Catholic Churches - 3PM Ceremonies?

Hello! I am looking for a beautiful church which it seems a few of my friends have found 3PM masses for, but none of the churches in the Dearborn/Detroit/Grosse Pointe area seem to offer that - only 2PM which seems too early for a New Year's Eve wedding ceremony or 4PM mass, which leaves a sliver of daylight for photos. I'm surprised churches won't alter mass times to fit the needs of a bridal ceremony even it's an abridged version? Any suggestions would make me a very grateful bride-to-be

Re: Catholic Churches - 3PM Ceremonies?

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    Have you considered doing pictures before the ceremony?  I know if you are more traditional it may grate you, but that would give you a 4 pm mass without problems and you can still make your first moment with your fiance special for you two.  It might help solve your issue.

    The only other thing I can think of is if you're Catholic is the Inn at St John.  However, I don't know what year you are looking at and they do book far ahead. The place is beautiful, it's in Plymouth (so a little off your path), and if you're Catholic they will let you use the church.

    Sorry I'm not more helpful!
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