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Thursday is not Friday


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  • Ugh, rant time. I just went to the Director to turn in corrections for my report that's due tomorrow, and asked what I thought was a very simple question for one of my other cases involving a city... basically "do I have to look into this one thing". Her initial response was "no" but then she opened up the annual reports for the city and discovered they had filed a brand new one TODAY and it is a HUGE mess compared to the previous one I had been basing my whole case on. So now I might have to go out of town and audit this city because it appears they had a major drastic change that would severely effect my case. ugh ugh ugh!! On top of that I had 2 more cases dropped on my desk recently, and I currently have double the case load of all my other coworkers, and everything will require me to go out of town for a few days each. I'm just trying to take that as a compliment about my work, but dang it I want a promotion and raise if that's the case!

    Ok I'm done ranting. I think wine will happen tonight.


  • @swazzle @misskittydanger uuuugh I know! F-ing explorer is the worst but my company refuses to download any other type and I don't have admin rights so I'm restricted from downloading. And I've been trying for ages and still can't log-on to TK from my phone! I can't believe you went all the way to a vending machine and still managed to eat an apple, you need a standing ovation for that shit.



  • @wink0erin - wine is definitely in order for that shit.
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