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Gifts for parents?

Getting married October 15th. Now thinking of all the little bits and pieces. Are any of you getting presents for your parents? I'm not having a bridal party but am coming from the UK so don't know what gifts to give or to give them before we leave so it's one less thing to take and remember!! What have you/are you getting people important to your wedding day?

Re: Gifts for parents?

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    We are getting married in September and also travelling over from the UK. We have our parents brothers and sisters and godmother coming over to celebrate with us so we have got them all presents to say thankyou for coming.
    Our sisters are bridesmaids and finances brother is best man.
    Morning of wedding presents-
    For the bridesmaids- Kate spade necklace, robe
    For best man- hip flask

    Presents for everyone which we are planning on giving either in limo on strip tour or at dinner are-
    Engraved keepsake spoons, champagne chocolates and Yankee candle wedding day candle for the girls / cigars for the guys.

    These are the spoons I couldn't resist getting one for myself and future husband! Slightly pointless but they are a nice keepsake as we really struggled to find something for everyone!
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  • Those spoons are lovely Lauren!

    Only my fiancé's parents are coming over and we are going to have flowers delivered to his Mom the day after they arrive home. Not sure about his Dad as he is difficult to buy for at the best of times - they are the kind of people who every Christmas and birthday say don't bother getting us anything, don't waste your money on us etc :)
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