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Wedding Registry?

We are having a small intimate ceremony(35 people) and a small "reception" after (70 people) should we register for gifts? Part of me wants to register since we have nothing, we're literally starting our lives together. But the other part doesn't think it's necessary if there's a small amount of people. My friend has also mentioned that she wants to throw a party for all of our friends who couldn't make it, or more so who weren't invited, as a way to celebrate our marriage. What does etiquette say about this?! I'm super confused!

Re: Wedding Registry?

  • Ya, you should register for sure. People will want to give you something to say congrats!

  • I would recommend you register. It will make it easier for your friends and family to know what to give you· remember that a registry is a suggestion, people will not be forced to get something from there!
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