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Chances of getting bumped from suite? Back up plan?

I've booked the Skyline Terrace at the MGM Grand for the 15 & 16 September with the plan to have my wedding ceremony there on 16 September.
I went on the website and the MGM is completely sold out for 16 & 17 September. Does anyone know what has caused this? 
Other hotels seem similarly booked (or at least the suites).

I have no back up plan. If we tried to check in on the 15 September and they said the suite wasn't available - I don't know what we would do - we have everything booked for it to happen at the suite. 

Its really stressing me out!!

Re: Chances of getting bumped from suite? Back up plan?

  • I am in the same boat as you. Do you have the specific suite booked? If so, you SHOULD be okay. If you get bumped, remember there are other rooms they could bump you too that would be just as nice (albeit without a nice balcony)

    As for me I have my heart set on the Skyline Terrace too so I know how you feel. I let everyone know that the room may be changed at the last minute, just so they won't be surprised.  

    As long as you have a reservation, MGM will do their best to accommodate you. Please keep us informed though because my room reservation is on a weekday too so I am concerned too.
  • I wouldn't worry too much.  The only suite I've heard of people getting bumped from have been Vistas at Mandalay but I haven't even seen reports of that in a year or two.  All hotels keep some of their big suites in reserve for high rollers who tend to come to town with no notice, so just because the website shows no inventory doesn't mean they're all actually booked.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Will let you guys know what happens at the Delano (the "boutique" tower of Mandalay Bay) tomorrow -- we have the suite Wed-Sun and booked ages ago. 
  • I agree with @vegasgroom. You're not looking at booking a one-of suite, but one of ~16 in the hotel. You'll be fine.
  • Thanks for the reassurance!!

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