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Thursday is not Friday

Is it me or is this the longest freaking week EVER?! 

Last night, I got home from work, made HC Chicken Chile Verde (YUM), ate dinner, then watched Homeland and Life in Pieces with H and went to bed at 9. I am still so tired. I think it's a combo of not sleeping much last weekend and working so much this week, I'm feeling so run down. I set my alarm for an hour early today so I would get up and work out and it just didn't happen. I'm going to focus on drinking a ton of water, watching what I eat, and getting some good sleep tonight and tomorrow. I have yoga on Saturday which I love and I've missed plus I'm back on a normal work schedule next week so that should get me back in the swing of things. 

Today will be exactly the same as yesterday. Work, commute home, cook dinner (HC Lemon Dijon Shrimp Scampi with penne, sun-dried tomatoes, and parm), eat dinner, relax a little with H and get to bed early. 

As a sort of side note/continuation of things I mentioned above, I can't understand how people work 50+ hours a week, still make it to the gym and have time to cook/eat dinner without getting completely burnt out. I know that two of my big things (aka excuses) is that I really don't like eating super late and I need a little bit of time each day to really unwind and relax. By the time I get home from work, go to the gym, shower and cook dinner, it's 8:30-9:00 at night. Then I eat and it's time to go to bed just to get up and do it all again 7 hours later. It's maddening. I'm really struggling this week and I'm really hating my commute/work hours. 


Re: Thursday is not Friday

  • Dude no seriously. I was out sick on Monday and it's STILL the slowest week ever! I just text H that this morning! This week can die a slow one.  And I agree with you, I don't know how some people have the stamina and motivation. I do not work out, I don't shower at night. I get home around 6pm, cook dinner, eat, dishes and get on the couch to relax around 6:45 and I'd hate to not have those few hours of mindless tv time.

    I don't know if I've mentioned this before but it really chaps my ass that my SIL is all about my nieces (her 2 biological children with my brother) but I feel like she doesn't include my nephew from bro's first marriage. They met when nephew was only 1 year old and has joint custody so he spends 3-4 nights a week at their house. So he's with them half the time. I know she's a good mom and she's really sweet to him when she does have him. But she posts these photo shoots all the time with just "my girls" and all these posts "love my girls". And I just want to scream "What about E?!" I know being a stepmom is "not the same" as your own flesh & blood but when she's practically raised him since he was 1, I feel like he should be a bigger part of her family life, at least the fucking family photo shoots!



  • @Swazzle - I get it.  :(  It sucks!!

    Today is a long day for me.  We have a wedding to go to tonight.  It's 2 hours away.  On a mountaintop.  100% chance of rain, flash flood alerts, etc.  Not sure how this is going to pan out.  No work out for me, no idea what dinner will be, and I'm starting to feel all PMDD-y.  JOY.

    I almost spent $140 at this morning.  I clicked out as I was going to enter my CC info.  Don't need to be spending money right now, but OMG I want the 2 tops and 2 skirts.  WAH WAH WAH.  I need to lose the 5 lbs I put on so my clothes in my closet fit.  Meh.

    Yesterday I worked late (only an hour, but still!).  Raced home to cook dinner and eat because we had to be ready to lead our small group by 7:00 (we hold our small group on Wednesday nights in a room at the church while the English-speaking congregation has their own stuff).  Then, towards the end of our small group, one of our ushers brought in a young Hispanic girl.  She had been crying and was visibly upset.  She didn't want to be around all the other people, so we took her across the hall and sat with her while H wrapped things up.  We stayed with her for an hour or two, talking.  It's obvious she is struggling with some depression and having despairing thoughts.  By the end, she was visibly more encouraged.  It's the first time in my adult life that I have been thankful for my PMDD.  I was able to completely understand everything she was saying and talk to her about it.  We all exchanged phone numbers and I'm going to check in with her in a bit.  However, I'm very drained from it all plus my PMDD is starting up.  Hopefully I will be in a good place to get together with her this weekend for breakfast or something.

    Like always, I'm out of coffee already and could really use another cup or two.

  • Hi!!! I have been MIA for so long and I am sad. I need to AW my bachelorette party but unfortunately we failed on the picture taking front. :(

    @Swazzle - I'm with you. I hate nights where I feel like all I did was work out and eat dinner. This whole 5 day work week thing is too much also. My sister has every Thursday off and I am so jealous! It seems like her weeks fly by and she has an extra day to catch up on life.

    It sounds like a lot of us have been sick. I came down with a cold on Friday night and took Tuesday as a sick day. I'm on the mend but not 100% there yet.

    I will AW my party when I'm not on mobile and other than that life has been boring so not much to report. We are ordering our invitations this week or next, and I'm so excited! I don't know if I AWed a picture, so here is the sample I got from minted. We are just swapping the gold for silver.

    We also got another e-pic sneak peek yesterday (below)!!! We should have all the pictures within a week and I cannot wait.
  • Hmm pictures aren't working on mobile. Will post them later.
  • Morning! I was off Monday for my birthday and took Tuesday off too just because. I ended up doing some errands that day which was nice because like everyone else said there is just NOT enough time in the day to get shit done! I was thinking about the same thing last night in bed. I was like how the hell do working moms go to work, exercise, feeds their kids and themselves, bathe their kids and themselves, clean, help with homework, etc and sleep. Oh yea, they probably don't sleep. I am so on the fence about kids right now! But anyways.

    Yesterday I was catching up at work so didn't have time to post but I skimmed to make sure I didn't miss anything too exciting. My long weekend went by way too fast but at least my work week is going by quickly too! I got my period on Tuesday so I feel gross and have not worked out since last Thursday. I will try to find the energy to do something by this weekend to get back at it. Nothing exciting going on here at all. 

    @cocobellaF Omg good luck with that wedding :(

  • @jenna8984 that is strange.  I could see doing that days when he's not there, but you'd think there would be photos of him when he is there.

    @swazzle I completely understand your frustration.  Some of my coworkers work out before they come to work.  I think that's what I'll end up doing, or going after dinner when it's not peak hours. 


    I wish I could crawl under my desk and sleep the day away. 

    Last night my bf took me to my favorite restaurant.  It's called the bookstore speakeasy and everything is made to look like a bookstore.  The menus are inserted into the pages of books.  When the waitress handed me my book I couldn't stop myself from laughing, it was the bible.  My first drink was this apple moonshine concoction.  It was amazing.  The next two drinks I told them bartenders choice (the second drink was way too fruity, the third drink tasted like fall).  For food, I got gnocchi with bourbon pork shoulder and my bf got duck.  After we went over to the casino. Drank some more and gambled for a few hours. 

  • @jenna8984 - That sounds really unfair. I hope she isn't doing this in front of him? I can understand when he's not with them but not when he's literally standing right there. 

    @CocoBellaF - A Thursday wedding?


    @jenjen047 - I hope you feel better soon! 

    @speakeasy14 - I get up for work at 5am and I've worked out before that a few times but it's not something I can/want to do every day although that might just be me making excuses again. I'm good at that lately. And working out with a full belly after dinner sounds miserable. That sounds like such an amazing birthday!!!!!

  • @speakeasy14 - YUM.  Happy birthday!
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    @swazzle - It isn't just you...this IS the longest week ever.  How is the new season of Homeland?  We got rid of HBO and I miss it.  As to timing of work/gym/cooking, my biggest time saver during the week is making our meals in advance on the weekend for the most part (I batch cook ingredients that will go well together for a variety of dishes during the week).  I could not work the hours I do, workout and also cook/clean up every day.  

    @cocobellaf - I wouldn't wish your PMMD on anyone but I'm glad it was put to good use with that girl.  Sounds like she really needed you to talk to and I'm glad you were there for her.

    @jenna8984 - Yeah, that blows of your SIL.  I'm sorry for E.

    @jenjen047 - No AW of the bachelorette is unacceptable.  Please fix it as soon as you can, thanks.  ;)

    @lavenderfields13 - I'm glad you took a few days off for your birthday...I feel like birthdays should be national holidays for everyone.  :)


    I'm with @swazzle that this has been the longest week ever...I'm dragging.  I got my workout in yesterday, went home and made H dinner (despite my meal planning on Sunday, we ran out of chicken for him...that man CAN EAT) and I crashed early.  Before crashing I talked to my Mom....

    *rant ahead*. I may DD this later so please don't quote...I hate ranting about people I love. I love my Mom and we haven't been talking as much as we used to since H and I got married.  Some of that is my fault, some of it is hers but I thought the baby would maybe bridge the gap a little.  Yesterday she texted me about my doctor's appointment (asking when it was) so I called her.  She asked how I felt and I was honest...I feel excited but also nauseaous and dizzy (I came about *this* close to fainting yesterday...tunnel vision and all).  She told me to "rise above it" with no real concern (thanks, so when someone in our family has the flu and I coo and cluck over them its "real" but pregnancy sickness is apparently something you can rise above).  I told her I'm hormonal too (happy, sad, all over the place) and she said "well, don't let it impact your marriage".  It is not like I complain to her often (unlike H and you all) so I know its not a "I've heard enough" attitude so I don't know what gives.  She also said at least at the doctor's appointment I would find out if I'm "really pregnant".  I'm sorry I AM pregnant NOW and I feel like this is just her saying "well if you lose the baby, you weren't "really" pregnant".  That made me really sad.  Of course, I'm emotional as hell so maybe I'm overreacting?  

    *rant over* Today I've got a lot of work.  I also volunteered this afternoon at a food bank so that should be fun.  No workout for me today as a result but I'm doing my good deed for the day so that must count for something.  :)
  • @speakeasy14 - That restaurant sounds AMAZING.  I'm sorry you are hungover though.
  • @swazzle I had a job with a sucky commute and long hours, it was so exhausting.  It was there for a year and half before I moved on to another position in the firm.  This was about 10 years ago and I couldn't imagine even doing it now.

    @speakeasy14 I'm glad you enjoyed dinner last night, the restaurant sounds like so much fun!

    I woke up and thought it was Friday because I worked from home yesterday instead of Thursday! Blah.  So my presentation went really well yesterday I was nervous at first then got comfortable.  It was a lot of fun.  I also went to yoga last night and it put me in such a good mood, it got me out of my few day funk since Sunday evening.  I am tired I stayed up late to watch AHS, I'm really rather uninterested in it honestly, maybe it's because H isn't into either.  I don't know.

    I plan to go on the elliptical after work, do some laundry, do some cleaning/organizing around the house and then read and relax. I need to get to bed earlier tonight too. 


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  • I agree with all of the above. How is it NOT Friday yet?

    Only good thing about today is the Hawks play.


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  • @speakeasy14 - I've told you this before but you are beautiful...and your BF is hot too!

    @peaseblossom55 - I'm glad your presentation went well!  I'm also glad yoga helped with the funk.  
  • @minskat30 - So far, it's ok. It will (likely) never be as good as the first season but it's good so far. H and I do 4 HomeChef meals each week and he will cook if I ask him to but I enjoy doing it myself. I'm just struggling to find some sort of balance and having the time to do everything I want after working 10 hours and commuting an hour each way, and getting a decent amount of sleep each night. I'm just cranky about everything right now. 


  • @jenna8984 - That is really bizarre about your SIL. Does your brother say anything about it?

    @peaseblossom55 - Sorry you are in a funk, but glad yoga helped. Oh I also saw your post about not knowing what to say when people ask how are you. I think you just say whatever the hell you feel like saying, but I hope it gets easier with time. **HUGS**

    @speakeasy14 - Droooooooling (over food and you ;) )
  • @minskat30 that is annoying and frustrating, I'm sorry. Does she live closeby to you that you could meet up for lunch and chat it out?

    @speakeasy14 that sounds so neat, and looks yummy!! And you're peeeerty.

    @jenjen047 yay those look great!!

    @cocobellaf yea screw that wedding lol




  • @minskat30 - I don't feel like you're overreacting at all.  I would have been hurt as well.
  • @swazzle - I have the same question! I work 8 hours a day, workout 5'ish days a week, and do not understand how people juggle kids/worker longer hours/longer commutes/etc.

    @jenna8984 - That would bother me, too, especially if E is old enough to have FB and see that she never posts about him.

    @everyone - Why the heck does TK suck so much? Does anyone else see the header as just a long list on the left side at the top (not the normal header) so I have to scroll way down to get to the board? And also, everyone's posts show up as a 'quote' for the first 5 or 6 lines. Come on IT people, it's not that hard.

    @speakeasy14 - gnocchi with bourbon pork shoulder sounds ridiculously yummy.

    @minskat30 - I can relate. My mother doesn't have much empathy about things. She tries occasionally, but she is not a good pep talker, nor good at saying 'Oh, I'm sorry you're feeling that way, what can I do to help?' I've learned to just not expect that of her, unfortunately.

    @jenjen047 - Thank you for the invitation. I will see you on 9/10/16. Also, isn't it a little early to be ordering invitations? I'm assuming you aren't mailing them until June/July 2016? Also, take that picture down immediately as it has your full name, your FI's name, your parents names, etc. 

    Last night we had some leftover HC autumnal veggies so we made that with chicken tenders. Then I watched the movie 'Cake' with Jennifer Aniston (if you want to feel better about your life, watch that movie). Then DH got home from a meeting and we went to bed. I wish I had done my nails, but oh well. This morning I went to CF. It was a 2-for-1. We did two different workouts, where normally after the first one, we'd be done. It was a great challenge and I was able to get them completely done under the time cap, so I'm one happy (sore) lady today.

    I'm trying to focus on my nutrition (not dieting). Eating healthier, more veggies, more protein. It's all good when I plan meals, my challenge is days like today when I didn't bring anything for lunch. We'll see... I'm thinking about getting my nails done at lunch so it might be a Jimmy Johns kind of day.
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  • @minskat30 Thanks. I'm sorry about the phone call with your mom.  My mom has always come off a bit emotionally detached and it's annoying, luckily she has been sympathetic since Anneliese.  Her phone calls with me have caused me to go weeks and weeks without speaking to her though.


  • I'm with everyone .... long week. I've been staying up late this week so mornings are rough.

    Last night was class. I was just so not having it, but stayed because we have a quiz coming up. Between now and Monday, I have to swap between driver's booklet and tax course.

    During class I texted Matt to bring food when he picked me up {these nights I miss dinner because I go from work straight to class} and forgot. Urg ... whatever, we were going home anyways.
    Get home and a lady new to the building was having issues bringing her couch up, so we {Matt really} ended up helping. Luckily I got a chance to throw my bags and coat in the apartment and grab a pepperoni stick so I didn't pass out, since we didn't finish helping until nearly 10pm! For me, that's way too late to eat anything.

    This morning was hard. I decided to opt out of wearing makeup to make myself some breakfast {yes ... it's a decision} only to have bread be dry :'( not my morning.
    Now I'm shoveling pudding into my face as I type this to help the hunger pains. *sigh*

    Tonight isn't much. I didn't miss any shows this week because of elections so probably homework.

    Today is the 1 year mark of the shooting in downtown Ottawa. If you haven't heard, definitely look it up. Sad day.

    Anyways .... I shall leave you with a photo of our new fine Prime Minister Justin Trudeau {for those up on the Canadian politics, yes he is the son of Pierre Trudeau - the infamous Prime Minister who walked into Parliament wearing a leather jacket .... lol}

    He's already spoken with Obama, and we're on better terms with the states {Obama hated Harper - as did rest of Canada lol}

  • @cu97tiger - It's the sample invite from Minted, as I said in my original post.
  • @swazzle - I hear you on the exhaustion that is every day life, I know you like to cook but why don't you try letting your H do it every now and again to give yourself a break?  Also, I thank you for the compliment gif but I have a feeling you meant to flag someone else. If you meant to flag me well, then, that just made my day.  ;)

    @jenjen047 and @jenna8984 - I'm staying with her for a week after H leaves for India so I'm hopeful we can talk some things out then.  We've tried talking out the communication issues we've been having prior to that and it just ended in an argument (we were both drinking though so, yeah).  I'm just hoping we can talk it out and not have it end in an argument.  Anytime I say "I feel X, when you say Y"... It just ends up "Well X is an irrational response to Y"

    @cocobeallf - Thank you.  That helps me not feel crazy.

    @cu97tiger - Yeah, I agree that I should just accept it and move on.  I think its just hard because I feel she is much more empathetic/supportive to my sister but that could all be in my head too.  I'm sorry you have a similar situation.

    @peaseblossom55 - I'm so sorry about your mom...I think the feeling of disconnect between a mother and daughter just feels stronger around life events like birth/death.  I couldn't imagine not being emotional concerned over my child feeling crappy or emotionally excited or emotionally distraught so its hard to relate when your own parent doesn't feel that way for you.  I swear to God if your mom isn't empathetic to you after all you've been through though, I'll personally come over there and hit her over the head.

    @TwoDimes - Thank you.  That picture of Indy makes me so happy.
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    @speakeasy14 Happy belated birthday!

    @peaseblossom55 I've never watched AHS regularly but watched some of the first season and some of last season. I've watched the first 2 episodes of this season and I don't think it's that interesting really. 

    @minskat30 I have no advice about the issue with your mom but I just wanted to say that I do NOT think you're overreacting. I'd be really hurt if my mom said stuff like that to me. Hugs!

    @cu97tiger that's not @jenjen047's real invitation and she's getting married in January edit- she answered before me!

  • @minskat30 - Maybe that will be a good opportunity to chat with your mom. Leaving out alcohol will probably help too. What a frustrating response. You are entitled to your feelings, no matter what.

    @twodimes - Indy looks so happy!!
    minskat30[Deleted User]
  • @minskat30 - That would probably make the most sense. Sigh. And the gif was intended for @speakeasy all snazzed up for her birthday dinner but it's also fitting for you! I'm sorry for the way your mom is acting. That would really hurt me as well. I hope she's able to understand where you're coming from when you discuss it with her. 

  • @cocobellaf ugh that wedding sounds like a nightmare.  I think you're going to be stuck at home tonight because of the rain.

    @cu97tiger I keep having the same issue.  Also have to find alternate ways to get to the website because I keep getting notifications that the website does not exist.

    @minskat30 you're not overreacting. Hopefully after your appointment she will be more excited, or at least not so passive.  Sending you big hugs. 

  • I missed posting a bunch of stuff because I was so focused on eating ...

    @jenna8984 that's so rude of your SIL, your nephew is family too! He may not be her blood, but she's with him knowing that lovely boy was part of it. Have you talked to your brother to see what her deal is?

    @minskat30 jeez ... so beyond rude what your mum said. Is this a normal thinking/speaking for her? *hugs*

    @TwoDimes Indy! <3
  • @swazzle - Ha!  I figured it wasn't just randomly telling me I'm pretty.  ;)  My Mom and I used to be really, really close so I think a lot of her attitude is stemming from feelings surrounding the change in our relationship. 

    @jenna8984 - Yeah, there will be no alcohol involved (at least on my part) for my stay with her so that will either be very helpful or very frustrating.  H is worried it will be the

    @misskittydanger - She's a tough bird usually but this is a relatively new attitude so I'm hoping we can get past it.  

    @speakeasy14 and @lavenderfields13 - Thank you. 
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