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Have anyone used online RSVPs for their wedding? If so what website did you use? I was thinking about using the one with the knot but it hasn't been getting good reviews. Any other suggestions I'm open to?

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  • I used the one that was through the website on The Knot and it worked just fine.  But, I also did RSVP cards, so not everyone had to register online.  
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  • I'm not sure of which sites to recommend, but I would suggest not having online RSVP as your only option.  Unless you know that 100% of your invited guests are young, technology smart people.  Some people (especially some of the older generations) prefer to avoid technology.  DH's step-grandmother doesn't even own a computer, so was unable to look at our wedding website that had all the info for our destination wedding. We ended up having to relay every detail to her over the phone.  So, if you do online RSVP, make sure you leave an option to RSVP via phone or mail.  Even if you choose not to include pre-printed RSVP card (which is really a new trend anyway), it may not hurt to include: RSVP via online @ or via post to 1234 address, city, state, zip.


  • We offered it, along with traditional RSVP's.  Not one person replied online.  

  • We offered it, along with traditional RSVP's.  Not one person replied online.  
    Yeah I should have added that even though we had the option, maybe only 10% of the guests responded online.  It was mostly the people who waited til the very last minute, or even after the RSVP deadline.  
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  • I was just looking at my wedding website (knot) and I would have thought that after entering in my guests and information that there would be a list or something for the RSVP option. I'm not a big fan of anyone whether invited or not being able to RSVP.
  • I was married in 2011. I'm not entirely sure but I think we used Everyone RSVPd online. My grandmother was the only person who did not have easy access to the internet and we sent an RSVP card in her invite. Our online RSVPs were easy/seamless.
  • We are doing RSVPify (free for under 100 guests) and phone RSVP.
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  • We did online RSVP on our Knot-hosted wedding website and it worked well.  I knew generally who was coming and who wasn't; those who didn't RSVP I called or emailed to get their meal choice.
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