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Monster InLaw bought my dress


Re: Monster InLaw bought my dress

  • Oh my, we have a live one. Bingo cards at the ready ladies

  • Honestly, the only person it will reflect poorly on, is her. There's no point in making it an issue. She won't outshine you and no one will care at all.
  • I believe there's a story out there floating around though it's a Step Mom vs. the MOB...  MOB offered to change her dress for the wedding because SM had purchased the same one...  So the MOB wore the dress to the RD instead...

    - OP - you might consider wearing your dress as your RD dress and purchasing a different dress for the wedding...  Just an idea to toss out there and not say a word to anyone other than specific VIP's...  This is a "you can't win" but I suspect this is going to tarnish your day to an extent and it's just not worth it.  After all, you were likely going to purchase an RD dress anyway...  But really, I agree with the PP in that the only person this will reflect poorly on is her...

    And absolutely - I hope you're investing a good amount of time in premarital counseling!!!

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