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Hi everyone! I'm Dominican-American and my fiance is from Hong Kong. We are perfect for each other and he's my best friend so we're obviously really happy :].
Anyway I've been stuck on a few things. Of course we have very different cultures so we plan on having an American wedding with some traditions from our own cultures. My last issue was that my family loves to dance so I plan on putting Spanish dancing music for them to enjoy the party. I was worried about isolating his family until he told me they normally just mingle at family gatherings. So that's all good.

But now I'm worried about something else.
I speak very limited Spanish (But I understand all of it) while he is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese. We both have family with a few non-English speakers including his parents. He is only planning on inviting a handful of family while my own family is huge. I was thinking, if everything was translated the ceremony would take too long which would frustrate and bore guests. I need advice on what we should translate, what you think would be convenient for non-English speakers. Not to mention our invites will also need to be translated, ha.

By the way, anyone know of any Hong Kong and Dominican wedding traditions? I'd love to know as many as possible. Thanks
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