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IN Suite Reception and seating/eating concerns.

We are having our reception at The Star Dust (The Orleans) with about 77 people. Seating for 67 with sofas, chairs, etc and we do have the Presidential Suite as well with an additional seating and dining table. It is a non-traditional reception that my father and grooms mother cannot seem to wrap there heads around. I initially was concerned with there not being tables and what not for everyone to eat as it is a buffet and not finger food, but in reading about the in suites people seem to be A-Ok in figuring it out and being able to eat fine.

Anyone who has had an in suite that had similar concerns and it worked out/or didn't? Guests at in suites how have any opinions? Am I potentially starting a freak out over nothing?

Re: IN Suite Reception and seating/eating concerns.

  • No one is all going to be sitting at the same time. Think of a house party or -- well -- any wedding that's buffet style. It just doesn't happen.
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    Just had my wedding with an in-suite reception and no real "dining table" space and it was fine. Unless people have been away from food for hours and hours, it won't be the case that everyone is trying to sit and eat all at once. If your crowd is like mine, the long line at the bar will be the bigger problem XD
  • I have the same concerns! Our wedding is 4/8/16 and my mom hasn't stopped obsessing over the seating situation. There will be 80 (or less) in the suite, so we asked for a few high-tops to be provided and the catering manager had no issues with it.

    Are you decorating at all? I'm trying to figure out what is possible. I'm thinking about putting vases on the coffee tables and filling with our bouquets, then ordering a few more arrangements for the other tables.

    Also, are you having a photo booth? I'd really like one in the Presidential Suite, but haven't contacted The Orleans yet to see if we can...
  • @knottie00075450 so my family would not stop freaking out. Our final guest count is 70 (30 DAYS TODAY until we wed). I spoke with Pamela who offered a banquet room for no fee as long as we have $2500 in drink minimum, which we will. I still have yest to decide the 3 hr PP deal or just try my luck with consumption. While I am not excited about a banquet room AT ALL, my finace pointed out the positives. 1) My DOC coordinator and DJ can get all set up and be ready vs setting up during dinner 2) Since food wont be in room it wont take up space AND after dinner is over we wont have to have to worry about all the breakdown of the stations. I am SO sure it's minimal, bt whatever.

    Plan is as follows.  As total we have the suite from 5pm-11:59pm. 5pm DOC will arrive to assit with catering food and then assist with set up in Star Dust. We will have a table for guest book and cards. No Budget for Photobooth, which I am so ok with. We are going a photo guest book camera polaroid, so that will just serve as some photo options. Iam going to get some photobooth props if people want to use them. I have extra film, so I expect people to take muliple photos.

    Not decorating anything in suite except I have some different shades of purple silk pedals to toss over guestbook table.

    Arrive at 6 to Star Dust go to banquet room to eat. Not decorating at al. Pamela is going to use white table clothes and a purple table cloth over as that is our wedding color. Buffet stations will be set up. I am still wondering if I my do assigned seating, but I will prob just say screw it and let grown ass adults decide where to sit. After dinner make our way to suite at 7:30-10:30 to have initial toast, dances, then dance.

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