Please help! What were your wedding favors?


Re: Please help! What were your wedding favors?

  • Definitely agree with edible. The last wedding I went to I got a champagne glass etched with their date and monogram. Sweet sentiment, but I wouldn't ever use it.

    If you can bake, I say go for that!

    We're making macarons. I have a stash of things already (like vast amounts of sugar and coloring I'll never use), I'm raiding my mom's pantry for flavoring, and my grandma has a ribbon stash she makes everyone go through if we ever need it "Don't you dare buy lime green ribbon for that science project. I've got two spools of the stuff!" and that was 10 years ago lol. 

    So after the fact there's only $10-15 dollars left of stuff to buy.

    Otherwise some baked goods are fairly inexpensive. If we were buying it outright we'd spend about $45-50 dollars for 50 people (ourselves and kids included)... two cookies a piece for grown ups and one a piece for the little ones (we have quite a few 6-9 year old kids coming)

  • I've decided that we are going to do a candy bar and have little bags guests can fill up with their favorite types of candies (gummy bears, lemon drops, M&Ms, smarties, etc). Plus I figure it will be a fun thing for the kids at our wedding (I know I would have been pretty excited to get a bag of candy as a kid). 

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    No favors for us.

    CMGragain said:
    What were my wedding favors?  I didn't have any.  They weren't done for weddings in 1976.  Favors were for children's birthday parties.

    Is that really true? I thought the traditional sugared almond favors were an old Italian wedding custom.
    You are correct that Italian weddings have sugared almonds (confetti) but not as favors. They do have favors that are usually small knick knacks often in silver. This is what my Italian tutor told me. I have never been to an Italian wedding. This of course is Italian not Italian-American.

  • and here i was thinking i needed to go crazy, this post just saved me a lot of money and not with geico LOL so we are doing the hershey kisses with personalized stickers, made them myself very easy, 3-4 bags of kisses wont cost much, with there being kids coming i opted to do some bubbles i know thats a common favor, and maybe 1-2 more small things,
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  • Agree w PP's, edible is best.
    Our favors were "cake jars." We served wedding cake for dessert and the cake jars were a take home favor, for guests to enjoy later.  They had a ribbon tied around them w a clear plastic spoon attached.  We had a Fall wedding and did red velvet and pumpkin cake jars, to fit in w our color scheme.  The cover of the mason jar they were in had a sticker on them that said, "Thank you for sharing in our sweet beginning."
    I, myself, ate one for breakfast the next morning :)
    They looked really cute, tasted delicious and my guests raved about them to us after.
  • We are doing 3oz jars of local honey (I bought the jars and will go to the bee guy for 4 gallons of honey.) stickers/labels from zazzle. Also doing koozies but only enough for about half of our guests. Totallyweddingkoozie.com had the best deal. 
  • We did 3 chocolate truffles (1 dark, 1 milk, 1 white) per guest. Lindt has frequent sales, so I purchased them when they had a sale going on.

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    We are going a candy bar with personalized m&ms and a bunch of other stuff. each of the to-go bags for folks to put candy in has a small wooden tag with wildflower seeds embedded in in for them to plant, and we'll have a small basket of personalized sunglasses for anyone who wants them. got a great deal on everything, honestly, the m&ms were the most expensive. our wedding isn't until July but people (our peers at least, so the younger folks) have been interested in the sunglasses idea.
  • We are doing chalkboard mason jar glasses at each seat for guests and as we know some people will not want theirs we are also having a caricaturist there to serve as both an entertainment option AND a take home favor as they will have a drawing of themselves to take home. The goal will also be a great photo op of my fiance and I sitting for our own drawing (taken from behind the artist, so you see the drawing and us)

  • I just ordered matchbooks with our name & the date. my parents gave out similar ones when they got married.

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    When was the last time you saw someone use matches?
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    When was the last time you saw someone use matches?

    All the time, with candles. Several matchbooks around the house near candled areas. Easier than hiding several lighters. But yes, they're obviously a lot less prevalent than when everyone smoked.
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    I can't quote but that's interesting, @flantastic! I haven't used or even see matches in years! H used to smoke so we still have left over lighters for candles.
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  • I also had matches in addition to the dreaded koozies, and the not-so dreaded- sno balls. But I also had a cigar table

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    I have a book of matches for candles. Mind you, I've had the same matchbook for 10+ years.

    But not the worst gift- something that can be tangibly used and is discarded once done with.
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