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How many places to register at?!

We are having under 100 guests attending our wedding- but I read on this website you should register at more than one place with different price ranges. 
I just feel like more than one place could be too much for people? Idk. HELP! :)

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Re: How many places to register at?!

  • Thanks for the reply! If I may ask, how many things did you put on your registry?
  • I think you can be aware of including things over a broad price range within one registry unless you pick a very upscale store for that one registry. I think the logic is making sure to have thinking at a variety of price points and there are ways to do that with one registry if you are conscious of it. 
  • FI and I registered at 3 different places (we're inviting 190 guests) but that's mostly because we're young and don' have very much stuff. He has a roommate so they share a lot of pots, pans, furniture, etc. and I live with my parents still. We felt like the only way to register for what we needed was to go to a few different places. I think it's totally personal preference and deciding what you're comfortable with
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