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Friday Firsts & Weekend Chat

Hooray! It's Friday! And Happy (early) Halloween!!!! 

My weekend is going to be fairly uneventful. I haven't been feeling great lately so tonight will probably just be home, dinner, and a movie with H. 

Tomorrow I have a Devils game in the afternoon and then H and I are dressing as Jurassic Park workers and Lucy is a velociraptor. We have Twix and Reese's Cups to eat give out to the kids. I'm super excited for trick or treaters! 

Sunday I don't even know what to do with my life because my team has a bye and H's team played last night. Maybe some housework and/or just relaxing. 


Tell me about................

Your FIRST car? 
The FIRST time you flew in an airplane?
The FIRST time you had sex?
A memory from FIRST grade?
Something you came in FIRST place for? 
The FIRST person you ever voted for in a Presidential election?
The FIRST time you met your SO? 
The FIRST trip/vacation/time away with your SO? 
The FIRST concert you went to? 
Are you still friends with your FIRST best friend? 

PSA: The word 'first' no longer looks/sounds like a word to me. 

buddysmom80[Deleted User]beachyone15labroAuroraRose41

Re: Friday Firsts & Weekend Chat

  • @futuremrshistorian - Don't worry, we aren't handing out candy either. But then again we live in a locked apartment building and no kids live in the building.

    @buddysmom80 - Fingers crossed for IVF2!

    I did my run this morning so tonight I wil get my eyebrows done and go to Macy's. And probably eat Chipotle. Tomorrow FI is off all day!! We are going to a cake tasting and a flower consult and running some other errands. Sunday he works 11-4 so I'm not sure what my plans are. Overall a low key weekend, I think!

    I'll do questions when I'm not on mobile.
  • @futuremrshistorian - Congrats! That's so awesome! Is it paid for and all or do you have out-of-pocket expenses? I cried when Bush beat Kerry (sad and scared tears) and then again when Obama won (happy tears!). 

    @buddsymom80 - I bought the candy a week or two ago and I hid it from myself. If I can see it, I will eat it. #factsoflife I have that HC meal too! I'm glad you loved it. 

  • @Swazzle - The school will take care of my conference registration, hotel, and flight!  I'm going to stay a few extra days (since it's over Spring Break), so those will be on me, but it's not bad!
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    @futuremrshistorian, congratulations!
    Tonight is gaming, and we have to buy candy to hand out tomorrow ... oops. I'm going to finish a striped scarf I'm working on (it's rainbow, very twee), make another posh Doctor Who scarf, and perhaps cast on a baby afghan depending on motivation.

    Tomorrow I'm going to do housework - straighten up the living room, library, kitchen, dining room, and front bathroom, do laundry, and hand out candy in the evening. I suck at life so my costume is an adult, but my official excuse is it was the scariest thing I could think of.

    Sunday I'm going to enjoy my extra hour of sleep, then we're going to see my parents. My mom and I are going to block the two throws, at least one of the baby afghans, and maybe a couple of the scarves I made over the last month. 

    I'm going to give my childhood cat extra scritches - he turns 19 in a couple weeks, but he hasn't been eating much or at all lately. He still acts like himself otherwise (into everything, following my mom around, on top of whatever piece of furniture he wants to be on, etc.). My mom took him to the vet last Friday and they gave him a pill to stimulate his appetite - it worked, but then he slowed down on the eating again. I am worried for him.

    We might meet my brother and FSIL while we're there - they're doing something else this weekend, but we all might converge on my parents' house for dinner.
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    It's finally Friday!! I am just waiting for a call back from my doctor this morning, about the MRI & see when we get everything else started. I feel dizzy and nausea today from some meds I'm not post Tuesday's procedure.  Tonight H has hockey so I plan to get my hair dyed after work.  After the geneticist appointment yesterday H & I went pumpkin picking, we picked out one for Anneliese so I can decorate it tonight for her.  It's so big.

    Saturday no plans other than staying home passing out candy to trick or treaters.  Sunday we have a wedding.  I finally have something to wear, picking out a dress was hard( in the back of my head I"m thinking I should be 31 weeks pregnant). It should be a fun wedding, and our wedding photographer is doing our friends wedding so it will be nice to see him again. It means we will probably miss TWD though on Sunday night. 

    Tell me about................

    Your FIRST car?  It was a blue Dodge Sundance
    The FIRST time you flew in an airplane? 1997 when my hs choir went to Orlando to compete
    The FIRST time you had sex? freshman yr of college
    A memory from FIRST grade? I don't have very many
    Something you came in FIRST place for?  Dance competition
    The FIRST person you ever voted for in a Presidential election? It was for Kerry in 2000
    The FIRST time you met your SO? I don't remember the first time I met him but H does, I do remember the first time we met with the intention of us being set up
    The FIRST trip/vacation/time away with your SO? Bahamas :-)
    The FIRST concert you went to?  No idea
    Are you still friends with your FIRST best friend? No we are FB friends but thats it


  • @swazzle I can't wait to see your costumes!

    @futuremrshistorian Congrats! That is awesome news! 

    @buddysmom80 people seriously touched you!?!? WTF!?! 

    I think my bf is going to try to bring me to an amusement park tonight.  I said no, but he thinks it will be fun.  He doesn't understand how crazy I am and why I don't do scary things.  If he makes me go, he's gonna regret it cause he gets to deal with my nightmares.

    For tomorrow: Since we don't have a doorbell and I really don't want Callie going nuts all night, I've decided I'm just leaving a bowl of candy on the front porch.

    My other plans for the weekend are reading so I can write my two papers for my classes.  They're not due for awhile but I figure that since I don't have plans I should just get them done now. 

    Your FIRST car?  Toyota Paseo - I bought it for $800 when I was 16 and thought I was the coolest kid ever hahaha

    The FIRST time you flew in an airplane? 2005 to Germany

    The FIRST time you had sex? 17 

    A memory from FIRST grade? My next door neighbor, her older brother, and I decided we were going to run away.   We hopped on our bikes completely barefoot and took off.  I don't remember exactly, but there was a pick up following us and I panicked.  Ended up falling over and getting my foot stuck in my bike gears.  My neighbor's older brother had to pry my foot out and then carried me home. Never tried to run away after that. 

    Something you came in FIRST place for?  4-H I made a babysitter package full of things to keep kids busy, and won first place at the local fair

    The FIRST person you ever voted for in a Presidential election? Obama's first term 

    The FIRST time you met your SO? This is foggy.  We've known each other since we were kids, but I only remember him from high school.  

    The FIRST trip/vacation/time away with your SO?  We spent a night in Atlantic City and then took a ferry to Delaware so we could join a bunch of friends in Ocean City, Maryland.

    The FIRST concert you went to? Spice Girls (I was dressed up as Baby Spice)

    Are you still friends with your FIRST best friend? Yes 26 years of friendship 
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  • @swazzle Your costume sounds awesome. I still haven't seen the new JP! So jealous that you saw Mariah back when she was great! I also hid Halloween candy and texted my H "if you find it, don't fucking eat it".

    I'm excited to get some trick or treaters tomorrow. My old house was the end of a dead end of old people so we never got any. This year we are on a decent street so I'll be sad if we don't get any. Then afterwards we're going to a bonfire.

    Your FIRST car? teal 95  Pontiac grand am when I was 16, it was about 8 years old and my parents bought it off their friends for a few grand.

    The FIRST time you flew in an airplane? I think my 4th birthday when they took us to Disney World

    The FIRST time you had sex? July after high school graduation, 18 years old, ex's bedroom.

    A memory from FIRST grade? loved my teacher Mrs. Pitko (it was some Polish spelling though like Pycko)

    Something you came in FIRST place for?  Was voted Best Dressed for the senior yearbook

    The FIRST person you ever voted for in a Presidential election? never have

    The FIRST time you met your SO? December 2010 in my old apartment, we watched the movie The Town with Ben Affleck

    The FIRST trip/vacation/time away with your SO? Myrtle Beach spring 2012

    The FIRST concert you went to? Locobazooka, a local 2 day outdoor festival with several rock bands. I think that year included Godsmack, Slipknot, Saliva, Limp Bizkit, Staind

    Are you still friends with your FIRST best friend? If the neighbor girl next door counts, I was only 6 and she was 4 but I guess we were besties. She moved away the next year and we lost contact until college when we facebooked each other. We say hi on there but haven't texted or seen each other in years.

    @futuremrshistorian congrats!! That's so neat about Budapest!



  • @futuremrshistorian Budapest sounds amazing so jealous!

    @buddysmom80 Crossing my fingers for you so much for IVF#2!!!

    @swazzle please post pics of the Halloween costume!!


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    Hi everyone! I haven an uneventful day ahead and an uneventful weekend. I might go trick or treating with my friend and her kids on Saturday but thats about it.

    Your FIRST
    A 1993 Ford Taurus Station that was gifted to me three days before I moved to NY to be with BF. I drove that thing here by myself, and it lasted me two more years before the head gasket blew. I was very sad.

    The FIRST
     time you flew in an airplane?
    I was 17, headed to Minneapolis for the summer before my senior year in HS.

    The FIRST time you had sex?
    UGH I was the far too young age of 14, in my room. I wouldn't even call it sex, actually.

    A memory from FIRST grade?
    We read Mr. Popper's Penguins which I thought was just awesome lol.

    Something you came in FIRST place for?
    I won first place in Junior Showmanship (dog showing) at a small show when I was in high school.

    The FIRST person you ever voted for in a Presidential election?
    Our current leader of the free world.

    The FIRST time you met your SO?
    We had both moved in to our dorms early for orientation before classes started, and me and my suitemates wanted some friends so we went up to the top (6th) floor and knocked on all the doors, got some girls to come with us, and then headed downstairs to the 5th floor. We continued knocking on doors and by the time we got to BF's room there was like 15 of us an we all introduced ourselves but BECAUSE there was so many of us he didn't remember me the next time I saw him, and I thought he was so cute so every time I saw him I found an excuse to talk. It took him at least a week to learn my name though lol.

    The FIRST trip/vacation/time away with your SO?
    Traveled back to my hometown to see by oldest brother graduate from High School

    The FIRST concert you went to?
    Maroon 5

    Are you still friends with your FIRST best friend?
    We are "friends" on Facebook but we don't really talk.

  • @swazzle hahaha I love all of your answers! I never got sad faces for talking to much, just letters home that I had my seat moved because I wouldn't stop talking during class.  None of my teachers realized I would talk to anyone, including myself haha.
  • @futuremrshistorian That is an awesome accomplishment! Congrats!!

    @speakeasy14 I'm jealous that you saw the spice girls!! I was just telling BF that the spice girls movie was the first time I ever saw a man butt lol
  • @futuremrshistorian I love a good SATC binge-watch!

    @swazzle love the hashtags #killingitwithhashtags

    @jenjen047 have fun with cake tasting! That was a fun part of wedding planning, the lady we worked with was a bitch, but the cakes were delicious so it made it better!

    @keptinstiches sending good vibes for your cat! It sucks seeing them get old. Give him extra cuddles from me!

    @peaseblossom55 everything crossed that you get nothing but good news!!!!!

    @speakeasy14 people didn't touch me (thank goodness) but the clothes on the hanger. I'm so annoyed.

    @helloliv I'm mad for you that people didn't do what you asked while you were on medical leave! Don't beat yourself up over the weight gain. I gained two pounds this week, whoops. But I have been working out so I'm just telling myself it's muscle gain!




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    @futuremrshistorian during Obama's first campaign I SWORE I would never vote for him due to living with my ultra-conservative parents (thankfully I was too young by just a couple months to vote). Now I swear they brain washed me lol.

    @peaseblossom55 ALL THE THINGS CROSSED FOR YOU

    edit: tagging the wrong people! How do you all do this so well? UGHH
    [Deleted User]Peaseblossom55
  • @untouchablets - I almost voted for Bush in 2004, but I got confused and missed the registration deadline (turned 18 in in October, didn't realize I could register BEFORE I turned 18).  My parents were like, "What's wrong with her?  We did not raise her this way."  When I did register to vote, I was filling out the form at the kitchen table and I wondered out loud as to what I should register as.  My little sister was sitting across the table from me, looked me dead in the face, and said "You're a [OurLastName].  You register as a Democrat.  Or we disown you."

    @speakeasy14 - I am loving your first-place 4-H project.  You could be in The Baby-Sitters Club, with your Kid Kit and everything!!

    Thanks everybody for the congrats on Budapest!  I'm still sort of reeling from how excited I am!
  • @futuremrshistorian Thankfully I was already on my own by the time the next election rolled around and was able to see things from perspectives that weren't influenced by my parents. I can't imagine what our family dinners would have been if I still lived at home that year. Explosive, I'm sure lol. I actually had to mute my dad on Facebook this election season because I can't wrap my head around his conspiracy theories sometimes lol. He can be SO EXTREME.
  • @buddysmom80 ok that's a little better! 

    @futuremrshistorian haha I was all about the 4-H

    @untouchablets haha I honestly don't remember the concert, all I remember is some guy burning my arm with his cigarette, my parents being upset, and dragging us out of the stadium crying. 
  • @speakeasy14 it's not even a little bit okay. I hate it here, my CWs are nosy as shit and there's no respect for personal space. If it was a black top I don't think I'd be as annoyed but still. Also as they're touching my clothes they ask questions, I can't even be nice anymore because ANOTHER person just touched it and asked "you have a date?" I reply with "yes, with a vaginal ultrasound, so if you consider it a date, then yes, it's a date."

    Fucking people piss me off today #sorrynotsorry.

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  • @buddysmom80image I agree, still not ok, but I really thought they were touching you which is 1000000x worse.  

    Speaking of touching, apparently there's now a law that it is not ok to touch a pregnant woman's belly without her consent.  Best law ever!
  • @goldenpenguin can't stop watching the Gronk gif. I love that man. I was too tired to watch last night's game, you did good sstaying up til the 3rd! My brother was there according to FB didn't leave the parking lot til about 12:30am.



  • @cu97tiger - I don't think we have discussed this, which is insane. But I'm more than willing to!! 

    Also, don't shame the poor pants shitter. It happens to the best of us. 
    Ditto this!  It happened to me much more recently than I would like to admit.  :-(

    @cu97tiger - Third Day/Michael W. Smith was my second concert.  I did a LOT of youth group stuff in high school!
    GoldenPenguin[Deleted User]
  • jenna8984 said:
    @goldenpenguin can't stop watching the Gronk gif. I love that man. I was too tired to watch last night's game, you did good sstaying up til the 3rd! My brother was there according to FB didn't leave the parking lot til about 12:30am.
    It makes me giggle every time. He's such a big dumb animal, and I love him. Did you see the new Nike Snow Day commercial that they released yesterday? It's amazing.


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