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  • @helloliv - I absolutely love your first post. It's a great introduction and I can't wait to read more!

    Plus, you're really pretty.

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    @helloliv holy cow, amazing first post! -- added Also pinned it to my fitness board.  
  • @alpacina and @speakeasy14: Thank you so much! I was all nervous to post. I'm so glad you like it. And @alpacina, you totally made me blush. :)<3
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  • @helloliv I love the first post! Your story is so inspiring.

  • @peaseblossom55, continued vibes and I'm glad you got good news!
  • labro said:
    Oh my god, I swear I read everything but I was WAY too busy doing this today -

    Miss Callie is taking a poo so that's why I'm laughing. And then mid-picture Maddux jumped up for kisses.

    Your FIRST car? A 1997 Buick LeSabre in burgundy. It was actually my dad's car but he gave it to me so I could drive to school and my part-time job. I promptly totaled it 2 weeks after getting my driver's license and upgraded to much cooler looking Mazda 6.
    The FIRST time you flew in an airplane? I think when I was only a few months old. We flew to So.Dak. for Thanksgiving that year.
    The FIRST time you had sex? On the floor in the back of my hs boyfriend's Chevy when I was 15. I'm very #klassy as well. I was a sophomore in h.s.
    A memory from FIRST grade? I had to stand at my desk one time because I wouldn't stop leaning back in my chair. So my teacher took my chair away. :(
    Something you came in FIRST place for?  I was at the top of the leaderboard this week for TK. But then @swazzle beat me! Obviously I should be AWing more Callie photos.
    The FIRST person you ever voted for in a Presidential election? Gary Johnson in 2012 because of that all third party discussion we had earlier today. I could have voted in 2008 and didn't. I'm a terrible American.
    The FIRST time you met your SO? IRL? We might online through OkCupid and had our first date at a P.F. Chang's, then we went to my favorite coffee spot for 3 hours.
    The FIRST trip/vacation/time away with your SO?I think it was when we went to the Purdue homecoming game, which was also the first weekend I met his family.
    The FIRST concert you went to? Savage Garden sometime in the late 90s.
    Are you still friends with your FIRST best friend? Nope. I've had a lot of best friends over the years but we moved around so much that I never really stayed in touch with any of them after a few years.

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