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8 months to go! Are you sending save-the-dates?

Hi Knotties!

Sending out save-the-dates is a great way to get information to your out of town guests and VIPs. If you’re still looking for save-the-dates (don’t worry, you still have time!) check out these great ones from Wedding Paper Divas.

When are you planning to send out your save-the-dates? Let us know below!

Don’t forget to check the rest of your to-dos.

Re: 8 months to go! Are you sending save-the-dates?

  • Also, check out minted.com if you haven't already! 

    I am ordering mine soon and sending them ASAP! 
  • FI and I wanted to by the end of October. But his family keeps asking us if we have so-and-so relative on the list, and FI is terrified that we are forgetting someone who will be very offended if they don't receive a Save The Date when the rest of the family does. Since we live OOT, we plan to sit down with his aunt to finalize the list during the week of Thanksgiving, and then send them out hopefully before Christmas. 

  • We emailed out a Save the Date that we designed here a few weeks ago. We also designed our invitations there so they match.
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  • We aren't sending them out. We have told everybody when it is and that they'll get an invitation. Our guests are all within a few hours of us, though!
  • I designed save the dates and contacted a printer. They preferred the file be in a higher DPI than I had decided to use so I am re-designing them soon. We've been engaged for so long that it always seems like we have plenty of time, but this task just sneaked up on me! Does anyone else feel like we hit the 8 month mark and everything is suddenly hectic? I'm hoping it's just the busy time of year, but I don't know how I am going to get much done over the holidays!


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  • We ordered our save the dates and are sending them out as soon as we get the last of our addresses! We decided on magnets from weddingpaperdivas.com and they are FANTASTIC!!! We had wanted to get them out sooner originally but our new goal is by Thanksgiving. =)
  • These are all so great!! 

    @jenidubbs we hear a lot that couples get a little overwhelmed around the holidays, but just try to take it day-by-day and enjoy the holiday season with your FI! :) 
  • We are getting married in Vegas. Got poker chip save the dates with magnets and sent them on cards I found at Vista print with deck of cards on it and the matching envelope. Just sent them last week to avoid getting mixed in holiday mail. And wanted to do sooner since it is destination wedding. 
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  • We just got ours. I'm hoping to have them all sent out by the middle of December. I have to finalize addresses! Our Save the Dates are postcard style and absolutely beautiful!
  • We ordered ours weeks ago from vistaprint (they have some excellent sales and I ordered a hundred of them for $50 including shipping) but they've been sitting in a box in the closet at home untouched. We'll be sending them out in January, after the new year.  

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