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Help!!! Advice Needed

Hey Girls. I've only been engaged less than 2 months. I KNOW I have time but I FEEL like I don't. FI and I have looked at about 6 places so far (Flowerfield, Venetian Yacht Club, Land's End, Crescent Beach Club, Timber Point, San Souci) Flowerfield, Timber Point & San Souci are definitely out, just not what we were looking for. Originally we planned on an onsite ceremony but have changed to a church wedding (we're Roman Catholic with large Italian families which was the tipping point). We love the idea of having an outdoor space available for cocktail hour cigars etc. We fell head over heals for Land's End but the dates we were looking for (July 5 or 6, 2013) aren't available plus the price was a good deal higher than we wanted to pay. I don't even know where to keep looking. Our friends and family got married at a few places that we aren't interested in (Larkfield Manor, Watermill, Fox Hollow) though we think they are beautiful. I haven't even started thinking about flowers, dj's, photo/video (though I believe I already have someone I love), dress, or any of the other things I need to get started on. I'm becoming overwhelmed and don't want to be. I would so appreciate any advice, suggestions or words wisdom or encouragement that anyone has to offer.

Re: Help!!! Advice Needed

  • First of all, Congratulations! 

    I know that it can be really overwhelming.  

    I think that you need to kind of step back and look at the order that things need to be done in before you start really getting confused.  For me, the first step was to choose the location.  I didn't have any dates that I wanted, and being flexible was a big advantage when it came to finding options that I could afford at the places that I wanted.  I also went to 6 places (in 2 days lol) and I narrowed it down to 2 places, and then picked one from there.  I found my place by googling "wedding venue long island", and then calling around to make appointments at the places that looked nice from the website photos.  You will never be able to determine price before you get there.  If you find somewhere you love, but it's too expensive, ask about alternate dates and times. For example, Saturday night is usually the most expensive, but the same hall, same menu on a Sunday is like half the price.  It depends on what you want, but there are lots of reasonable options out there if you are willing to be a little flexible.

    You actually have quite a bit of time.  Figure out how much you want to spend, and then try to find a place that will fit into your budget.  One thing I found out is that you are going to have to make compromises along the way.  Also, don't ask too many of your friends and family for input because they are all going to tell you something different.  

    Once you have your venue picked, vendors are going to start calling and emailing and sending you flyers for photography, videography, flowers, limos, etc. Trust me.  Some of the places use a "preferred vendor" so don't try to book anything before you get the hall.

    After I had the hall, put the first payment on it etc, I went about figuring out what I was going to do about the vendors.  And then I had a long, long journey to find a wedding dress, which I got about a month ago.  

    Don't get overwhelmed! It gets done little by little.  I got engaged in August of 2011. I'm getting married in July of 2012. It's coming together slowly but surely, and I'm not really forcing any of it! :-)
  • I am getting married at the Venetian Yacht club, and I found that they offered a lot for their price. Plus, their cocktail hour is split between indoor and outdoor. Your guests could go outside during cocktail hour, but in case it is super hot, or rainy, or if any guests simply want to be inside, they can do that as well. You should keep that in mind while picking a place. Have you looked at Captain Bills? People don't always think of it, but they have great food, a reasonable price, and the cocktail hour is outside on the deck overlooking the water. I looked at Land's End too and also liked it a lot, but hated the price. I am getting married the weekend before you, June 29 2013. I understand how you feel like you need to get everything going, but as said above, take it slower. If you rush things and push things, you might make choices you regret. Plus you will drive you FI crazy if you do this for the next year+. Everything will come together, just do little by little, and really think things through. Congrats and good luck!!!!!
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  • You should check out Bellport Country Club.  I actually went to 15 -20 places and liked Lands End but it was too expensive.  I am getting married on a Sat night in July so I know how expensive it can be.  Don't panic, when you go on certain sites you will see girls that have stuff booked so early and it makes you fee like you are behind but you're not.  I am getting married in less than 5 months and have a lot to do but the whole point is to enjoy the experience and not let it stress you out.
  • I am currently looking at places myself but I can tell you that Venetian Yacht Club is very nice. I went to a wedding there last May. The scenery was beautiful for taking pictures outside. The cocktail hour was great. Good Luck!!!
  • aww dont get over whelmed!!! this is suppoesed to be a happy time and journey!
    maybe you should consider hiring a wedding planner to take the stress out of your planning! we recently hired elite(b)events and she specializes in elegant unique weddings on a budget. so far she is great to work with, has great reviews,very professional, and the best part is she specializes in budget weddings! check her out she may be able to help you.

    hope this helps

    good luck!
  • I would LOVE honest feedback about the Venetian Yacht Club and Woodbury Country Club. Anyone advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated. The wedding will hopefully be Aug 2013.
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