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Trying Tuesday

Trying to wake up, that is! I do not know what's up with my body these last 2 weeks but I'm always. freaking. tired. 

Tonight I have a Devils game so I'm going to stop at Subway for dinner when I leave work and then I'll meet H at the arena. Hopefully we win which will be 5 in a row. I'm wearing my favorite StitchFix sweater today (black sweater with grey elbow patches) and my favorite Sam Edelman black boots, both of which make me happy. 

OH! I finished my book yesterday! I was reading The Stand by Stephen King which is 1152 pages and I finally finished it! It was REALLY good. Because it took me a bit to get through that, I'm 2 books behind on my GoodReads challenge (my goal was 30 books this year) so hopefully I can catch back up to that. 

I'm boring today. 



Re: Trying Tuesday

  • @Swazzle You are never boring! I hope the Devils win tonight!!

    Not much going on for me today either. I took Cinders to the vet this morning. Everything sounded clear in her lungs and of course the little butt wasn't coughing at all so maybe it was just a passing thing. They gave me some antibiotics anyway just in case there was some sort of upper respiratory infection but I think we're good. Otherwise I'm working from home today. It's rainy and pretty cold....somehow we went from a really warm humid fall (in the 80s) to 40s/50s with none of that in between nice weather. It'll be warm by the end of the week! I'm currently wearing jeans, tshirt, and a hoodie to keep warm.

  • @swazzle I'm the same way, I'm always tired, I think it's the change of the weather!

    Last night, I got home, changed and went to the gym. I made Home Chef Tandoori Chicken and found out that I don't like tumeric. It was still a good meal though! H got home early so we watched a little TV. I had a glass of wine and it gave me such a bad headache. I had to go to bed with a cold face cloth on my head.

    Today is work, gym and I'll probably get Subway for dinner.

    I'm sooooo exciting.


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  • @Swazzle - You'll catch up!  And pics of your outfit pleeeeease.

    I am a little more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning.  After work, I changed into my running gear but ended up snuggling with Baxter on the bed for a while.  I finally got up and did a very short run (0.5 mi warm-up, 1.5 mi run in 14:30, 0.5 mi cool down) but whatever.  I'm just proud that I got out of bed.  Oh, the struggle.

    Basically, after that I did NOTHING.  We had leftovers for dinner, I read my Kindle, shaved my legs (am I the only one that feels like that is an accomplishment..?), had some quality time with H, read my Kindle some more, and then fell asleep.  I was in bed with the lights off at 8:30.  


    Anyway, I have a ton to do tonight to make up for doing nada last night, but I'm OK with that.
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  • @buddysmom80 That's funny you didn't like turmeric. I've never noticed a flavor from it always just seemed to add color whenever we cook with it. Could it have been another of the spices?

    @CocoBellaF Shaving your legs is ALWAYS an accomplishment. I know I always feel better when I do it.

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  • I woke up in an absolute rage about to rip H's head off because my dream seemed SO real......he's a mechanic on big Mack trucks so he works at a shop that's all dirty/ greasy/ oily. In my dream, I awoke for the day and he had moved me in my sleep to his shop as a prank. I was in my pj's and of these greasy guys were all staring and laughing and saying how hilarious it was. I was so mortified and pissed off and in tears and just wanted him to bring me home. He would never do that to me in real life and obviously I'd wake right up before even leaving my bed, but what a weird dream!

    @swazzle hope your team wins!



  • @labro I'm glad Cinders is alright! In regards to the tumeric it was the only spice added to the rice so I'm 100% sure it was tumeric. Once I added more salt it tasted a little better. Maybe there was too much spice, who the hell knows!

    @cocobellaf this time of year until like April, shaving my legs is an accomplishment!


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  • I am wearing an outfit like this today, but with a long sleeved shirt and a lower cut back instead of a tee.  I feel a little nervous about it.  Am I trying too hard?!

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    @CocoBellaF The outfit is NMS, but I have a hard time getting behind long maxi style skirts in the fall What do you mean by trying too hard? Getting dressed up and feeling pretty is never trying too hard IMO.

  • @labro - I'm so glad Cinders is ok! It was THIRTY-THREE when I woke up! It's supposed to get up to 60 today I think and 70 tomorrow but waking up to low 30s sucked. 

    @buddysmom80 - I made the tandoori chicken last night too! I loved it, I didn't actually taste anything on the rice, it just needed salt. We're dinner twinsies again today :)

    @CocoBellaF - Leg shaving is definitely an accomplishment. I wear outfits like that in the summer but I don't really do skirts in the fall/winter. What do you mean by trying too hard? 

    buddysmom80[Deleted User]
  • @cocobellaf personally, I wouldn't wear that outfit in the fall, but here it ranges from like 30* in the morning and then by 4pm it's like 70* so I wear layers this time of year. I just discovered maxi skirts this summer and love them but they're all packed away until next spring.

    @swazzle did you put all the spice in the rice? I don't know why mine tasted off, I guess I should've added more salt in the beginning because the salt helped a lot!

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  • I don't consider myself trendy at all.  I've really liked the knotted on the side look for a while but have been too timid to try it myself.  I am not glamorous...  if I'm lucky, I get called "cute".  I am trying to break out of that!  I've pinned a bunch of fall maxi ideas.  I want to try this look sometime, but I need a better leather jacket.  Mine is cognac and has gold studs on it (H picked it out).


    Oh well.  I sent H a pic and he likes it.  I guess I have to live with it for a day.  :)
  • @CocoBellaF - leg shaving counts. I haven't shaved mine in like 2 weeks. Oops.

    @labro - glad Cinders is ok!

    @jenna8984 - What a weird dream! I hate dreams like that that feel SO real.

    I had a boring night as well. Came home, ran, ate dinner, watched tv and shopped for bridal shower/rehearsal dinner dresses. Tips on where to shop that won't cost over $100-150? I'm looking for a white dress, which makes it tough this time of year.
  • Good morning everyone. I wish I could go back home because I feel like I have a cold...runny nose and a headache for sure. Why me?! 

    I had to get here extra early this morning because a student's mom emailed me last night saying that she couldn't understand the hw so she was dropping him off early so I could help him. Like she didn't even ask...she told me that's what she was doing. Of course I don't want conflict so I just came in early. It's annoying though.

    Tonight I don't feel like cooking but I know I should! I just want to go home and nap all night. I really don't want this cold to ruin my weekend!
  • @buddysmom80 & @swazzle Tandoori chicken sounds good, but I love spicy food. I checked out Home Chef but they don't deliver to my zip code yet. 

    @cocobellaf I love the color of that skirt but I am so short I could never pull it off like the model.
  • @jenna8984 what a weird dream! I've only had that happen once where I woke up mad at H because of a dream I had, it was funny afterwards though!

    @jenjen047 did you check out Rent the Runway?

    @500days I hope you feel better!

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  • Morning! 

    Yesterday I went food shopping after work and then me and H went to dinner after my little meltdown. I was exhausted last night and still stayed up too late because I couldn't stop playing Candy Crush. I need help. It's like I just can't put my phone down because of all the stupid apps and FB.

    Tuesdays are my least favorite days. I'm going to see if my friend wants to walk after work today and if not I'm going to have to make myself do a JM video. I just booked a flight to go see my parents and hopefully my brother in January :) So that's something to look forward to. I'm going to try to get as many miles as I can on my credit card to put towards the ticket price.

    @swazzle There was frost on cars when I left home this morning! I'm not ready for that yet. I check my weather app every morning when I wake up and I was like 34*??


  • @buddymom80 - Yes, I used the whole baggie of turmeric. I had added salt to the it before it boiled and then needed more salt after I plated everything. I can only do rice in small doses so I have leftovers of it today. 

    @jenjen047 - Modcloth? J-Crew? Macys? Nordstrom?

  • @500days Aren't parents wonderful? I guess on the plus side at least the mom is taking initiative with her kid and making sure he gets the help he needs, right? My SIL has to beg students to consider coming in for help early or after school or during her free periods. I hope you feel better soon!

    @jenjen047 Does it have to be white? I think you're going to have a tough time finding a white dress like you about something gold? It'll be easy to find fun flirty holiday style dresses this time of year.

    I suppose ModCloth is always an option though. They seem to carry pretty much all colors and styles year round.

  • @jenna8984 I hate dreams like that! It's crazy how it can feel so real. 

    @cocobellaF I don't wear skirts and dresses often but I think those looks are great ways to get as much use out of your maxis as possible. 

  • @labro I hear ya! I tell the kids to stay for extra help but it never happens and then like magic when there is an assignment for a grade that's when they can stay. It's so crazy.

    @jenjen047 I 2nd looking at rent the runway. They have so many dresses. I didn't even wear a white dress to my shower/bach/rehearsal because I didn't like anything at the mall.
  • @buddysmom80 - This morning it was 56 when I left for work, and it's a high of 75.  I had a shimmery scarf on earlier and I was comfortable.  We are actually having autumn in OK this year!!
  • @jenjen047 I'll second (third) the ModCloth suggestion, that's where I got my dress for my bridal shower! I LOVE that dress.

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  • @cocobellaf  I think that outfit is adorable! You're only trying too hard if you're trying to fit in.  If you're goal is to look cute, trying too hard is not possible. 

    @labro so glad she's doing better! Hopefully she's back to her crazy self ASAP.  Also, I'm jealous of your weather.  I had to scrape ice off my car this morning. 

    @buddysmom80 I equate tumeric with ginger.  I like it in small doses.

    Nothing really exciting going here. Last night all my siblings and I went to my dad's for dinner.  I think he's starting to realize he needs to make an effort.  Afterwards I fell asleep watching the new Avengers movie with my bf.

    Ugh, my bf's parents gave me gorgeous earrings for my birthday.  I think I'm allergic to them because my left ear hurts so much. 

    [Deleted User]AlPacina
  • @jenjen047 - I've seen lots of cute things on ModCloth.  Do you have any inspiration photos?
  • @speakeasy14 Oh noooooo your poor ears!!! I have cheap earrings that I love and they irritate the holes in my ears if I wear them too much....but I suffer through the pain lol. These sound really nice :( I'm sorry they are bothering you!

  • @jenna8984 - I had a dream last week that H had been texting some woman for a while and was opening up to her instead of me and I found out about it and was devastated. He told me that he'd never met her IRL so nothing physical happened and I was like but you still emotionally cheated on me! And I woke up practically in tears. Dreams are weird as hell. 

  • I'm back!!! What did I miss??? Our anniversary trip to the Smoky Mountains was amazing and I'm hoping to do a AW post with some pics. The pictures just don't even capture the beauty of the trees/mountains though. We ate some good bbq, hiked to a waterfall, hung out in the hot tub each night at our cabin, and saw some bears and elk UP CLOSE. I'll have to post our "elk selfie", lol. It was so hard coming back and I think I caught something on the plane bc my nose is all stuffed up and I just feel tired. Hoping this week goes by fast.

    @swazzle - Trying to wake up here too. The first week back to work after a trip sucks.
    @labro - Hopefully Cinders is ok!
    @buddysmom80 - I'm not sure how but somewhere along the line, wine stopped getting me drunk and now just makes me pass out. It's sad.
    @CocobellaF - I HATE shaving my legs but I always love how they feel when I do.
    @jenna8984 - That's so weird. I only think I've ever had 1 dream about H where he left me and I woke up crying :( Poor guy was so confused.
    @lavenderfields13 - That's exciting! Where does your family live?

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  • @beachyone15 - I LOVE the Smoky Mountains.  My grandparents lived in the Gatlinburg/Cosby area.  They both passed away and are buried in a beautiful spot in the mountains.  H has never been, so it's on our list of places to travel in the US.  Please share pictures!
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    @CocoBellaF Shaving legs is TOTALLY an accomplishment! I wish I could pull off maxi skirts. I'm just too short.

    @jenjen047 How cheap a dress are you looking for? I'm pretty sure I saw a white (or off-white) dress at Charlotte Russe last week. And a month ago there was a ton of white stuff at Forever 21. For something better quality I second/third/fourth the ModCloth suggestion.


     It's cold and rainy today and I am not a fan. I need cold weather shoes for work, but I can't wear heels at all and I have never found an appropriate pair of boots!

     Last night was actually productive. I cleaned a little bit, washed my comforter for the first time since I bought it 2 years ago, and washed my sheets too... so it was hard getting out of bed this morning. Clean sheets are the bomb.

    A friend of mine posted a fb status update last night  that made me reach out to text her to see what was up, and it turns out she and her on again off again bf of 3 years broke up. I can't stand the guy because I know he is basically using her as some sick mind game, and I've tried to help her realize she's been manipulated and emotionally abused, which she always half agrees with and then ultimately says it's probably her fault (it's NOT), but last night she confided in me about physical abuse that has occurred over the past couple years. I begged her to block him on social media, block his number, call the police if he ever shows up at her house, and to PLEASE call a domestic violence hotline to talk to someone. I'm honestly afraid he is going to snap and kill her some day if she goes back to him again. She does see a counselor to work through issues but I don't think that person is trained with domestic violence, and my dear friend often lies to protect the guy. I want to help her but I don't know how else to do so. :(

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  • You girls that are short and think you can't pull off maxi shirts...  I am 4'10".  I just get them hemmed!  They actually make me look taller, especially when I pair them with wedges in the summer.  YOU CAN DO IT.
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