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Wild Wednesday

Morning everyone! 

Last night I met H and we went to the Devils game (we lost, again, 3rd game in a row, making us 0-3. SIGH). I watched the end of the Democratic Debate when I got home so I am super tired today and it's definitely going to be a double coffee day. 

Today I have one of my favorite classes at the gym then I'll prepare the guest room for @GoldenPenguin's arrival tomorrow! I'm making HC Big Sur Pan-Seared Salmon with Black Lentils and Jalapeno Slaw for dinner and then I'll watch some things on the DVR. before bed. 

So, my Wednesday isn't that wild but whatevs. 

-What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for?
-Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked? 
-Have you ever been arrested? 
-Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s. 


Re: Wild Wednesday

  • I'm WFH this morning and then have a 90-minute conference call once I get into work. That should make the day fly by! Tonight we're having HC Oktoberfest Chicken Schnitzel. DH is VERY excited. It's my rest day, so I'm going to just try to get in some light stretching as my shoulders are sore from doing a bunch of handstands yesterday.

    -What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for?
    It's going to sound cheesy but my worst punishment was them being disappointed in me. I was a goody two shoes and half the time didn't do anything wrong because I wouldn't have wanted them to be mad at me.

    -Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked? 
    Yes. I remember the first time very well.

    -Have you ever been arrested? 
    Nope. I was just talking to a friend about that on Monday. She's 50 and was saying it's a bucket list item for her to be arrested. I was like 'no thank you.' I COULD have been arrested a bunch of times (usually for alcohol-related events) but luckily was never caught.

    -Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s. 
    Ha, the one that comes to mind would make you think SO much less of me, so I'll go with the time that my parents came down to SC for my college graduation and my then-BF and I went to see them at the hotel. We all went down to the pool, and my BF and I decide to go ahead and have sex in the hot tub with my parents about 20 feet away. It makes me cringe right now, but was exciting then.
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    Still here and still fabulous!

  • I didn't even realize there was a debate on last night until I was on FB before bed and I was too tired by then to watch it. I never know when these things are happening. 

    I went for a walk after work yesterday with my friend since it was so nice out again. Then I improvised for dinner since H forgot to take the chicken out. I made tortellini with pesto cream sauce and tonight I'll make THIS as long as he remembers the chicken today. Also going to try to get in a JM video today before dinner. 

    -What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for?
    The worst was probably getting grounded for an extended period of time after coming home fall down drunk one night
    -Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked? Yeah. I actually don't usually puke when I'm really drunk but it has happened before- mostly when I was younger
    -Have you ever been arrested? Nope
    -Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s
    Hmm. Not a crazy story but the first thing that comes to mind- I was 19 I think and drinking with a group of people in a spot in our neighborhood near the river. It was one of "the" spots around where kids would go to drink. The cops ended up showing up of course and everyone ran different ways, me and my friends running behind peoples' homes right on the water. We were laughing but so scared someone was going to come out of their house since floodlights were coming on as we ran past. Somehow we ended up in the actual river and my friend was up to her waist. We finally got out of there and her BF was driving around the neighborhood to find us and pick us up. We went back to my house and were standing in the shower cleaning our dirty feet from our adventure.

  • @cu97tiger I do not think less of you - I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has done something like that lol. I look back on so much stuff I did when I was younger and think "what was I thinking??"

  • @cu97tiger - Omg I want to know the other story SO BADLY now! 

    @lavenderfields13 - That chicken dish sounds amazing! 

  • Man I hope they give you a win soon! Today I'm meeting bestie after work at Ulta to get a new straightener and some fancy face wash/ moisturizer. We'll probably pop over to Wegman's and get some sushi for dinner.

    @beachyone15 Sorry I missed this yesterday- I'm very sorry for your loss, your grandma sounded amazing.

    @eilis1228 also missed this yesterday, but your shower sounded so nice!!

    @cu97tiger omg no!!! I had no problem with being drunk/ high/ hungover/ stupid near my parents but I would never have sex with them even in the next room hahahha that is guts

    -What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for? standard being grounded I guess. One time I bought a dress for the Sadie Hawkins dance and then I did something (don't even remember) and wasn't allowed to go to it. That was sad.
    -Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked? more times than I can count. Which is part of the reason I've now been sober for 8 years!
    -Have you ever been arrested? No. Came close, lots of parties where I'd hide in the woods when the cops busted it. My brother would always be at the same parties and manage to get himself arrested. I'd stroll home an hour after the cop dropped him off and be like "see I'm the good child!" lol
    -Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s- When I was 16 my parents took us to Myrtle Beach and we each brought a friend. My girlfriend and I were hanging by the pool and these 2 hot guys started talking to us and asked to take us to dinner. We were stoked and lied and told them we were 18, they said they were 22. We get to the restaurant and we were both impressed with it because at our age we had only been to like Applebee's. We were like how do they have this kind of money? But brushed it off. We hung out with them a few more days and they tried to get us to hook up with them but we said no we don't really do that. And they were cool about it, we exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Once we got back home, my friend and I took this "sexy" photo shoot of each other (completely clothed) and mailed them the pictures. We never really heard from them again...until years later when facebook came out. One of them friended us and we saw that he was 40 years old and a male stripper!!!!!  So really when we met, we were 16 and they were like 36. Gross.



  • Morning!

    Not much last night. It was rainy most of yesterday but just as I was leaving work, it cleared up beautifully. So we finally brought down the board from the old bed to the garbage. Beyond glad that's gone!
    Spent a good time trying to figure out how flies are coming in the apt. There's nothing gone bad, so we figure it must be from a window. Might have to pick up an essential oil for the window frames.

    Tonight is my course. I really need to shower when I get home. Last night I woke up drenched in sweat so bad that I had to change. No idea why.
    Thursday is groceries. Also I'll probably start baking stuff for Saturday's party.

    -What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for?
    I didn't get grounded often honestly, but when I was I had my bike taken away.
    -Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked?
    Yup. Too many times sadly
    -Have you ever been arrested?
    Nope but close.
    -Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s. 
    Jeez .... which one do I say ....
    Okay I have 2 because one goes with the 'almost arrested' time. When I left my normal high school for an alternate school, I ended up getting into drugs. Mainly weed. Only 2x I did anything harder and didn't like {coke and E} Anyways .... so we were smoking some quite potent stuff outside in the winter. Anyways, I think it was worse because how high we were, but cops started driving around and suddenly their lights started up. We heard them call, but all bailed {bad idea, I know} I ended up running and climbing a fence and hiding in a snow drift. In the end, cops didn't even try to find us so I think they were just trying to scare us.

    My second story is not exactly a great one and it is looonnngggg {this is your warning!}. Back story is that through high school my best friend and I had an on and off relationship, and I was basically in love with him. We were close, but we always joked that we'd end up only being a one-night-stand. Anyways .... so one night when I was 20 he invited me to his place to chill for the night. We were both writers and at the time we were into song writing, so the intention was to write and hang out just us. By that time in my life, I gave up trying to be with him and accepted that we'd never be more than friends but I still held a candle of hope.
    We drank but not enough to be like "oh stupid drunk stuff!"
    We slept together.
    About 2 weeks later he stopped talking to me for another girl and I was so hurt. My friend and I went to the bar every Thursday, this particular one I decided to drink my weight in Jack Daniels. My friend - who is heavier - ended up carrying me home. I got alcohol poisoning.
    20/20 hindsight, he wasn't a very good friend. His sister is still my best friend and he and I haven't spoken in a long time.

    Sorry for novels lmao
  • cu97tiger said:
    @cu97tiger I do not think less of you - I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has done something like that lol. I look back on so much stuff I did when I was younger and think "what was I thinking??"
    Ha, that wasn't the 'you'll think less of me' story...  that was the PG-13 story that I replaced it with.
    Oops I missed that part!

  • @cu97tiger I don't think less of you! Some of the best stories are "it seemed fun at the time" lol

    @lavenderfields13 haha I love your story! :)
  • Last night was low key, I worked a little late to make sure I get everything turned in for my case today, hung up some artwork (including an AWESOME quilt), and then I spent too much time watching absolute garbage I recorded off of TLC one day for "mindless tv time" while crocheting. TLC is one of my guilty pleasures. It's like a car accident, or the GOP debate. You just can't look away.

    Today will likely be another low key day, although at lunch I think I shall go try to find costume stuff so I can make the sweatshirts for my first ever couple costume.


    -What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for? I'm with @cu97tiger, knowing my parents were disappointed with me was the worst ever. Even today it's something I try to avoid. Overall I was a good kid though, I think the worst thing I did was take a neighbor girl on a walk my Dad had taken me on, which involved crossing a creek, walking through other neighborhoods, and down the "big" road (not the main road, but still a busy road). We did this at dusk, so the entire neighborhood was out trying to find us. Punishment was a spanking and being told not to do that again, we were really young.
    -Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked? Oh yeah. I have a weak stomach.
    -Have you ever been arrested? Nope, and I'd like to keep it that way! Def not a bucket list item.
    -Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s. Oh my... well... how about a tame one? At age 17 a friend and I were going to go to Pittsburgh to see a band we really liked. On the way up there we passed an exit for this awesome Civil War battlefield park that my friend wanted to see, so we decided to try to find it. There weren't any people around, we played on a playground, and then we decided to take a little hike. As we were hiking straight down this freakin mountain we heard water, and we knew the river was "close", so we just kept on walking with determination to get to the river. Mind you, we were dressed in "we are going to a concert" attire, had no water bottles or flashlights or anything... and I have a prosthetic leg, so I was super wobbly. We eventually made it, pouring with sweat, and since no one was around we stripped down to our underwear and waded in the river. I heard a sound, made a "CAW CAW!" sound out of goofiness, and looked across the river to see a fat man on an ATV watching us. We screamed and he drove away. I think around then we realized we needed to get back up the mountain, and it got dark before we made it to the top. So the last half mile was super scary. We never made it to the concert. And years later I found out that trail was two miles long.

  • @cu97tiger - I misread also -- I wanna know the really bad story!!  I did something similar, except I was in a car and my mom was driving haha

    @twodimes bad story too!!!

  • @speakeasy14 - I am DYING at your sex kitten story. 

  • @swazzle I seriously thought they were messing with me the next day. But honestly, a lot of my drunk stories are like that haha
    Swazzle[Deleted User]
  • We ate chili from a can and watched the debate last night. Bernie Sanders is trying to start a revolution, and it's awesome. I love his accent too. My favorite was actually not Hilary or Bernie, but it's sad that I still can't remember his name. :( OMG, @swazzle, did you see that guy toward the end smile as he talked about killing someone in Vietnam? I laughed my ass off. SUCH a bad answer!!


    @TwoDimes - You hussy!

    @jenna8984 - Ewwww! What skeez balls!

    @wink0erin - The joys of the internet. I would have had no clue you had a prosthetic leg until you told us! Then again, @swazzle made sure we all know which of us has hairy buttholes, so............... I love the quilt!

    @minskat30 - The way you got out of trouble was absolutely incredible. INCREDIBLE!


  • -What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for?
    I probably wasn't punished enough. I mostly stayed out of trouble. I was afraid of my parents as a kid. I had older siblings and seeing them get spanked with dad's shoe, that kept me in line. I didn't become a problem child until about 17/18, but even then I was not terrible in my opinion.
    -Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked? 
    I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the times.
    -Have you ever been arrested? 
    Surprisingly, No.
    -Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s. 
    In college, and only a few times, I was a 'runner'. I'm too high stress to be a criminal. 
    "Stuart was scared, but he loved Margalo, Mommy. And there is nothing bigger than love." -The Bean
     "His farts smell like Satan's asshole mixed with a skunk's vagina. But it's okay, because I love him." -CSousa

  • AlPacina said:

    Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s. One of my college roommates had a bottle of REALLY smooth tequila that she brought back from Mexico, and we decided to drink it the night before we left for winter break. We got pretty schnockered, and she kept making jokes about girl on girl stuff. A lot of really random awkward shit went down, but in the end we ended up topless and groping and kissing. Then I had to puke. And I didn't stop puking until about 20 minutes before my mom got there to pick me up the next morning. I told her I was just tired from staying up. I still have no idea how I made it the entire 3.5 hour drive home without getting sick............. So, I almost have the "slept with my college roommate" story, but not quite.


    This made me LOL @alpacina.  One of my best friends and I shared a bottle of whisky once and she ended up hitting on me pretty hard/kissing me.  I wasn't drunk drunk and tried to let her down easily (I told her if women floated my boat, she'd be first on the list...which mollified her somewhat).  She is still mortified by it anytime we drink together.  

    AlPacinaspeakeasy14[Deleted User]
  • @AlPacina - I think I'm obsessed with Bernie. And I loved Hillary's answer about Republicans and family leave. Jim Webb at the end was so. awkward. I just stared at the TV like "He just said that? And that's how we're ending this thing? Shit." He should bow out immediately. 

  • AlPacina said:

    I'm not that wild! I've just smoked a lot of weed. That doesn't tend to make you wild. It makes you pretty chill. Unless you hallucinate, of course.......



  • @alpacina - Ha!  The odd thing is she isn't into women either...she's never hit on another woman.  I guess that makes me special (or made her incredibly drunk).  I'm guessing its the latter.  ;)
    [Deleted User]AlPacinaspeakeasy14
  • I'm having a crappy Wednesday.  I'd rather be at home cleaning the house.

    -What's the worst punishment you received from your parents growing up? What was it for?
    I don't remember the worst punishment.  Just looking at me cross-eyed was enough.

    -Have you ever been so drunk that you've puked? 

    -Have you ever been arrested? 

    -Tell me a wild story from when you were in high school/college/20s. 
    My BF and I at the time were in a parking lot (at night) at my college making out, and a police officer knocked on the window and we had to leave.  Not that wild, sorry!!
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