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  • @speakeasy14 I actually got H a GC to go skydiving a few years ago for his birthday. I guess he wasn't that serious about going because we didn't go and he never mentioned it again. Looks like I'm not the only nervous one haha 

    AlPacina[Deleted User]
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    @swazzle, the turkey taco salad looks awesome!

    @jenjen047, I'm hopping on the bandwagon of everyone who's going to clean out the closet this weekend.

    @lavenderfields13, I hope you find something in your price range soon!

    @peaseblossom55, what a thoughtful gift!

    @minskat30, woo! Glad your little black dress fits!
    Blech. So I had hoped rest would do me good and it doesn't seem to be helping. I may end up taking half a day off. It's not really like a cold or a migraine, it's more like it can't decide what it is and medication isn't helping.

    Tonight is for football. We'll see what else, if anything, I get done.
    --- like about yourself (physically, personality-wise, etc)? I'm really motivated and don't let setbacks get me down. 
    .....could use a little work? I should put more effort into consistently working out.'ve always wanted to do but were too afraid or just unable to do it? Travel and visit my relatives/friends who live further away. There's always been a "better" way the money should be spent. wish you had more time for? I probably have adequate time to clean, but I don't prioritize it enough, so can it be cleaning? a pet peeve of yours? The sound of chewing. Or should that be people who chew loudly? would do if you won $1,000,000? Pay off the mortgage, pay off H's student loans, go to Cat Island, Japan, and snuggle the kitties, and invest the remainder. love to wear? Skirts to work. It's been a luxury for me - lab meant long pants and closed-toed shoes. want to eat right now? Soup. Something hot and with a lot of flavor. love about NEY? The community.
    .....bugs you about NEY? This question. More accurately, the answers to this question because I find myself reading everyone else's answers going, "Do I do that? Am I like that? Oh I'd better not do that. Am I the person they're referring to doing that?" I'm neurotic that way.
  • Swazzle said:
    Speaking of shoes.............. 

    I just caved and bought the boots that I've been lusting over for almost a year. I bought them in black last December and they're my favorite boots EVER. They're on sale today so I bit the bullet. I just hope I get home first the day they're delivered. I can see it now the first day I wear them: "Oh these old things? I've had them for ages, H!"

    Ooerr! I am not usually a fan of flat boots but those are cute!!
  • @labro we had a HC delivery last week and I LOVED it! H wants to start eating healthier too and I like that HC has those options for low-calorie or low-carb. Also they didn't screw up the order and our box wasn't damaged. BA uses Lasership to deliver our BA and it's very shady, one delivery guy tried to get into our house because he delivered us the wrong box (we were home, but still kind of scary).

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  • @lavenderfields13 I gifted it to my bf. I knew if I got him a gift card he would never go, so I just brought him there and surprised him.  

    @buddysmom80 pack some away, but anything that you hate send to Thredup.  That way you're not holding on to that "piece of shit" sweater haha.

    @swazzle love those boots! 

    @peaseblossom55 All the vibes that everything works out!!

  • @minskat30 I forgot to congratulate you on the weight loss and fitting into your goal outfit!!!! You are amazing!!!!!

  • @minskat30 congrats on the weight loss!

    @labro thank you for sending the package & thinking of Anneliese.  It makes me so happy that she is thought of. 

    Ahhhhh we should bring back KUI I miss that!!


  • sorry I've been lacking at responding to people's posts! I've been crazy busy in the mornings lately.

    @minskat30 congrats on the fitting! your progress is inspiring :)

    @swazzle I'm with @buddysmom80 cleaning counts as exercise!

    @jenjen047 I am so with you on that! I always think "okay I need to do all of these things tonight!" and then at home I'm like "uhm .... no ..."

    @lavenderfields13 I feel like maybe you've mentioned it before, but what's "Blogilates"?

    @peaseblossom55 what a thoughtful thing from your friends! And so glad you found someone. I know from experience it's hard to find someone to talk about the hard stuff <3

    @speakeasy14 small victories on no arguements! Hopefully it lasts :)

    @cu97tiger I'm envious of your extra space {even though I don't need it lol} And you have reminded me I need to get a shoe organizer!

    @labro yay for auntie time! :)

    @KeptInStitches have you tried sinus meds? I hate when you start get sick and it can't decide what it wants to do :(

  • cu97tiger said:

    @minskat30 - That's a bummer about not being able to go to India but I do think you can find lots of things that will keep you occupied in Phoenix/Sedona. Definitely PM me (how are we not FB friends?).
    We are still going to India @cu97tiger but H was supposed to plan a seperate little trip while we were there for my birthday (to a different city in India or country near India).  Sadly, that is a no go right now so I'm thinking Sedona.  Only reason we aren't FB friends is because I'm not on FB *hangs head in shame*.  I really should join.   I will PM you later this week/early next if we decide to do the Sedona side trip.  
  • @AlPacina I hate tk on the phone, so I just wait until I get home to see the hilarity lol
  • What's one thing that......... (or more, whatever) like about yourself (physically, personality-wise, etc)?
    I love the natural waviness of my hair. Personality-wise, I love that I can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. 

    .....could use a little work? 
    Resting bitch face. I could put more effort into skin care. I need to take things less personally.'ve always wanted to do but were too afraid or just unable to do it?
    Get a motorcycle, and my license to drive one. I can't seem to commit the time or money, even though I talk about it all the time. I think I'm scared that I'll either be terrible at it or I won't actually like it as much as I think I will. wish you had more time for?
    Volunteering, I guess. Also crafting. a pet peeve of yours?
    I'll steal a couple..... SLOW WALKING and being interrupted (especially if you don't even know what you're interrupting me to say yet, BOSS) would do if you won $1,000,000?
    Is a million dollars enough to buy a panda?!?
 love to wear?
    Soft and warm button up shirts. Slipper socks. want to eat right now?
    Previously mentioned - Fried mac n cheese balls from CF. And randomly tacos. love about NEY?
    I LOVE talking through gifs.

    .....bugs you about NEY?
    All of you are on the east coast! When my day is ramping down, and I'm super bored, everyone is already gone! If we were to do a KUI type meet-up, I'd either have to start drinking super early or I'd miss out on everything!

  • labro said:

    Confession - My food I was craving was a cheddar bagel and cream cheese. Well I did even better - I got a cheddar bagel with a little cream cheese, chives, red onion and fresh tomato on top. My tummy is so happy now!

    eilis1228minskat30speakeasy14[Deleted User]
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    @minskat30 - Holy bombshell Batman!!!!  That dress is AMAZING on you!  Congratulations!!

    @swazzle - Those are potentially the most gorgeous boots I have ever seen.  The color is just glorious. I'm also on board with you, @buddysmom80, and @labro with the closet clean out.  Of course it may be counterproductive...Banana Republic Factory Store is having their holiday weekend "Entire Store 50% Off!" sale this weekend and I desperately need new work clothes...but I have to get rid of some stuff first.

    @Speakeasy14 - I am in awe of you (and anybody else) for having the guts to jump out of a plane.  I can hardly stand flying when I'm buckled in and not thinking about being miles above the earth.  Love the pics!

    @peaseblossom55 - Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  I'm glad you found a good therapist.  Just having someone to talk to can be such a huge benefit.

    I am so tired this morning.  I stayed up watching Criminal Minds and the NL Wild Card game last night and I am seriously dragging.  Must.  Have.  More.  Coffee.

    It's been a pretty slow week at work this week.  One of my mini-mester classes is finishing up and so I get a bit of a break (except for grading) before the second one starts next week.  I've mostly been doing a bit of research this week--reading some books I've needed to read for a while and thinking about the dissertation again.  At some point, it's going to have to become a book, but I'm not sure I'm ready to touch it again yet.

    I sort of feel lately like all I do is work.  This evening I'm going to work late and then go to yoga and go home and go to bed early.  I need to be up fairly early in the morning because I have an optometrist appointment, and they're going to dilate my eyes, and trying to get any reading or computer work done after that is going to be a no-go. like about yourself (physically, personality-wise, etc)?  I like my eyes, and the things my body is becoming able to do because of yoga.  (Like crow pose, or full wheel)

    .....could use a little work? Being bipolar, I'm always working on controlling my emotions.  Sometimes I still really fail, and it's a process to figure everything else out.'ve always wanted to do but were too afraid or just unable to do it? Sing with a jazz band. wish you had more time for?  Talking to my family.  I miss them now that I'm so far away. a pet peeve of yours? I honestly can't name one right off the top of my head.  I find some things mildly annoying, but nothing serious springs to mind. would do if you won $1,000,000? Pay off the rest of my debt.  Help my parents and siblings pay off their debt.  Travel. love to wear? Sweatpants.  The minute I get home all the real clothes come off and the comfy clothes come on.  (Also boots.  I love boots.) want to eat right now?  Donuts.  I drove past Krispy Kreme and the light was on and I didn't stop but I really wanted to and now I'm craving them. love about NEY?  Y'all gave me a BSC reality check when I needed it most, and that really meant a lot.  What I love the most is that I got the BSC reality check, but that didn't translate into me being not welcome.

    .....bugs you about NEY?  I'll second @cu97tiger.  I want everybody to get along all the time!

    *Edited because format and typing is hard.
  • @jenjen047 - My desk is completely open and anyone can see my screens. My job is very different from most people's, though, in that I don't have things that I can just be working on throughout the day. I only have work to do when there are trades. Sometimes there are 100 trades a day and sometimes there are 20 a day. So being on any site that's not blocked during the day is NBD. I only get nervous when the thread title is something weird and I don't want my CWs seeing that lol

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