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Manic Monday

Good morning everyone! I hope your weekend was swell :)

Mine was okay, Saturday was SO BUSY at work all day so that sucked, and then I came home and worked on some homework which was so much less stressful than the last term I had. I actually kinda sorta know what I am doing in this class. Yesterday I worked again and it wasn't nearly as crazy, but customers kept asking me about how my life is going and since I didn't tell anyone that I am quitting I couldn't share my happy news about my new job :(

I have a BF vent:
Last night BF and I got into a little tiff because my best friend and I had a little disagreement and I was venting to him and he has this terrible habit of defending her to me when I'm mad at her and I feel like that's just not his job?? I am looking for my feelings to be heard and I guess validated, I don't really want to know why BF thinks I shouldn't be so mad, because my friend and I literally make up after two seconds. My friend and I have been best friends since middle school and he's met her ONE TIME and I just think he should drop the whole "devils advocate, man of the people" act and just be on my side. I wouldn't feel this strongly if I hadn't already asked him multiple times to not defend or take her side. I just want to feel like I can air my grievances without being shut down every time. I already can't talk to HER about him in any way because she has an annoying penchant for telling me BF and I should be living together/engaged by now, as if I'm not already aware that we are moving at a snails pace.

I am giving my two weeks notice today and I am SO NERVOUS. Not as nervous as I thought but still very stressed about it. I don't like the timing of this (for my boss, the timing for ME is actually perfect) and I think she's gonna guilt trip me and try to get me to stay longer. I have a hard time saying no to her, so it's gonna take a lot out of me. And I have to face all my coworkers every day until Thursday, I don't get a day off in between to process and figure out what I'm gonna say to them. It's gonna be hard.

Re: Manic Monday

  • Good morning, lovely people. 

    On Friday, I got home from work and promptly passed out for an hour. When I woke up, H had made dinner and I was so grateful.

    Saturday, I still wasn't feel great even after finally getting some sleep so I didn't make it to yoga. I spent the day cleaning the house and doing 8 billion loads of laundry. H and I went to dinner at my aunt's house and then watched the Devils game (4 wins in a row!). 

    Yesterday, we went out for part of the Dolphins game and had lunch with SFIL then mostly just relaxed for the rest of the day. I watched the Eagles lose miserably last night and I'm super tired today because of it. Fuck all of these night games! 

    I also watched TWD and you will see no spoilers from me because I'm not a dick like so many people I'm friends with on social media. 

    Tonight I'm going to a class at the gym (finally getting back on track!) then I'll cook a Home Chef meal for dinner and H and I are going to watch a scary movie before bed. 

    Is it Friday yet?

  • Thanks @swazzle and @jenjen047, you're right I guess I need to be clear that I just want him to listen and not attempt to keep the peace
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    @untouchablets - I agree with @Swazzle.  Sometimes I have to tell H that I'm just griping and don't need any advice or for him to help me fix it.  

    Whyyyyy is it Monday already?

    We had a busy weekened.  Friday was an awful day.  I worked until 11:30.  Didn't do much until H got home, then we went grocery shopping and ate at Pei Wei and then did nothing the rest of the night.  I signed up for StitchFix, that was the most exciting thing of the day.

    Saturday I felt much better.  The PMDD had passed, hallelujah!  I cleaned out my closet, cleaned the house, cooked, and then we had a new couple over for dinner.  They left around 11 PM.  

    Yesterday, we had church and a really good new stew recipe.  It had a little bit of dijon mustard in it, and I LOVED it.

    I had crazy dreams last night.  Woke up suuuuper tired.  I think it's the crazy full moon this week!

    ETA:  I'm dying a little inside.  Today is my first day to wear boots to work.  I don't want it to get cold!!!
  • @CocoBellaF I had weird dreams too...could be the full moon! I also tend to have weird dreams with I am stressed out though so it could be either one lol
  • @Swazzle -I agree. My first thought on waking up was "how many days til Friday?" So sad.

    @CocoBellaF - glad your PMDD has passed. *hugs*
  • @TwoDimes Men holding babies can seriously be the cutest!

    I'm laughing over Indy's reaction to H. Cinders would do that from time to time. It's like for some reason she only 1/2 recognized H and she'd want to go home to him but also be afraid and protective. She's such a wiggle worm!

    [Deleted User]
  • This will be the week from hell.  I hope it goes by quickly. I had some really strange dreams last night, so weird and crazy.   I had blood work this morning for my procedure tomorrow afternoon.  I also have a brain MRI in the am.  A fun day off right?  Thursday we meet with the genetics counselor. I hope we get some answers and a game plan quickly.  Otherwise my weekend was ok, nothing too exciting.   TWD was so good last night

    @swazzle I don't think what people think happened on TWD happened but we will see.  Luckily no one I knew posted any spoilers.

    @cocobellaF glad the PMDD has passed.

    @cu97tiger sounds like such a fun weekend


  • @peaseblossom55 I feel the same way about TWD. We will see for sure during the 90 minute ep next week! Something to look forward to while you go through everything you have to go through this week. Sending you hugs!!!
  • @untouchablets This is actually part of why I stopped speaking to a former friend, I couldn't vent to her without her freakin opinion. Maybe next time state that you wanna vent and don't want an opinion? It might help your BF in future to avoid the situation.

    @CocoBellaF I had to look up PMDD to see what your situation was. So glad you passed! :)

    @jenjen047 love those days you just do nothing with your spouse and it feels like it's been forever!

    @swazzle I admire your ability to watch horror movies. And sadly it's not Friday yet ...

    This weekend was .... idk. Saturday was busy but Sunday wasn't.

    So Friday Matt picked me up and we went to the mall so he could pick up the new Assassin's Creed video game. I was able to snap a few shots of some Pop Vynals that I want and the Assassin's Creed clock I'm getting Matt for xmas. It's kind of a pewter colour.
    The colour is wrong, but this is what it looks like


    Now I just need to get it when he's not on my tail. Lol!
    Picked up some cupcakes at the mall. For the wedding, we used a place called "The Cupcake Lounge" and now they have a pop up shop in the mall I venture to typically :) Yayyyy!!

    Saturday was pretty busy. I went to a PartyLite/Steeped Tea party. My friend hosting it - we'll refer to her as S - was who got me into steeped tea, so obv I didn't buy that but my mum and I ended up splitting on some tealights. I got to finally try the vanilla matcha! WOW!! SO GOOD!!
    {for those who don't know, 1 tbsp of matcha = 10 cups of green tea ... it's the whole leaf dissolving into the drink as oppose to steeping the leaves. Plus easier to just throw some matcha into whatever!}

    So this girl that I use to be friends with is also friends with my friend S. Apparently every time S mentions my name, she has to bring up why we don't talk.
    Uhm .... it's been 5 yrs!
    I guess S thought I had issues with her, but I simply stated "It's been 5yrs. I have no use to be friends with her, but I'm not that asshole who will cause drama for zero reason ... I can play nice."
    Legit when S was asking the girl if she was coming, she's like "is KittyDanger there?" I'm like "are you kidding? Should I leave if she comes at this point?" lol ... apparently some people can't get over it. {it started with her calling me a slut, then refusing to listen when I vented and spiraled out from there}

    Aaaannnnnyyyyywayyssss ....
    After the party, I headed home and Matt said he was staying at his friend's place until they were to pick me up for a dinner.
    Got to find out more on Matt's buddy G's breakup. We'd heard bits and pieces but we finally got to hear the whole thing.
    Needless to say, his ex went from "oh she's a pretty decent person" to "wow raging bitch!" Unfortunately they have to live together for a couple months until they figure out who is staying in the place until the lease is up .... so that's awkward.

    Didn't end up getting home until like 1am and I just crashed. I am NOT a night owl!
    Matt and I woke up late {with the exception of feeding furballs at 7am} and I studied while Matt played video games.

    Tax quiz today, G1 test Friday {which I picked up a few times from S's friend that just got hers!} and on Friday we're going to a friend of our's to watch Garfield Hallowe'en and carve pumpkins :)
  • @TwoDimes I hope so! She seems to be generally fine unless she gets excited or runs around a lot (aka her daily activities) and then she starts hacking. From what I was reading I don't have a lot of hope for treatment options other than to just ride it out. :(

  • Morning!!

    @swazzle Friday can't come soon enough!

    My weekend was jam packed and I am exhausted! I woke up this morning, thinking that it was Sunday. NOPE! Ugh

    Friday after lunch, I was feeling 'off'. Not really sure if I was trying to come down with something, but I just wasn't right. So, I left work early and went home to pull the covers over my head. I slept for about 3 or 4 hours, woke up for some dinner, and went right back to sleep.

    Saturday, I ran a bunch of errands, including last minute wedding stuff from Michaels. Then I spent 2 or 3 hours at Ikea buying my kitchen cabinets and countertops. Afterwards, I went to my sister's house and she helped me figure out my DIY votive project. We got buzzed on Mod Podge spray fumes, even though we were outside, drank wine, and found ourselves completely coated in glitter. OH! I also ended up talking to a Day of Coordinator and we've hired her. I feel MUCH more at ease.

    Sunday, we cleaned the house all morning long, and then headed to Bean's game. They dominated and won 7-1. After the game, we went to dinner with a few of the other families and had a great time. No-Uh charmed everyone, as always. 
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  • @minskat30 Poor you! I hope that first trimester tiredness passes quickly and your energy comes back soon! I'm pretty certain Cinders has kennel cough though. Obviously total web diagnoses, but the way she's coughing and the sound of her cough all seem to line up. I just feel bad because it means my sister's dogs are probably infected now too. Once I get it confirmed though I plan to tell the place we boarded her.

    minskat30[Deleted User]
  • @twodimes - The Buffalo Bills. It's physically painful to be a fan of the Bills. 

    @minskat30 - We were doing front squats. I have extremely long femurs, which makes squatting interesting to begin with, so I usually do FS with really light weights. Today I went with 55# and even though it was tough... and there was lots of grunting... I got it done!
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    Still here and still fabulous!

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    @labro - I normally watch live but the Eagles were playing. I didn't actually have it spoiled for me because I was warned and then I ended up watching because I couldn't wait. If I had gone on FB when TWD ended, it would have been completely ruined and I would have flipped my shit. I'm so glad you're back!!!!!! Poor Cinders :(

    @Peaseblososm55, @untouchablets - I heard that theory. Highlight the following to read my thoughts about that without spoiling for others: Ok so if it's Nicholas's body on top of Glenn's that's being ripped to shreds, how on Earth does Glenn get out of that situation alive? He is completely surrounded by that giant herd of walkers. I wouldn't put it past the writers to have Glenn be alive but they're going to have to sell him surviving that scene because right now, I just don't see how it's possible. 

    @beanbot2002 - 12 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @labro the roses and the arbor look so pretty! Poor Cinders I hope she is ok.

    @untouchablets we have a wedding on Sunday, not sure we will get home in time to watch it so we may have to wait to watch everything... boo. 


  • @labro - I'm sorry about Cinders.  I hate it when our fur babies get sick.  :(
    @cu97tiger - WTG!  Front squats are hard enough to begin with but adding 55# is incredible! 
  • @Swazzle We were watching the Eagles play last night too. Maybe I should stop watching because they always seem to end up having horrible/ridiculous things happen whenever I tune in.

  • My weekend was great. Saturday morning I got up and was just in the mood for a run (I have not run in 1.5 years). Then I cleaned the house, did lots of laundry, took a nap, got all gussied up for a lady date with my friend. We went to a fancy Italian place and it was so yummy. She said she couldn't find her debit card and didn't have enough cash on her if she could pay me back but I just said don't be silly, it's on me.

    Yesterday H & I got all dressed nice and went to a baptism. We were seriously the only people dressed nice, it was awkward. Everyone had on a nice church...I'm like that's weird....but then we went back to their house after for food party & Patriots so it was a good time.

    @jenjen047 yay your weekend sounds so nice!

    @cu97tiger awesome job at crossfit today!

    @labro woohoo glad the truck made it just fine and the arbor looks so cute

    @peaseblossom55 good luck at all your appointments



  • This morning is moving quickly for me thank goodness! Unfortunately my weekend flew by.

    Friday afternoon my friend texted me on my way home from work asking me if I wanted to walk. I really wasn't feeling it but I didn't have a good excuse so I went. I'm so glad I did because she ended up telling me she's pregnant!! I'm so excited- I think this is the closest person to me to be pregnant so far in my adult life. She hasn't told my BFF yet since she wants to tell people in person. I'm supposed to have dinner with BFF this weekend so I said she has to see her ASAP and tell her because I will die if I can't talk about this with BFF at dinner!

    I spent the rest of Friday night reading and ordered a pizza. I think I watched TV with H when he got home, I can't even remember.

    Saturday I did laundry and then headed to my sister's for the night. We stayed up late talking and then I headed home late Sunday morning. H's stomach was not feeling well yesterday when he woke up so he pretty much never left the couch. We had a reallyy lazy day. Now I'm back at work, boo. 

    @untouchablets Don't let your boss guilt trip you!! I'd be annoyed at BF for taking your friend's side too. My mom always had a habit of doing that too. Not that she wouldn't be there for me but if I got into a fight with a friend or somethign she'd always ask what I did!

  • @untouchablets good luck putting in your notice.  The other girls covered how to handle the venting frustration.

    @jenjen047 it sounds like the perfect weekend! I can't wait for the day my bf no longer has to work weekends so we can have time together like that. 

    @cocobellaf so glad you're feeling better! 

    @labro Hopefully Cinders doesn't have kennel cough.  This is why I hate boarding pets when I travel.  The past few years we've just been leaving the animals with a house sitter. -- That rose is gorgeous! What kind is it?  Also, are you going to tell us all about your trip?

    @twodimes hahaha Indy's reaction is great! 

    @peaseblossom55 good luck with everything this week!  

    @minskat30 Kate Spade is an awesome gift!

    @swazzle this is my thoughts on last night's game... image

    This weekend was nice. Friday night my family had a back to the future marathon.  We spent the whole time laughing, because 80s and 90s movies look horrible on HD tvs.  

    Saturday after my bf got home from work we went to the cider fest.  It was fun, but obvious it was the first year they had ever done one.  There was 5 food trucks and 20 different wineries and cideries, with over 2000 people.  There was definitely not enough food, so people were walking around hammered.  We did manage to get bacon wrapped with funnel cake.  The most delicious heart attack on a stick ever.

    After the cider fest we went back to my best friend's house and had a bon fire.  My niece loved that all the guys were over and made them play on her swingset and roast marshmallows with her.  We also discovered that my bf is the baby whisperer.  My younger niece is now about 7 months old and going through the only mommy can hold me phase.  The second he held her she stopped crying and was giggling and playing with him, then kept asking him to hold her.  It was adorable.  Until she needed a diaper change, and both of us passed her to her parents. 

    Yesterday I sat around and watched movies.  After my bf got out of work, we went to his parents for dinner. 
    Peaseblossom55Swazzle[Deleted User]AlPacina
  • @swazzle I agree but (highlight for opinion)

    They could play off of Michonne's pet walkers or others in past seasons rubbing guts on themselves to be "invisible." It's a stretch but still plausible. I don't know if he'd last long in the herd though, but at least it would be more dignified than what happened because of that dumbfuck Nicholas. Maybe he will set fire to the herd, sacrificing himself in in order to get his signal to Michonne. I don't know, Glenn was my favorite character so I just don't want him to die that way!!

  • @eilis1228 - Oh no!  I'm bummed for you about the weather.  I hope the rain stays away.  :(  Regardless, it will be a beautiful day and you will be a beautiful bride.  

    @speakeasy14 - Bacon wrapped funnel cake?  Holy crap!  That sounds amazing.

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