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Confessions/UO/Irrational Irritations/We Get Its

We haven't done one of these in a while, and I have a good confession that I need to get off my chest.

H was supposed to go away this weekend. Now he's not, so we get to spend the whole weekend together. I feel like I should be excited, but I'm actually disappointed that I don't get the alone time that I was REALLY looking forward to. I feel like this makes me a bad wife.

II: I feel like we aren't supposed to bring other board nonsense over, but I was really annoyed at CC for being skeptical/mean to @QueenofGlitz. We get it, you got catfished. But coming up with extreme conspiracy theories for how she's probably a fake is annoying. You're going to get new posters - this is an internet message board for christ's sake. Not every one of them is out to get you.

UO: I still hate the "everyone has to acknowledge everyone" in the daily posts. By the time I get into them, there are two pages, I have no desire to address everyone, but if I do, I'm an asshole. 

Related confession: I feel like every time we talk about it, and people are like "Certain posters who only talk about themselves" they're talking about me. 

Now you go. 


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Re: Confessions/UO/Irrational Irritations/We Get Its

  • I have to make it known since I'm over on CC fairly often.....those ones who jumped all over @queenofglitz are not the regulars. They are stupid witches who decided they were too cool and left TK 5 months ago. Yet they have no lives and continue to stalk CC so it was basically their whole crew who was burned by MagicInk catfish, and it was them who jump on new posters.

    I agree with @swazzle that I don't expect everyone to always respond to everyone but at least try to squeeze in a few people here and there when they have major stuff going on, just to acknowledge that you read people's (general you- not OP specific).

    UO: I find small dogs hideous. My friend keeps posting her new some-kind-of-toto terrier on FB and the thing is so ugly to me.



  • @GoldenPenguin Totally ok to be bummed not to have alone time! I actually had a discussion about this last night with BF, since we've been considering finding a place together... but I have lived with a BF in the past, and he's only ever lived with male roommates (and never alone, where I've lived alone most my adult years). So I was explaining the need for "me" time and how sometimes you just want the other person to GTFO.


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    I don't know what category this would be... but I am mega (quietly) judgmental about people who get really serious with someone and look like they are moving too fast. Usually it's the same offenders/types of people... those who have either been desperate for a long time (like posting on facebook constantly about wanting a gf/bf and how there is no one around, blah blah) or those who jump from one super serious relationship to another. They will start dating someone and soon post make-out photos and these long-winded confessions of how much they love this other person they met last week. PDA grosses me out anyway, but constant Facebook PDA is worse.

    I bring this up today because I've seen a lot of it recently.

    And also because I worry that people judge me and BF for not dating very long yet being pretty serious, although neither of us fit into the above categories. We don't post make out pics though, that's yucky.


  • @goldenpenguin that does not make you a bad wife. It makes you human. Also, you're not a bad neyer -- those comments are directed to people who never engage with anyone.  And I don't acknowledge everyone.  If something jumps out, then I respond. Honestly, majority of our posts are not that exciting.

    II - when people leave shopping carts in parking spots.  I drive an SUV. Do not make me half park my car, get out to move a shopping cart, and then finish parking.

    Completely rational irritation: Cat calling.  Yes I have a glorious booty. Do not whistle or make comments about it or how my hips swing. I will give you the death stare. 

    Confession: Since I got screwed over on my half day Wednesday I decided to leave early yesterday.  When the time came, I felt guilty and didn't leave early.  I do not know how to not work, I even continue to work every night at home.  I cannot wait till our vacation in December because I will be out of the country and completely unable to work. 

  • @jenna8984 - I don't like small dogs either. You are NOT alone. 

    I don't really know why what I think is such a thing. Everyone on here has opinions/judgments. I don't know why mine seem to cause such a ruckus. This isn't even something I've mentioned recently so I can't tell you who exactly I've been thinking of in the past. @severmilli12 comes to mind most recently because she came back out of nowhere which is great but then she would post 1 paragraph about herself in the daily thread and then not say anything else for days. 

  • @twodimes my best friend told me she's jealous of my life because she got married and had kids young and cannot do all the fun trips and things I do.  I didn't know how to respond.  If you're a horrible friend, I'm the worst. 
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  • Confession: I can't make time to come here this week and it is making me sad! I want to AW the wedding and chat with all you lovely NEYers but I can't and that makes me sad.

    Confession: Not only am I busy, but my mind is running at what feels like 100 miles a minute and I can't focus on ANYTHING. I wish I could just zone out for a little to get back on track but I can't for the next few days and that makes me ragey.
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  • Confession: I am so afraid of not being able to have a healthy child someday, it makes me so so sad

    Confession: I hate feeling so sad and waiting.  I am trying so hard to be postive and hopeful and I keep coming up on road blocks.

    Confession: My job is really not great and not awful.  I just want to stay until I have a baby the stress of a new job right now is not what I need. 

    I also confess when ever someone mentions people only talk about themselves it's me they are referring to. lol, may be need to just call out who those people are? I know I guilty of it sometimes. 



  • @peaseblossom55 you are a very active FRIEND here, it's definitely not you



  • Confession: I feel like a bad NEYer when I go a few days without posting and I miss big happenings. I also feel like I talk about myself/my problems too much and have been trying harder lately to address others when I post here. Also in real life.

    irrational irritation: I got called to cover a shift this morning. Everyone knows I don't have enough time in my life to even take care of myself, and that I basically work three jobs and have school, so what makes them think I'm not gonna be busy on my day off?

    Confession: I am sad I can't go to the April g2g and want to see you people irl so bad!!
  • @wink0erin I only judge couples who post all their business on social media. It's okay to love someone soon after getting together, BF and I have been serious pretty much since we met. On the other hand, now we've been together for so long without making any forward steps (we don't live together!) that I feel judged for that. Damned if you do damned if you dont lol.
  • Confession: It actually makes me happy when I'm on the TK "leaderboard". I live a simple life. 

    II: I ate my lunch and I'm still hungry. I'm afraid my apple is just not going to cut it today and I give 0 fucks because it's Friday. 

  • @AlPacina I feel similarly about nieces and nephews... but part of my lack of excitement is that mine all live in a different state, so I only see them once a year. Other than sending gifts at birthdays and Christmas and seeing them once a year at Thanksgiving, my life hasn't really changed since they were born... so basically I'm a terrible aunt. I'm with you-- once my younger siblings have children, my excitement level for nieces and nephews may change drastically. 

    Re: Couples on social media-- I agree with PPs about couples who post way too much about their lives, but the ones I seriously side eye are the ones with joint social media accounts. There's obviously a ton of trust in those relationships, and they will of course be super successful and happy without any issues whatsoever.

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  • @untouchablets I think the oversharing/AWing is what actually bothers me, moreso than a couple getting serious quickly. I'm genuinely happy for IRL friends that leave the details off of fb.

    @eilis1228 Joint facebook accounts are the worst. Gross.


  • Confession: I also feel like a bad NEYer when I get busy at work and don't post every day, or when I read through the entire thread but only respond to a few people. I do try to rotate who I respond to, but honestly since I have the time difference here too the daily thread is normally 3-4 pages long by the time I wake up, so I read through all of it and then don't have much time to respond. 

    Confession: I know I am guilty of writing diaries. I am working on that. 

    UO: I actually agree with posters sometimes about how mean the regulars on the other boards can be. It's mainly when someone comes in with a non-traditional idea that doesn't affect etiquette and everyone jumps on the OP for it, such as having a unity ceremony or wanting a theme but not wanting to go over the top with the theme and asking for some inspiration (yes...both of those are real examples). I completely understand when they say not to do something that is against etiquette, but why do you need to put someone down over decorations that have no impact on the comfort of the guests?

  • I didn't put "I Judge" in the title, but...

    I'm judging @alpacina for saying that she has to check with her BF before she becomes penpals with us.

    Hey, BFPacina! 


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    AlPacina[Deleted User]labro
  • I need to just start these threads when I think of something because I always come up with Irrational Irritations randomly and then I totally forget what they are when these threads come along!

    Confession: Lately I cannot stop thinking about whether or not we should have kids. We're definitely not in the right place at the moment anyways but I feel like I can't stop thinking about it and I don't know what the right answer is. 

    II: My coworkers' voice, everything she says. She just annoys the shit out of me.
    II2: I have another coworker who feels the need to say good morning to me every morning even when I'm clearly busy. I'm not a morning person and just leave me alone. She just rubs me the wrong way for some reason.

    UO: Not that I want to get sick but I don't really care when people come to work sick. We don't have that many sick days here and usually someone is going to be pissed if you do call out because someone's going to have to pick up the slack. 

  • wink0erin said:

    @untouchablets I think the oversharing/AWing is what actually bothers me, moreso than a couple getting serious quickly. I'm genuinely happy for IRL friends that leave the details off of fb.

    @eilis1228 Joint facebook accounts are the worst. Gross.

    THIS. This is my Irrational Irritation #3!

    [Deleted User]
  • @GoldenPenguin - Yea. Most of the time I want to be like:


    But it's his address/house too, and he doesn't tend to trust people. So I don't push it. Technically he is worrying about himself, haha.

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