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RSVP not tied to guest list

when my guests are RSVP'ING on the website they have to type in their name rather than finding themselves on the guest list. I've RSVP'd to other theknot websites where the website has found my name for me. How do I connect my RSVP and guest list so people can find their name rather than type it in? Otherwise my guest list will have many duplicates...

Re: RSVP not tied to guest list

  • KnotHollyKnotHolly New York, NY admin
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    Hi there,

    Thank you for your feedback. Our RSVP feature currently requires members to type in their name. As long as they provide the same name you've included on your guest list, your guest list should not have any duplicates.

    If you see duplicates on your guest list when members RSVP, please let me know so I can look into this for you.

    Thank you!
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