 
  • @aurorarose41 fingers and toes crossed!!
  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    @TwoDimes I'm the youngest with one set of siblings, so kind of? I'm the oldest with the set that I grew up with though.

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  • AlPacina said:
    TwoDimes said:
    Am I the only youngest child on here?!



    There is a video of my younger sister (Youngest Child) trying to steal the spotlight from me (Middle Child) while I was performing for my parents, so I straight up pushed her to the ground and laughed at her crying.

    It should make me ashamed that I was such a bully. I still find it hilarious.

    (Usher's all like...... No, AlPacina's sister. I don't want you on my team.)

    This sounds exactly something I would have done to my little sister.
  • AuroraRose41AuroraRose41 New York member
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    @speakeasy14 thank you :)

    @NEY, I have some bad news. I did find out today that my team is under heavy scrutiny for layoffs (which I predicted), and they plan to audit a lot of things, including an IT audit. I will not be knotting at work anymore for the time being (for about a month or so). I will try to check in here and there, but I would like to keep my job until FI or I get a better offer if possible. I will check at night but I am not sure how much I will be responding due to the time difference. 

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @AuroraRose41 We'll miss seeing you around for the next month! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that your audit goes well and you either keep your job or find an amazing new one!!!

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