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  • @peaseblossom55 Sending you vibes for this week!

    @eilis1228 Aww is it like 100% chance of rain? 

    @jenna8984 I always worry about being "underdressed" at things like that and there's always a ton of people that look inappropriate lol

  • @eilis1228 rain on your wedding day is good luck, and could make for some amazing pictures! But just to cheer you up, there's a giant present on the way :)
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    @swazzle & @untouchablets

    H texted me this morning he rewatched the episode and said the person being ripped open was Nicholas because of the color of the t-shirt being worn was not Glen's.  So even if that is the case, I don't know how he would survive that herd.



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    @labro - It's not you! They just aren't playing well for the most part. I was so angry last night. 

    @eilis1228 - FOUR DAYS!!!!!

    @untouchablets - Highlight: I thought of that BUT he'd need to be covered in walker guts, not human guts. Remember when him and Rick covered themselves when they were in Atlanta in the 1st season? But they were covered with walker guts so that the "alive" walkers couldn't sniff them out. 

    ETA: @Peaseblossom55 - Highlight: I was thinking I want to go back and rewatch the episode tonight for that exact reason, to see if there were any clues one way or the other. TWD writers are so sneaky! 

  • @swazzle I want to rewatch it as well.


  • @eilis1228 Yes that is a great attitude to have! You will be married no matter what and you can't go wrong with booze and music!

  • @eilis1228 I stressed for 2 weeks about rain on my wedding day. I made myself sick in the stomach over it because I was just so adamant that I HAD to have the exact photos that I envisioned with the mountains in the background. And you guessed it- it rained. I had to call everyone the night before and tell them to go directly inside the venue and I didn't get the pics I wanted. But hey all my pics got lost anyways so that didn't end up mattering. And I really didn't give a shit on my wedding day, I felt so beautiful and happy that really a tornado could have come through and I wouldn't have noticed lol. You will have an amazing time!



  • @wink0erin It's even more awkward than just that. She ended things because she decided she isn't bi-sexual, she's a lesbian and she met a girl. {hence the reason for the split} Apparently now she's turned into raging bitch. He was saying all the stuff she's done, and it's just like "wow, seriously?" Only living together until December at least.
    Those fish! Omg! I thought they were real and had to re-read to see they were origami!!
  • @eilis1228 - HAPPY WEDDING WEEK YAY!!!!

    @untouchablets - BF actually has to do the whole "I'm just venting" thing with me on a pretty regular basis.  I like to fix everything, and I always have to come up with some way to "help."  It always makes it better when he tells me first, "I'm just venting, and I need you to just listen this time, okay?"

    Morning everybody!  I hope everybody's doing well this morning.

    I had a rough weekend.  I'm sure some of you have seen the story about the crash at the homecoming parade that killed 4 people (including a 2 year old)...that's my school.  So I spent Saturday morning making sure all my friends were okay and trying to deal with the fact that this happened and I was so far away from home and all I wanted to do was go up to campus and just be there mourning with everybody else.  Luckily, everyone I know is okay.

    Saturday night I decided I was sick of sitting around at home being sad, so I showered and took myself out to have some hookah and a glass of wine.  I sat at the bar and read a book and joked with the owner of the place (an older Iranian man who has hilarious thoughts about  life).  It was a really lovely time.  I didn't want to walk the 2 miles back home by myself, so I called a cab.  And this is where my whole day went to hell, because I proceeded to throw up, in the back of the cab, all over myself, the cab, and my brand new Kate Spade purse.  I have no idea why this happened...I wasn't drunk (2 glasses of wine over the course of 3 hours!), I had eaten (nothing new or weird).  The only thing I could think of might be the hookah, but I smoke hookah fairly regularly, and I've been to this place several times before and have never had a problem.

    Anyway.  I spent yesterday sitting on the couch nursing my wounded pride.  Because what else was I going to do?  BF and I argued (over iMessage, because that's the only way we have to talk regularly while he's gone), so that made me more cranky.  We're fine now, but I just hate arguing with him, especially while he's gone.  So I went to bed early and cuddled with the dog.

    And so thus far, Monday is a vast improvement on my weekend!
  • @wink0erin The costumes are so cute and the orgami exhibit must have been amazing.


  • @labro - OH NO! Poor Cinders! Vibes for a speedy recovery!! Also, that arbor is beautiful! Maybe you can start renting out your backyard for weddings?? And I totally believe what you're saying about the invites. I can't believe I'll be mailing them out in 4 weeks!!

    @peaseblossom55 - Vibes for your week!! Praying everything goes as smoothly as possible for you.

    @minskat30 - Feel better soon!! Also did I miss updates on Friday about the doctor's appointment?

    @speakeasy14 - Oh my god that funnel cake sounds AMAZING!!! Also agree about BFs/FIs/Hs having to work weekends. It sucks.

    @eilis1228 - I might be close to my wedding, but it's your WEDDING WEEK!!!!!!!!! So you win. I'm sorry about the weather. You are definitely keeping a good perspective about it, but you're still allowed to be bummed and complain about it to us. Regardless you will be MARRIED in a few days!!!!!

    @twodimes - I don't have a picture of FI in the tux, but this one is really similar. His vest/tie will be ivory to match my dress, the groomsmen will be in charoal vests/ties, and the dads and officiant will be in black vests/ties. Ignore his funny face....he did not like this particular vest.

    OH that reminds me of a WR question....the lady at Men's Wearhouse suggested everyone except FI wear off white shirts instead of plain white. She said the plain white could make my dress look dingy in pictures. Has anyone else heard this/done this? Thoughts?? TIA!
    Peaseblossom55[Deleted User]speakeasy14eilis1228
  • @jenjen047 H & groomsmen got their tuxes from Men's Wearhouse.  My dress was ivory almost a yellowish tinge to it, very antique looking.  H wanted the white shirts, H got the white shirts.  The pictures looked gorgeous.  The tuxes were gray and the white looked much better with them anyway. 


  • @jenjen047 - I've heard that too...but I sort of think it's bunk.  I don't think that any shirt (especially not one worn under a jacket) is going to make a wedding gown look dingy.
  • @peaseblossom55 @futuremrshistorian - Thanks! Yeah I did NOT like the way the off white shirts looked with the charcoal grey vests so there is no way we are doing that.

    Also @futuremrshistorian - So sorry to hear about what happened back home. I'm glad everyone you know is OK.

    @alpacina - That's gorgeous! Holy cow!!
  • @AlPacina You know what...we didn't see him. But my aunt and uncle and their two exchange students spotted him while they were visiting the Badlands!

  • In one hour I'll be sitting with my boss giving her my notice. My stomach hurts. Have I mentioned I've never quit a job before? I'm so nervous!!! If this was a big corporate thing or a huge office I might not feel this way, but I work in a small store with a small staff... there are many ways this could go. And nobody has an idea I'm doing it. I feel like I should have let it slip to someone so my boss could be prepared.
  • @jenjen047 - Thank you.  I put an update on the Friday Fun thread with a picture of the lil' nugget.  All went well...we saw the heartbeat and baby looks good!

    @AlPacina - That is beautiful!

    @futuremrshistorian - Were you ok after throwing up?  Could you have caught a short-lived bug?  I'm sorry you weren't feeling well (and also sorry about the purse).  
  • @minskat30 - Yes, I was perfectly fine!  That was the strangest part.  I actually went in my apartment, grabbed my cleaning supplies, and cleaned out the cab (the driver just sort of sat there stunned, and I felt so bad), then threw my clothes in the washer, and had a cup of tea and went to bed.  And...I managed to save the purse!  It miraculously only got on the outside, which is leather, so I was able to wipe it right down and rescue it!

    By far the weirdest being sick experience I have ever had.
  • @mrsfuturehistorian Sounds like a rough weekend :( Glad you're feeling better now.

    @jenjen047 I'd do whatever you want regarding the shirts. My mom wanted to know if H was going to wear an ivory shirt to match my dress and I thought an ivory/off white shirt would look dingy. I honestly don't even know if I could tell the difference between a white and off white shirt but I told the guys to wear white shirts with whatever grey or blue suit they wanted. I'm not one too care too much about matching and I think people get too caught up in things looking perfect. Your dress is not going to look dingy!

  • @cocobellaf, can't wait for you to get your first Fix!

    @labro, beautiful rose and glad you had fun in SD!

    @beanbot2002, AW the votives?
    Much knit-flixing this weekend. I cleared two short TV series off my queue (Wildest ___ - I am that dork who watches nature documentaries), finished the cream baby blanket, and made three headbands and a hat. I won my fantasy football match-up, leaving me at 6-1 and probably in first place in the league. H left a message with the plumber; I haven't heard back, but that doesn't mean they haven't called him.

    H and I were tiffy all weekend - maybe it's something in the air right now? We didn't do anything special for our seven-year dating anniversary. I ended up telling him he should go hang out with his friends for a while on Friday and Saturday so we didn't have a really bad fight (one where I would say things I would regret, and he was going to hang out with them anyway). I hope we clear the air soon between us. I hate bickering with him.
  • @twodimes - Those pictures look great and I can't tell what color the guys' shirts are. So maybe it's not a big deal either way? The one she showed us in the store was VERY off white....almost yellowy. FI was not a fan either and since they're his guys I'll let him make the final call, but 99% sure he will go with white. Also yeah she recommended off white for everyone except FI because FI is wearing an ivory vest/tie.
  • @KeptInStitches 1. I love that Knit-flixing is a thing now! 2. I'm sorry you and your H were tiffy all weekend. That really sucks. I hope you guys are able to work it out tonight!

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