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  • @speakeasy14 thankfully (i think?) I'm still in undergrad lol. I am ready for school to be over, I have about a year left. These last three terms were too stressful!
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    @swazzle OMG I am dying at the penis game! How funny! It looks like you lovely ladies had a fabulous weekend, and I'm so glad @beanbot2002 had a great shower/bachelorette party. I can't believe how close her wedding is! Where has the time gone?!
    @CocoBellaF Sounds like your parents know how to throw a great impromptu party! A fire pit sounds amazing!
    @KeptInStitches Oh no! I'm so sorry you're sick! I'm glad you were still able to enjoy your weekend though. The Martian was SO good! 
    @500days Yay for free time in the morning! It's nice to see you posting again :)
    @cu97tiger I agree, your life is pretty amazing! <3 YOU are pretty amazing!
    @TwoDimes 1. I love that you got to do something so quintessentially fall. Pumpkin patches and corn mazes are what make fall so wonderful. 2. I'm gonna need to see pics of your LOFT haul!
    @minskat30 Oh no! That sucks about glutening yourself and getting your passport wet! How stressful! I'm sure that nothing is wrong with the baby as a result of the gluten, and I hope you're able to get everything straightened out with your passport before your trip! 
    @untouchablets I'm sorry to hear about your final not going as well as you'd hoped! I'm glad you still passed-- very exciting accomplishment with a tough class! Sounds like you had a great weekend to make up for it too. :)
    @peaseblossom55 Oh no! I'm sorry to hear your meds are making you feel nauseated. Side effects like that are such a pain in the butt. *hugs*
    @beanbot2002 Hahahaha if you're still hungover, then you definitely had a great bachelorette party. I'm so happy your weekend was fantastic! <3
    @speakeasy14 I'm so glad you had a great birthday weekend! Sounds like your family spoiled you :) LOVE that top!
    @jenna8984 OMG, kids that young definitely need bedtime. How frustrating!
    @beachyone15 Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your trip! <3
    I need a weekend to recover from my weekend! 

    Friday night we went to our friends' wedding, and it was beautiful! It was especially nice for FI to attend a wedding so close to our own because he hasn't been to a formal wedding since he was a kid. It really helped him to understand why I was adamant about certain things at our own wedding, like open bar/alcohol (this wedding was dry), a seating chart (open seating, and sure enough as soon as we got up to get food, our seats were taken), a photo booth and favors for the guests (this wedding had nothing for the guests outside of food and cake), and extending our own reception by an hour (this reception lasted 2 hours. The dance floor was only open for maybe 5 songs, and they were all typical wedding songs like "Shout!" and "At Last.") All in all we really enjoyed ourselves, but FI and I both felt a little underwhelmed by the end of it, and it made us feel better about going over budget slightly to ensure our guests have a great time at our reception.

    Anywho, Saturday we did a ton of wedding-related things, and then our plans to hang out with people fell through, so we did even more wedding things. Sunday we had FI's "groomal" shower, and it was a lot of fun! His mom and her friends did a great job with the food and decor, and we got some really sweet, thoughtful gifts. 

    Hardcore moment of the weekend: I asked my mom to bring some jewelry with her to the shower so I could have a something borrowed. Backstory: I let my pierced ears close up a long time ago because my ears always get infected, no matter what metal my earrings are made of. I also have the tiniest wrists ever in the whole wide world, so pretty much every bracelet is way too big. My mom didn't like how her bracelets looked on me, so she took a diamond earring and re-pierced my ears yesterday... 

    Last night sucked. I drank some chocolate milk last night, and oh my god, my body did not agree with that decision. My lactose intolerance seems to be coming back. I was up all night with a really upset stomach. It felt like my stomach was going to explode. So now I'm running on like 4 hours of sleep, and my stomach still isn't 100% settled. My inbox at work is also filled with a ton of complicated issues, and it's my last week at work before the wedding, so I just don't want to work at all. Also, I'm stressed about dumb wedding things... people still trying to change their RSVPs even though final numbers are submitted, realizing we need to do both a seating chart and escort cards, and trying to find a print shop to do it all because our laser ink printer does not print these things well. My mom volunteered to print the escort cards herself, so I'll probably take her up on it... but blah. 

    All right, back to work! Hope you all have a great Monday!

    ETA: I'm fully aware that the forecast for my wedding day is totally inaccurate because we're still 11 days out, but WTF, Universe?! 
    Every day surrounding my wedding day is beautiful, but of course the weather is allegedly going to suck on October 30. Thanks, Universe, much appreciate. *face palm*

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  • @beachyone15 Enjoy the trip!

    @eilis1228 On no I hope the lactose intolerance isn't coming back.  Mine has been gone since I got pregnant oddly, but I still can't drink regular milk.  I can't believe how close your wedding is!!!!!!


  • @beachyone15 enjoy your anniversary vacation!! 

    @eilis1228 make sure to get a salt solution to keep the piercing clean!  I have the same problem with piercings.  I got mine re-pierced for the third time about two years ago.  I still have issues, but  I've found that gold is the only thing I don't have a severe reaction to.  I still have to constantly clean the piercing, and I never take my earrings out. If I do, I immediately switch to a different pair.
  • @speakeasy14 I saw online that the salt solution is better than hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, but I also saw that it was recommended not to use table salt because it has iodide. I'll have to dig through all of our various salts tonight to make sure we have some without iodide... is it just salt and water? I took out the diamond studs my mom put in and replaced them with some sterling silver earrings from James Avery. I thoroughly cleaned them with jewelry cleaner, and I've treated them like 3 times already with hydrogen peroxide. They're still tender, but I don't see any redness, so I'm hopeful there won't be an infection... but I told FI that if they look bad at all over the next few days, I'm taking out the earrings and letting them close up again. 

    @peaseblossom55 The lactose intolerance is so weird! I developed it in college, but when I started eating healthier and losing weight, the lactose intolerance went away. For some strange reason it's decided to come back. I can eat ice cream and be fine, but milk apparently kills me. I hope your lactose intolerance stays away! It's such a pain in the butt.

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  • @eilis1228 I use sea salt combined with warm water. 
  • @speakeasy14 Awesome, thank you! I'll start using that tonight. Really appreciate the tip!

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  • @eilis1228 I am fine with ice cream as well, and cheese in small amounts.  It really is a strange how it went away for you as well. 


  • @peaseblossom55 The human body is so weird. Disappearing and reappearing lactose intolerance is baffling. 

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  • @swazzle @goldenpenguin You both are gorgeous! And congrats Richard on  your peni success.

    @beanbot2002 TWO WEEKS 5 DAYS HOLY COW YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! You look so happy in all the pictures, I love it!

    @jenna8984 wtf who doesn't give their kids bedtimes? My friend is pretty into the whole free range parenting, letting her kids make their own decisions (they're 7 and 5), but they still have a bed time. 

    @untouchablets your boston trip sounds like so much fun! I'm hoping to take the senior class there for their senior trip next summer. They brought up whale watching as something they'd like to do. 

    It's 11:15 on Monday and I'm still in my pajamas. 

    This weekend was crazy busy. Friday night, H and I went to a high school football game (our second of the week) and hung out with one of my really cool youth families. Unfortunately, a student behind H and I drank WAY too much vodka cranberries at a tailgate and puked all over the both of us. I stayed super calm, had H lean forward to avoid as much splatter as possible, and then asked the family next to me to slide down just a bit. Homegirl stayed in her seat, puking her guts out, for another half hour. 

    Saturday we woke up super early and went to the state fair! It was so much fun, and I definitely want to go back next year now that I know what to expect. I had a delicious corn dog, tasty funnel cake ale, and an endless amount of fried stuff. I can't wait to try the fried pizza next year. We took a selfie with Big Tex and then went home. 

    I spent the rest of the day helping @eilis1228's best man make a part of his halloween costume. @eilis1228 herself came over for an hour or so and I changed out the bow on her flower girl's dress to one that matches her wedding colors. It was great to relax and sew with my friends. We finished the costume around 9:30 and headed over to @eilis1228's house for card games, but that got canceled en route. BM and I ended up hanging out with his roommates and watching GOT. I'm almost all caught up!

    Yesterday was Sunday. Work in the morning, nap in the afternoon, and then one of my favorite networking things, pub church, in the evening. I am loving the conversations and friends I'm making at this monthly gathering. Last night we talked about Stephen Colbert. 

    And now, I'm P&Ring because I need to get my hair cut, get to the dr's office, and then drag my cheery self to a middle school football game. 

    I wish I had time to post pictures from fair day! I may come back and put them in... 

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  • @jenna8984 wow that sounds so exhausting.  I kind of side eye the whole no bedtime thing....

    I know right! I try not to judge them because I'm not a parent (even if I were) but I feel like they are only making it harder on themselves than it needs to be!



  • @audrewuh I can't believe that girl puked on you and then stayed in her spot.  That's disgusting.  Also, guessing the puke wasn't too bad on you guys, that you were able to stay. But still, gross. 
  • @500days - How was the Entourage movie?

    @minskat30 - You are one productive mama!

    @untouchablets - That sounds like such a great weekend! I have seen way too many people throw up over this last year. I'm good for a while....

    @Speakeasy14 - You are a ridiculously snazzy dresser. I wish you could come dress me in the morning.

    @eilis1228 - You are so hardcore! And your mom is too, for doing it, haha.


    I know most of you are probably into the afternoon by now, but I'm not, so GOOD MORNING!

    I took Friday off from work specifically to watch PLL, and I'm all caught up now! OMG! I loved the big reveal. But not during. During, I was like, okay, I get it, cool. But then later, when I got to explain the whole deal with A to my BF, I realized how amazing it is. Just explain it, out loud, to someone. It's epic.

    Saturday we did some re-organizing of the house. We've completely shifted the living room to one end, so we have a ton of extra space in that room now. I'm REALLY wanting one of those suspended egg chairs, like the one pictured, but not that one in particular.


    I also started a new cross stitching project, and damn, I forgot how long these things take. You figured I would have learned by lesson by now.

  • @alpacina thanks! I wish I didn't have to dress so professionally.  I feel like I'm playing dress up because I'm so short and look like I'm 16. -- I'm still not a fan of the PLL reveal, only because they wasted an entire season and rushed through their reasoning in one episode.  I had season 4 on while I was cleaning Saturday, there are literally no clues about this A. 
  • @speakeasy14 - I don't think there were actually clues anywhere, haha. It really felt like they kind of just decided at the end who it was going to be. I was secretly hoping it would be a particular person that they already crossed off the list as "not A", just to fucking blow some minds....... Again, the ending wasn't fabulous to watch, especially as a hardcore fan. I think the redcoat reveal was dumb. But if you tell the whole story of A, and talk about their relationship to the DiLaurentises, it really is a crazy story that I kind of really loved. 

  • @swazzle it looks like you had a great weekend at @beanbot2002's shower and party! 

    @jenna8984 that sounds very frustrating. Babies definitely need bedtimes. 

    @eilis1228 I will keep praying to the weather gods that you get sunny weather! Normally it changes a few times this far out, so hopefully it changes for the better! Also glad you got to show your FI why some of the things you are doing will be worth it for your wedding! Also OMG SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @speakeasy14 and @AlPacina please no spoilers! I just started season 4 this weekend! I also actually have a guess as to who the new A in charge is based on the funeral episode (I think episode 3 in season 4? I don't want to give away who's funeral it was though in case others haven't seen it yet) but IDK! 

    Ugh. I already need another weekend and it is only 2 pm here. My weekend was pretty good. FI and I went to the chiropractor, then did some shopping, ran a few miles together, and spent the rest of Saturday cleaning. I went to start stuffing the envelopes to send out our Save the Dates and the envelopes weren't staying closed! I called Vistaprint and they are sending a free replacement that should be here tomorrow at the latest. Their customer service was awesome, and hopefully these new ones seal properly! We also ordered a new sheet set and comforter for our bed since FI was complaining about sweating too much at night and that our current ones don't breathe. I ordered high quality 100% cotton sheets and a real down comforter based on research that I did. Our new sheets should also be here tomorrow and our comforter should be here end of this week-early next week. I'm so sore from the run we went on on Saturday still, and spent Sunday lounging around a little and cleaning more. 

    This morning, I woke up to our fridge making a very strange noise. It is like a loud, low pitched rumbling/growling noise. It does it when the compressor/fan is on. The fridge and freezer seem cold, but I'm concerned about it. I stayed home from work this morning to call the manufacturer and they are sending a technician to look at it tomorrow afternoon. I plan to WFH tomorrow afternoon. 

    The call took much less time than I thought it would (only about 10 minutes), so I planned to go into work to make my 11 am meeting still (instead of calling in like I planned). Well FI left to go to work as I made the call, and he took his motorcycle. I hung up only to get a call from FI. We live 25 minutes from work, so I knew something was wrong if he was calling me this soon after leaving. He crashed his motorcycle a few miles from our house this morning. 

    He is fine apart from a few scratches and a little soreness, and so is the bike, but now it looks like we need to replace his jacket. He was able to ride it back to our house and then I drove both of us into work late this morning. 

    And then my 11-12 meeting ran 30 minutes. It was a meeting to go over slides that my team has shared 10 million times by this point, and we already had a meeting last week run over by 45 minutes where we shared the exact same slides. We only even had this meeting because the directors refuse to attend our other meetings, so us engineers are pulled into even more meetings instead of actually doing the work, and then get yelled at for not doing things fast enough *facepalm*. 

    I'm taking a break now before my 3 pm meeting, and then plan to drive FI home around 4 (he was very tired and sore at lunch) and then will be working with Asia again tonight from home while enjoying some wine. At least I get to have wine. 

  • @AuroraRose41 - I did my best not to spoil anything!

    But seriously, I hope your FI is doing okay! Did someone crash into him or did he just wipe out? Either way that is totally terrifying. I really want a motorcycle, but I feel like every time I hear about a crash I get that much less motivated to pursue it.

    Meetings are bullshit. I'm so over meetings.

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    @AlPacina I know I just wanted to say for any future posts because I literally plan to continue watching tonight after my work with Asia is done. 

    And I think he will be. It isn't the first time he crashed, and it isn't the worst one either, and he has recovered well from the others so eventually he will be fine. He just had a lot of adrenaline rushing through him when it first happened that masked the pain a little, and now that it is wearing off he is getting very sore. 

    This was caused by road conditions that he had never ridden in before (we have been having some unusual weather here lately in San Diego) and not knowing what the bike could and could not handle in such conditions. He lost traction on a corner, but he was stopped at a light prior to making the turn, so it was very low speed. But now after today he is saying that if he gets a bonus this upcoming review cycle he wants to go put a deposit down on a BMW bike with traction control (his bike doesn't have that). He keeps sending me videos of the bike he wants to show that he would not have crashed today if he had the traction control system. Which I believe after watching some of them and based on what he told me happened, but I don't know about financing a motorcycle right now, and also am a little wary of him thinking that bike will make him invincible. 

    ETA: Also, I have the same opinions that you do. I really want one, but I am also scared of crashing, and I actually tend to drive more aggressively than FI, so I know I would crash a few times in the beginning. I think I will stick to fast cars for now and if we move to a snowy area get a snowmobile. 

  • @aurorarose41 I think we had a spoiler post, so just don't read that.

    I got fall things! I need more but have to wait till my porch is cleared off. So ignore all the background junk. Also, ignore the crappy steps, we never got a chance to fix and repaint the porch before the temperatures dropped.
  • @AuroraRose41 OMG! I'm so glad your FI is okay! That's so scary! Thanks for the sunny vibes! It's already changed from sunny to cloudy to rainy to sunny to cloudy with possible storms since October 1 (because yes, I am crazy and have checked it daily since then). I know it won't be all that accurate until 3-5 days out, but still... so crazy that all the days surrounding my wedding have beautiful weather, but my wedding day is of course gross. Ahhh! :-P

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  • @speakeasy14 I definitely won't! At least, not until I finish watching everything.

    @eilis1228 thanks! He seems to be fine tonight, except for being extremely tired. And he is back to watching motorcycle videos while I work tonight. Also I have to laugh now, because I KNOW that I will be checking the weather 10 times a day at minimum in the month leading up to our wedding too. I don't want to move our ceremony into our cocktail hour room if we can help it so I know the weather concern is going to stress me out. We have a large tent for the ceremony so mainly I need to hope for no severe storms! 

    Anyways, I normally see the weather shift by a day or so as it gets closer when you check this far out at first, so hopefully that sunny weather will come earlier or stay later and you will get gorgeous weather!

  • @aurorarose41 Hope he's feeling better today
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