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Well, I know this board is pretty dead...but I figure it doesn't hurt to post anyways...

Does anyone have experience with Buckeye Entertainment?

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    I booked them for my wedding after I heard them at my friends wedding last year. AMAZING! One of the best DJ's I've seen at a wedding just by knowing what music to play and when.They book up really quickly though, so I'd get them soon. I think they are very reasonable in price and they have an awesome system for how you set up your playlist. I can't wait for them to be at my wedding! Set up a meeting with them, they are super nice and professional but also a lot of fun! 
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    Turns out my FI's dad (who is a wedding DJ in Cali) knows the owner! Now, that doesn't mean anything really...we still have to book him like any other client, but I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence. We should be able to book him next week for May 2017 (hopefully *fingers crossed*)

    Their pricing is what caught my eye!

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    Yeah you can't beat the price! Byron's the owner right? He's the one who did my friend's wedding and he's amazing! So I'm putting my full trust that he knows how to pick good DJ's. Plus, when we met the guy that would be DJ-ing our wedding, I just got a really good vibe from him!
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    Yeah, Byron is the owner! FFIL wants us to try and get him to be the DJ, but he said that his other DJ's are really good too.
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    We are using them for our October 10th wedding and it has been a smooth process so far! Have only heard good things.
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    Great! Let me know how they are at your wedding! @AlisonM23
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    They did our wedding (we had Byron) almost two years ago (January 2014).  Their prices can't be beat, Byron was awesome as a DJ and stepped up to provide ceremony music (we were already using their microphones and speakers) when our musician got sick the day before the wedding.  

    We had a lunch wedding so we weren't sure anyone would dance but he played a great mix of music that got everyone on the dance floor!
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    Thanks @AprilH81 !

    We are in the middle of finding a good time to meet with him to start talking about everything. I've only heard great things about him

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    I've had them booked for my June 2016 wedding for about 7 months now, and everything thus far has been great. In fact I just got done paying them off using their awesome online payment system, and the initial meeting was good as well and really put me at ease, they are very easy to work with. They have been to my venue many times before so I'm confident everything will go smoothly!
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    Byron was my DJ for our September 13th wedding and he was outstanding. Gene was along for the ride, and both of them were so great...they even were cracking & putting together glow sticks to help get the party started! Byron always kept me posted if plans changed, like 2 unplanned speeches & my dad backing out of his speech. (Mom also made a last-minute song request that they didn't have in their system...they were researching 5 different versions during dinner service and found the perfect one!) I recommend Buckeye Entertainment without any hesitation.

    Edit: For clarification, we purchased the glow sticks. The groomsmen were tasked with getting those all set up, but Byron & Gene did it for us without us even asking so the groomsmen could enjoy the party. :)
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    Great! We do have Byron booked and we are so excited! He was so personable and charismatic when I met him.

    I am also thinking of doing our photography through them. Did you or anyone you know use them? @Chananigans33

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