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Gifts for the guys!?

So, I have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting my girls but am at a loss for the guys. My fiance had not been through a wedding and was flabbergasted that we give gifts to our bridal party. Two of the groomsmen are his teenaged sons so we can get them something sports related. Any suggestions for the best man and groomsmen?? They don't drink or smoke cigars or hunt. I've met them a couple times but don't know them. I'm trying to come up with some ideas to present to him but I'm at a loss. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I would let your FI decide what to give them. 
  • Let your FI buy gifts for his groomsmen. That is not your responsibility.
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  • While I agree whole heartedly, of I don't get the ball rolling it probably won't get don't. Although, most guys aren't going to care one way or the other! I'm going to just let this ride and see what happens.
  • Gift card to a restaurant, movie theatre, tickets to a sporting event/concert, 

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    Your husband should know his friends well enough to know what to get them as a gift. If they are close enough to be wedding party members, he must know them pretty damn well.
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  • We got them monogrammed beer mugs and are going to get them each their favorite beer. We got them all a tshirt with a funny quote that pertains to them and we got them leather wallets with their intitals stamped on it as well as a "credit card" bottle opener that slides in the wallet. 
  • My husband had 7 groomsman, 6 of who are really into craft beers so we got them all beer of the month subscriptions. His brother in law isnt a big drinker, we got him a bacon of the month subscription. They all absolutely loved them!  My best friend officiated and we got him a glass whiskey decanter with his initials engraved in it. He was also in a wedding recently and the groom bought subway series tickets for all the guys to go to together 

    Just think about what they each like, and go from there. It doesn't have to be expensive or even wedding related, just something they would enjoy
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