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Finally Friday

It's finally Friday!!




Give me a gif and tell me about your weekend coming up.
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Re: Finally Friday

  • I love both dresses, but especially the first one!
  • I'm so glad its Friday.  This week has been an emotional whirlwind.  This is pretty much how I feel right now...



    I'm also trying not to worry too much about Raj but H and I are following him around the house when we are home just trying to help him up/get him comfortable.  I wish they could do the x-rays today instead of next week.  I might call them actually to see if he can get on a wait list or something because now I don't think he can get in until Wednesday.  

    This weekend will be laid back hopefully.  Just cleaning, food shopping (and finding something I can eat without gagging supper has been gluten free cereal for most of this week) and cooking.  I'm hoping to get a few walks in this weekend too.  

  • @cocobellaf - Thanks! It's going to be in the 30s Saturday night though, so I'll probably freeze and look ridiculous but I DON"T CARE because I'll just be all image

    What is everyone else up to?
  • I love it all, @Labro!  Have a great time!

    I'm leaving here in about 3 hours.  Normal Friday stuff...  grocery shopping, work out, nap.

    Tomorrow morning we're running the doggie 5K.  Our pups are staying home, but I can't wait to see all the cute dogs in their costumes!  As for the rest of the day, not sure.  No big plans (just the way I like it!) except that I'm doing a Brazilian dinner again.  So that'll be yummy.  I'm sure I'll spend most of the weekend in my PJs.
  • Have fun @jenjen047!  I can't wait for you to AW it.

    @labro - You too!  Family reunions are either crazy (in a bad way) or insanely fun (in a good way).  I hope yours in the latter.  ;)

    @cocobellaf - Take pictures of the doggies in the 5k please?
    labro[Deleted User]
  • @CocoBellaF Good luck on the 5k!!

    @minskat30 Gingerale!!

  • @minskat30 Oh, our family reunions are always fun and awesome. We thankfully do not have any family drama or anything going on. I think this one will be a little sadder than most though - we lost my grandfather's SIL a couple months ago and one of my dad's cousins about a month ago as well. They were both two of my favorite people and it's going to be strange to not see them there.

  • @labro - I'm sorry that it will be sadder than usual.  I hope you still have a great time.  I'm also glad you don't have family drama.  My mom has a bunch of siblings in her family and lets just say one of them is married to an ex-Mafia con and the other is in a legit cult...yeah, makes for interesting discussions, right?  Gingerale is on my grocery list tonight for sure...the nausea just hit this week really.  I already have those ginger candies so I've been popping those too.  
  • @jenjen047 Both dresses are gorgeous! Sucks that it's going to be freezing this weekend but just drink enough that you're warm lol

    @minskat30 I hope you can get some answers about Raj asap and I hope you can figure out something to eat that won't make you nauseous!

    @labro Have fun and happy early anniversary!!

    I am leaving work in less than 2 hours :)  I usually treat myself to a massage around my birthday and I've been in pain for the last 2 weeks so I'm doing that when I get out followed my a mani/pedi. I have nothing planned for tonight or tomorrow besides laundry. Sunday night H is taking me to dinner and to the Blackheart Burlesque show for my birthday. Not sure what I'm wearing yet since I pretty much never go out so don't have a lot of cute date night things :( It's going to be cold too. Monday is my birthday and I took the day off since I'll be up past my bed time on Sunday lol. 

  • image

    @jenjen047Have fun! You should wear one each night! Great choices!! 
    @minskat30 sending lots of hugs your way!  My mom got my sister a ginger tea and its helping her nausea a lot (my mom found this stuff in the organic store when she was having her gall bladder issues and swears by it -- I don't remember the brand but it's ginger lemon)
    @cocobellaf good luck in the 5k!  
    @labro Have fun!!!

    Tonight I'm going to my sister's, apparently we're celebrating my birthday since she demanded the whole family had to come over (and no one questions a pregnant lady haha).

    I also need to go grocery shopping, we're down to the last roll of toilet paper.  I freaked when I didn't find any back up under the sink.

    Tomorrow I'm getting pumpkins and mums and whatever other fall things I find, so I can decorate the front porch.  Also cleaning like crazy because we are getting a trailer to haul away all the construction materials.  I am so excited! 

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    So glad it's Friday. Last night I had one too many post-work beers so I'm mildly hungover today.

    I might get to leave work early today, fingers crossed that I can. After work we're grabbing dinner with BF's brother and his FI, then off to a friend's surprise 30th bday party. Tomorrow is Bridge Day in Fayetteville, WV (about an hour drive), where BASE jumpers jump off the bridge and there's tons of food and stuff. I'd been to the event for work before, but never to actually attend. It's going to be cold though!

    Sunday afternoon BF and I are going to see a stage performance of Mary Poppins. I've heard good reviews so I'm excited.  

    Edit: Forgot the gif. Here's me leaving work later.image


  • @speakeasy14 Happy (early?) birthday!!! When is the official day?

    @buddysmom80 That is SO sweet of your mom!!!! What shirts did you get?

  • @jenjen047 Have fun! I love that first dress.

    @minskat30 I hope the vet can get Raj in quicker so you can get some answers! And I second everyone's suggestions of gingerale.

    @labro Safe travels and have fun!


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    @lavenderfields13 - Happy early birthday!  I'm glad you took the day off on Monday for it!

    @speaskeasy14 - I might pick up some ginger tea, thanks.  I'm eating ginger candies but they aren't helping all that much.  Happy early birthday too! AW your porch when its all done please! 

    @buddysmom80 - Thank you.  That is incredibly sweet of your mom!  Also, your hair idea sounds awesome!  Have you done it before?

    @wink0erin - Have fun at Mary Poppins!  That sounds great!
  • @jenjen047 Love first dress! Have fun this weekend :)

    @minskat30 sending hugs for you, H and Raj! {gentle hugs for Raj}

    Not much last night. Groceries in the pouring rain, guh!
    I ended up cleaning and baking {toffee crunch muffins - YUM!} and not eating dinner. Still have stuff to do since tomorrow is my Steeped Tea Party!

    Tonight Matt's prob going with the guys to watch the football game. I have more baking {pumpkin spice scones!} and some set up to do.

    Saturday Matt's got a blood donor appointment, and one of my friends is coming over to help set up plus we're making a smokey ranch dip. Party is 3-5pm and I'm not sure what I'm doing after, I know everyone has plans. Probably homework.

    Sunday Matt and I are going with his parents to a soccer game. Not excited to freeze. Apparently we can't bring our own hot drinks, so there's that. *side eye*

    October is almost over! My busy month is going well so far!
  • @minskat30 - I get nausea every TWW.  I've found a few things help...  ginger candies, ginger ale, peppermint or ginger pure essential oils (I dab some behind my ears), plain toast.
  • @lavenderfields13 Happy birthday weekend!! Enjoy all your pampering today!
    @buddysmom80 that was super sweet of your mom.  
    @labro Wednesday is my actual birthday.  I think my sister wants to celebrate today because it is difficult getting the whole family together, and it probably won't happen next week. 

  • @minskat30 - I get nausea every TWW.  I've found a few things help...  ginger candies, ginger ale, peppermint or ginger pure essential oils (I dab some behind my ears), plain toast.
    Thank you @cocobellaf - I've been trying a lot of gluten-free carbs this week.  Peppermint tea is my go-to at night but peppermint essential oil sounds heavenly.  I'll pick some up today along with the ginger ale and more gluten free bread (I ran out of it a few days ago).
  • Hi everyone! I am finally back. We got back from Texas last week, but then work has been crazy busy trying to catch up on all I missed and cheer has been equally busy. I'm going to try to catch up today.. I missed you guys!
    friends tv show funy
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    @speakeasy14 Happy early birthday! I think your is the dayafter mine? And I think @mrsfuturehistorian is the day before. edited- @speakeasy14 I thought it was the 20th or 21st I was close. 

    @wink0erin I hope you get out early today!

    @buddysmom80 That's so sweet of your mom :)

  • Hey @caseface5!  Glad to see you back!  
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    @caseface5 I'm dying to hear about the wedding

  • @minskat30 Good to see you too!

    @lavenderfields13 I have been going back and forth on AWing the whole thing or just highlights.. I will give some sort of review very shortly.
    friends tv show funy
  • @caseface5 We want to know everything!! 

    @lavenderfields13 that's right Happy birthday @futuremrshistorian too!

  • P&R because work is crazy, and I'm only here for a couple of hours.

    This has been such a draining week. I am so glad it's done. I got a text from my older brother last night telling me to stay in Dallas this weekend, so I guess all of the plans we cancelled are now back on. What a whirlwind!

    Today - I'll work until 1 and then head home to eat lunch, work out, and get ready for a wedding tonight. FI and I will head out to the wedding around 5:30, and we'll drive back tonight since I cancelled the hotel we originally booked. Neither of us feels like booking another one... we both feel like we're hemorrhaging money right now.

    Tomorrow - Not really sure. I originally talked about hanging out with @audrewuh, but I may stay home and chill instead. I'll see how I feel. I should also tackle thank you notes from my office shower. Haven't had a chance to think about them since my grandmother's illness happened immediately after the shower. *sigh* My bad.

    Sunday - We have FI's "groomal" shower, which is a normal wedding shower with a funny name. Afterwards we're going out to dinner to celebrate his brother's birthday.  

    Next week is my last week in the office! Woot!

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    @TwoDimes BABIES!!! If only!!! I mapped it out and we could totally swing through Iowa instead of going south, but H's mom wanted us to visit her cousin in Kansas City so we're going the more usual way back (south on I-29 through Stinky City and Omaha). :(

    ETA: I also failed in persuading H on the value of driving through Iowa. I obviously should've used sex and engagement chicken. I'm a failure.

  • @eilis1228 - I'm sorry its been such a hectic week for you!  I hope you get to relax some this weekend.  And the hemorrhaging of money will stop once the wedding is over, I promise.  

    @TwoDimes - Baby snuggles!!!!  That sounds like a great weekend plan.  
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