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Suggestions for buying mini pies

I have been looking, with little success, for a place to find mini pies. I was hoping to serve mini pies alongside cupcakes, but I can't find a place that bakes them to order in a way that is cost-effective. I was hoping that maybe someone knows of a place that could do this...

Re: Suggestions for buying mini pies

  • Try posting this to your local board. Since this is an international board, you may not get responses that make sense for where you're located.

  • As southernbelle noted, you'll be better off posting to your local board.  I also recommend that when you post to your local board, you tell them where you have already tried and what price point you find to be "cost effective".  One person's "cost effective" is another person's "way out of my budget".

    I will say though, that in my experience mini-pies are more expensive than cupcakes and generally not "cost effective" as a dessert option.  Cupcakes use the same cake batter as a cake just scooped into a smaller container and the decorating tends to be a bit more simple unless you're going all out in that respect.  You can find cupcakes at the same price per serving as cake sometimes.  But pie crust is finicky - it's easily overworked and can be tough instead of buttery and flaky and if you're doing a double crust that is decorative (cut-outs or lattice work), that gets to be time consuming when you're making eight miniature pies instead of one large pie consisting of eight servings. Not saying it's impossible to find it reasonably priced, but since I don't know what that price point is for you it could be difficult.  You may have better luck buying whole pies, slicing them, and putting them in decorative boxes or calling up grocery store bakeries or stores like Walmart that may have a shelf-stable product they sell in their baked goods aisle and would allow you to order by the case.

  • Check with your local grocery store for ordering in (I think it's) Marie Calendar individual pies (in the freezer case) for your date or if they have a mini pie they can order in to the bakery for your date. The lcoal grocery store bakery may have some options for individual desserts that they can order in through their suppliers as well. 
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  • The mini pies we had at my wedding were the most expensive mini dessert we had.  So yes, they are not a "cost-effective" item in my opinion.  I only did them cause H loves pecan pie and not cake.  Then he didn't eat any LOL
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    Walmart sells mini pies for like $0.50 each. Maybe you could talk to the manager of a Walmart near you to see if you could get a special order? 
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