Bridal Beginnings Alterations

I got my wedding dress at Bridal Beginnings in Bethel Park.

Has anyone else got their dress from here and if so also did their alterations there? I wanted to get an idea of their work/cost.

Thank you!

Re: Bridal Beginnings Alterations

  • This is an international board.  I don't know where the heck Bethel Park is.  You should post this on your local board.   @KnotRiley
  • Hi there!

    If I'm not mistaken, Bethel Park is near Pittsburgh? I'll move your thread to that board, but let me know if I didn't move it to the right place.

    Thanks for the tag @CMGragain :) 
  • I got my dress there! I haven't picked it up yet, but am having my personal tailor do it.  I was thrilled with how great they were to shop with, during my sizing, I was borderline between two sizes and preferred to size down.  They examined the dress and said if it was too tight they could fix it.  I am getting married in FL and asked if they would be able to ship the dress after alterations were completed, and they weren't willing to do it because it would need to be pressed again.  They are very concerned about presentation, which is a good thing. 

    I read some yelp reviews, which were mixed, and I feel at ease having my personal tailor do it. 

    Price wise, it will depend on how much work needs to be done to the dress.  A friend of mine who purchased her dress there needed multiple fittings and major alterations, which put her well over $500.In general, most bridal salons will charge per layer of dress that needs to be hemmed.  Locally, I've heard of a ball park between $30-$50 per skirt.  Cups are usually the same price, but anything more complicated will have a heftier tag.

    You could probably talk to your sales clerk about alterations and get a better idea, as it really does depend on the dress and you.
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