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Alternative to Rose Petals for Flower Girls

I know these are fighting words... but I just loathe roses. My flowers are hydrangeas and baby's breath. Are there ANY alternatives for my two flower girls? I am open to other flower petals, or even something quirkier than petals.
 And I don't really like those 'Here Come the Bride' signs either....

Re: Alternative to Rose Petals for Flower Girls

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    Our FGs didn't throw anything. They had little pomander balls that I made (how to in my bio). We sprinkled leaves on the aisle before the prelude. Really you could no any type of flower doesn't have to be rose petals. I would just make sure your venue allows fresh flowers and/or anything on the aisle.
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    I agree with Tiffannie above, they don't need to put anything on the aisle. Our FG had a pomander I made as well.

    However, since you have baby's breath in your bouquet, you could buy a bunch of baby's breath and break off the flowers or small groupings of flowers and have them put those on the aisle?
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    I had my flower girls carry smaller versions of the bridesmaids bouquets.  I was terrified that my Dad or I would slip on the flower petals.  I have been to two weddings where that has happened--once to a bride and once to a bride's father. 
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    It's an outdoor ceremony, so anything natural will be fine... I never thought about doing the baby's breath. That is really cute! Thanks guys!
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    The tops of daisies or little paper cut outs in cute shapes might be nice too.

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    I'm not sure where, but I know I've seen hydrangea petals in an online store. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but its something to look for. 

    I also agree that you don't need to have them throw petals. I've seen flower girls carry a little basket arrangement with similar flowers to the bouquets, or a pomander would be really cute too. 
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    A friend is getting married near Halloween and her flower girls are passing out handfuls of candy... I thought it was a cute/unique idea.
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    My FG is not throwing anything.  She is carrying a flower ball.
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    my flower girls are doing small leaves since it will be fall :)
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    I'm doing babys breath similar to this and it would be perfect for outdoors for you...mine is indoor sadly. 

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    My florist suggested that my two flower girls have 5 gerber daisies each and hand them to 5 people on each side of the aisle as they walk down. I liked the idea because although there will be a runner, the ground is a concrete and the room is transformed from ceremony to reception and flower petals that fall on that then get stepped on could get messy and slippery!!

    My flowers are hydr. and peonies mostly and gerber daisies
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    We're doing a pomander as well. But I do like the baby's breath idea since it's one of your main flowers!
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    They could hold pinwheels, just a flowers on stems..(we are getting fake flowers for the flowergirl and tying them together with ribbon and a string of pearls, the same type of flower as the real ones the bridesmaids will carry...we dont trust this particular flowergirl to make it to the end of the aisle with the flower not plucked apart otherwise), they could blow bubbles...the opportunities are endless! I saw one wedding where there were 2 flowergirls who were both holding long ribbons tied to sticks and they were waveing them around going down the aisle, they were pretty much dancing down the aisle it was cute..., they could hold (fake) butterfly boquets.

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    I agree that they don't necessarily need to throw anything. Especially if they're young, you would probably just get random clumps of petals instead of a nice scattering of them.

    I'm having my FG carry a smaller version of the BM bouquets. She's only 3, so it will be hard enough for her to make it to the end of the aisle!!
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    i was recently at a wedding where the flower girls blew bubbles... as long as the girls are careful not to drip the bubble mix on their pretty dresses. it was very pretty!!!

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