Cedarwood Nashville Wedding HELP!

Hey ladies! I am a stressed-out mom-of-one and full-time graduate student in NYC trying to plan a wedding in Nashville. Hoping one of you can help me with my dilemma! I need some help figuring out where my guests can stay in the area. It will be a trip from CT or NY for everyone coming to the wedding. Being that I will already be asking my guests to make an airplane trip there and back (around 300$+), I don't want to ask them to pay $250+/night to stay in the area for my wedding. Most of the Inns or hotels I have found have been either terrible low-star reviews or very expensive, and some of them are already booked for Sept 2016!! We can't put a deposit until we secure accommodations for our guests. Any past Cedarwood brides/brides who also planned destination weddings/Nashville locals with words of wisdom are more than welcome to share! Thanks so much.

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