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  • Hi ladies. This is a P&R but I hope everyone has a good weekend and @minskat30, I hope you get the nausea under control quickly!

    I'm leaving work at 3:30 today to go pick up the dogs and head to Richmond. Tonight will be drinking wine with my sister. Tomorrow I'll hang out with the fam, then am having dinner with one of my girlfriends and her husband. Even though they've been together for something like 8 years, I've never met him, so that should be fun.

    Sunday I'll have breakfast with the fam, then drive home. Hopefully traffic won't be too bad and I'll be home by 3p. I need to run 7 miles on Sunday evening. Fun stuff!
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  • @minskat30 - Feel better!

    @labro - I've never been to SD but am thinking about it for my 30th bday road trip with my sister (in 2017, but whatever...never too early to start planning). Have fun!

    @lavenderfields13 - Enjoy your massage/mani/pedi!

    @twodimes - Enjoy baby time!!!

    @caseface5 - Welcome back! I can't wait to hear about Texas.

  • I hate the day back from work after a vacation, especially a Friday what was I thinking.

    Baltimore was awesome. I wish we would have stayed longer.  We did the science museum, art museum, and the aquarium.  I was sad there were no penguin, but they had these awesome monkeys in the jungle area.  They were so cute and small one was about 2 feet from me.  I wanted to snuggle them but that is not encouraged.  We had good drinks and some good food too. We found a great Mexican restaurant as well.  I had such a good time with H.

    No exciting weekend plans, food shopping, and yoga.  Last night I light  a candle and so many of my friends did as well, a for Anneliese for Pregnancy & Infant loss day. It was bittersweet. On Monday before vacation I had the sono on my ute. It did not go well, the RE thinks there is still tissue there from the pregnancy so I have to be put under for a hysterscopy 10/27 to remove it. Bah.  I'm a bit upset but hopefully it goes ok, then I can begin the fertlity meds.

    @jenjen047 have fun at your bachelorette party this weekend!

    @minskat30 The nausea is not fun. I lived on ginger candies. Hopefully only a few more weeks.

    @buddysmom80 you will have to show off the hair when it's done.  The blue sounds so pretty. 

    @labro have fun in SD.

    @lavenderfields13 Happy Birthday a bit early, but enjoy!!


  • @cu97tiger - Your weekend sounds awesome.  And a 7 mile run on Sunday night!?!  Inspiring is all I have to say.  

    @peaseblossom55 - I love the candle for Anneliese.  I was thinking of you yesterday. I'm sorry about the RE appointment.  I was really hoping it went well for you.  I hope the 10/27 appointment goes better and you can get on meds soon.  Hugs.  
  • @Peaseblossom55 Ugh, I'm sorry your sonogram did not go well. :( I hope the hysterscopy gets everything clear and ready for you to start TTC again! <3<3<3

  • @peaseblossom Sorry to hear that :( I hope the procedure goes well and you can begin meds. How frustrating. 

  • @peaseblossom55 so glad you were able to enjoy your vacation!  Also, keeping you in my thoughts for an easy hysterscopy and that you're able to start fertility meds soon! <3 
  • Swazzle said:
    @GoldenPenguin, Lucy, and I are relaxing on the couch, watching AHS season 1! I baked pumpkin spice muffins and baked apples for breakfast :smiley: We totally win for best Friday 'round these parts!
    I am also at home with my dog! We're about to start season 6 of PLL! :D I'm hoping to get other stuff accomplished at the same time. We'll see.

  • @peaseblossom55 - I thought of you yesterday as well. I am so sorry the scan didn't go as well as hoped. Vibes for your procedure on the 27th!!

  • @jenjen047, gorgeous dresses!

    @labro, have fun in SD!

    @cocobellaf, good luck with the 5K!

    @lavenderfields13, happy early birthday!

    @buddysmom80, what a sweet gift from your mom!

    @speakeasy14, happy early birthday!

    @caseface5, get on recapping that wedding!

    @peaseblossom55, sorry your appointment didn't go well and good vibes for the 10/27 appointment.
    Weekend is much as the others around here. I have several more headbands to make for people and came 1 skein of yarn short of finishing the throw, so I'm picking up yarn tonight to work on that during gaming. Tomorrow morning H and I will do housework, then we'll go a matinee of "The Martian" and probably continue housework afterwards. Sunday is for knitting, laundry, and football. I am a creature of habit.

    My StitchFix box is supposed to be here on Tuesday, but I haven't gotten a shipping email yet so I can't snoop. Driving me crazy!
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